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$275 Million Fraud Stings Utah Attorney General
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Utah's "Play to Prey" policy appears to be in good working order thanks to Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, and the complicity of Utah's Mormon controlled media. Jeremy Johnson is currently being held by the Feds for allegedly bilking consumers out of $275 million dollars, according to KSL, the Mormon Church owned newsite. (Source)

What the Mormons owned news fails to mention is Jeremy Johnson's cozy relationship with the State's Mormon Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff. Shurtleff took $50,000 in campaign contributions from Johnson in 2008, while Johnson's company was under investigation by Shurtleff's own attorneys:

"While Shurtleff maintains that he only knew Johnson from meeting him once at a fund-raiser last March (2008), several attorneys at the attorney general’s office have known of Johnson for much longer. That's because they'd been involved in taking legal actions against his company for more than a year for allegations of fraud.

“If you’ve been involved in litigation with some company,” says Hill. “Then you ought to have the discipline to say this isn’t the best donation for me to accept.” (Source)

None of this is mentioned in the media owned by the Mormon Church. One would think that a very generous and suspicious campaign contribution to an Attorney General by an individual under investigation might merit a mention somewhere in the Mormon owned media. Heck, some might even consider it a desperate bribe by a desperate man to an unscrupilous attorney general. Others might even see it as a "shakedown".

IWorks, Jeremy Johnson's company, doesn't even merit a mention on the Attorney General's "Buyer-Beware" website, whcih lists companies fined by the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's office. (Source) It appears that, following the $50,000 campaign to the Utah Attorney General's campaign, all of the investigations of his company by Shurtleff simply went away.

"... (Johnson)  had also been served with citations from the Utah Division of Consumer Protection for 49 counts of charging a consumer for non-consensual transactions and for six counts in violation of the Telephone Fraud Prevention act. These charges were brought on behalf of the state by Jeffrey Buckner of the Utah Attorney General’s Commercial Enforcement Division." (Source)

IWorks, Johnson's company, was in the business of offering people government money. When the Utah Attorney General's Office was investigating the company:

"The fraud counts alleged IWorks telemarketers promised approval for sizeable Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to customers from across the nation. The complaint filed by the attorney general's office alleges that salesmen misrepresented the facts and made false guarantees to customers about their eligibility for government grants.One woman from Alabama was told that because she was black, she would receive $200,000 out of which she could pay off the $10,000 IWorks program fee. Later, she could get it taken off her taxes. The charges allege that the woman felt she was dealing with someone associated with the government program because the person described himself or herself as “SBA Express Funding." (Ibid)

Three months after the Utah Attorney General dropped all charges, Mark Shurtleff received $50,000 in campaign contributions from IWorks owner, Jeremy Johnson.

Now Johnson is sitting in a Federal Prison, about to be released on bond:

"A trial date for Johnson has not been set. Lawyers continue to wrangle over the sharing of massive amounts of evidence in the case, which so far includes about 8 million pages of documents and 33,000 emails." (Source)

The Mormon Church in Utah and the Utah Republican Party appear to be one in the same. In fact, Joseph Cannon, Editor of the Mormon Church mouthpiece, the Deseret News, was also the Chairman of the Utah Republican Party. In Cleveland, Ohio, the FBI just took down a large group of politicians that took bribes for political favors.

The Mormon Republican political/church machine must smell the same thing coming in their direction. If Jeremy Johnson is released, he will either leave the country, or be suicided by those that stand the most to lose from his future testimony. Mormon Republicans have a special program for whistleblowers that pose a serious threat to disrupting their fraudulant illusions. I speak from personal experience on that one.

With Obama likely facing a Mormon Republican challenger, this could get rather interesting. If you have any additional information, or would like to help take down the Mormon-Republican conspiracy, I suggest contacting the FBI Field Office in Chicago at the following, or forwarding this article to them:

FBI Chicago
2111 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: (312) 421-6700
Fax: (312) 829-5732/38
E-mail: Chicago@ic.fbi.gov