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Utah: Secret Service Protected Fraudster Strikes Again
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When I discovered that a business partner, Jill Beard, in my marketing company, had been paid over $100,000 by Farmers Insurance to trash my credit, good name and a very profitable company, I decided to prosecute her. To my amazement, two Secret Service officers appeared at my door to discuss the situation. They warned me that if I went after Jill Beard, they would be coming after me.

Since the Secret Service is assigned to protect the POTUS and the VP, their visit made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The most logical connection I could make was Jill Beard's activities with child fashion shows involving her son. After years of research, I now believe that she was part of an Illuminati pedophile ring that pimped their children to the highest officials in the land. Both George Bush and Dick Cheney have been accused of having a sexual proclivity for young children.

Faced with certain destruction, I decided to pursue criminal charges anyway. The day before I filed, I was involved in a "set-up" car accident designed to kill me. Since that time, I have faced numerous attempts on my life, attacks on my business, my children, etc. These have been frequent and relentless. Yet, because of Divine intervention and loyal friends, I am still here exposing corruption and enjoying a much better quality of life.

Jill was ultimately convicted of Fraud, yet, she still persists in her position as Illuminati pawn. The Illuminati use fronts like Beard to defraud those they have targeted for a variety of reasons. Consider the following recent communication I received:

Re: Jill Beard

you bet, I'm one of them. Some of the people have filed a complaint with the attorney general. I don't know how much detail you want. I bought a horse in May and started boarding with her (Beard). She and I became fast friends. In June, she came to me and told me her oldest son was addicted to drugs. This was the week her husband and boys were in Catalina for Boy scouts. She said they could get Mikey into rehab that week but she was short $1500, could I possibly loan it to her. She said Mikey had stolen all of their money. So of course I loaned it to her but I kept seeing her son still there and the stories were not quite right.

Mind you, she led me to believe she owned this horse property where she had 17 horses boarding. Anyway, she asked the next week if I needed the money right away and I told her to apply it to my board so I wouldn't need to pay for the next 4 months. About 1 month later she calls and tells me that they are moving to another house and gave me this story about the loan. She informed me that she would be getting her parents estate money soon and she would pay me back but I would have to have a new agreement with the original owners and would have to pay board fees starting in August.

I start talking to others and they had loaned her 20,000. She also had not paid rent for 6-8 months at 6,000 per month. One boarder was so broke and concerned about her deposit, along with other issues in her life, she killed herself...  At that point I did a background search on her and just about died when I read your story.

We have many health care professional that board at this facility and we all agreed that Mikey sure didn't seem like a drug addict and we all saw him in the house when we were told he was in rehab. So, I know all of her friends that were helping her move, I had worked with them for years in the PTA so I just couldn't believe this sweet person was really a thief. She kept calling for more money before they moved but by then I was catching on to her little schemes.

The night they left the house to go to a hotel I tried following them. Turns out they left arizona for Utah and were not moving down the street like she claimed. She called me when she got to Utah with another story about the truck breaking down in Flagstaff and could I loan her more money. When I said no I never heard from her again. At the barn we have people looking for payment all the time and we have trouble getting horse supplies from some companies because she never paid them.

She started 2 corps while she was here but her checks bounced to the corp commission both times. She was good, real good and fooled all of us. There are others at the barn that lost their deposits. owed. 

(Name Redacted)

The Illuminati have a license to steal in this country. They control law enforcement, the courts and the media. Jill Beard was prosecuted only after I heavily publicized my story throughout the State of Utah. The fact that her crimes drove one woman to suicide mean nothing to her Satanic Psychopathic Allies. Perhaps, like myself, the woman found out some very uncomfortable truths about the organization behind Jill Beard and was eliminated.

I am publishing this story because I have grave concerns about the safety of other victims in this most recent scam. Publicity is their only protection and I aim to help protect them. To the people of Utah that wonder why so many Liars, Thieves and other criminals get away with their crimes in your illustrious state, you need to start looking at the real power behind the throne.

I strongly urge other victims to email me with their stories. My articles have a huge following in Utah and always get results. Prosecuting the organization behind Jill Beard may not be possible. However, we can take her off the streets and perhaps open the eyes of many to their truly awful situation.