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Who Is Behind the Jeff Rense Attacks?
When your business is propaganda, lies and deception, it is only natural that you would want to destroy those outlets that tell the truth. The favorite method of the intelligence services is to force a moral compromise for a figure that takes a moral stand. They could start out by introducing you to a female femme fatale that will do her best to destroy your world. Or they could play on a moral weakness for say, young boys or girls.

"Turning" a hostile usually involves the use of narcotics, sex and blackmail. Photographs and video are then used to keep the target "in line". Flattery and encouraging the target to believe that he or she is invulnerable sets them up for the fall. The key to survival is to not cave in to temptation and limit your circle of friends. Yet, even when you are careful they can slip you a "Mickey" and photograph you in compromising positions. One US Senator claimed privately that this is what happened to him.

Now, in the event they cannot compromise a target, they will do their best to discredit him or her. Slander and libel are both intelligence weapons.

Clearly the attempts to morally compromise Jeff Rense have failed. From my experience with Jeff, who has always been an upstanding and outstanding Patriot and morally sound individual, this does not surprise me. Jeff has done more than anyone on the planet to expose the Satanic Psychopaths and their agenda. He has pointed out the deceptions of Zionism, Communism and Fascism. His website has championed true political dissenters, many of which have died fighting the good fight, murdered as it were.

When lives are threatened, he does everything he can to diminish the threat. I know, because a shady individual with a Michael Jackson pitched voice, wire rimmed glasses, scruffy growth on his face and short hair tried to gain access to my home and person to do harm to them just yesterday.

When I told Jeff, he told me that he was taking down the inflammatory articles I just published to take the heat off. My safety, he explained, was more important. I persuaded him to keep the articles up.

When slander and libel fail, there is always the violence option. These people train and release assassins for a living, like the one I believe was sent to my home.  The problem with taking out a high-target individual is you risk making him a martyr and you validate all of his words. 

William Cooper, one of the founders of the conspiracy movement, is a classic example. The man came out and identified the members of the conspiracy, explained their motives and belief system, and even predicted 9/11. They murdered him. The assassination of William Cooper stands as witness to his words, which are now more widely read then ever before.

Beware of those that lie and slander great Patriots like Jeff Rense.

One such lie was created by the now discredited "Wingnut TV". A phone call was made to one of Jeff's previous employers. The employer was asked if Jeff had broadcast over 5,000 shows with her station. When she said "No, that would be a lie", they published an article claiming Jeff "lied about his past". Jeff had to clear things up with a lawsuit, which he easily won. He was issued an apology and that was that.

Its unfortunate to see that malicious story again making the rounds on websites that should know better. It is also unfortunate to see these websites try to legitimize those that have already been widely discredited. It only takes away from their own credibility and causes their readers to question the sincerity of their motives.

They won't hurt Jeff Rense, who has built a sterling reputation as the best investigate journalist, radio broadcaster and News Editor in the business. Millions turn to Rense.com for the real news. He is the most respected man in the business. None of that will change because of "gutter-sniping" from the intelligence community. All they can do, is increase his popularity and drive even more people from their websites to his.

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