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Is Japan Cursed?
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With every natural disaster, man-made or permitted by God, there are always a small minority that claim that such an event is a consequence of the targeted population being more "evil" than others. Consider the following before you make any judgements against the Japanese:

1. Only 1% of Japanese children are born "out of wedlock," a phrase still used here. In the U.S., 32.8% of births are now registered as "non-marital."

Children deserve two parents wherever possible. This is why we have the Commandments against adultery,fornication, and sexual relations outside of marriage. As the above statistic demonstrates, the Japanese appear to be vastly superior in this area. (Source)

2. Japan has a 27% divorce rate. (Source) The United States has close to a 46% divorce rate, and the highest divorce rate per thousand of any nation in the world. (Source)

3. The Japanese have been far less influenced than the United States by the homosexual agenda-psychological operations of the Satanic Psychopaths. (Source)  For those that actually read the Bible, homosexuality is condemned as an evil practice throughout the Old and New Testament. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for this evil practice. In Japan, homosexuality is still actually an abarrent behavior.

4. When it comes to pornography, Japan has tragically reduced its standards. Yet, the incidence of rapes per thousand is much higher in the United States (#9 in the world) than in Japan (#54 in the world). (Source)

I could go on, but, I think I have made my point. When it comes to raw statistics, Japan is currently morally superior to the United States in almost every area. This in-spite of the fact that the Satanic Psychopaths are doing their best to drag the Japanese down into the gutter.

Normally, when God is involved, he usually will send Prophets to forewarn the people of His pending judgements and the need for repentance. Prophets come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found in every religion. With a corrupt nation, God's Prophets are always persecuted, outcast and often destroyed for their "whistle-blowing" activities. Normally, the Prophetic message involves the following information:

1. An explanation of the different ways in which the targeted population has offended God through disobedience to His commandments.

2. A graphic expose on how the Nations rulers are corrupt, including a list of crimes that those leaders have committed in defiance to the laws of God.

3. A rebuke to the religious institutions and leaders that have embraced this corruption and/or have done nothing to oppose it.

4. A list of remedies that will return that nation to good standing with God.

5. Prophetic warnings on what will happen to that nation if they do not repent and turn back to God.

Personally, I believe that all nations have an equal amount of good and evil in them. This allows all men to have choices and protects their right to choose, the most critical part of our mortal experience. I also believe that every man has a conscience (except for Satanic Psychopaths). This is the inner voice that helps us make correct choices. At the present time, the Japanese people seem far more obedient to that inner voice than the people in these United States.

Also, within every nation, are well organized groups of men and women that seek to overthrow God's will and replace it with the will of their god, which is Lucifer. If permitted, these men will overthrow everything that is good in our society and replace it with a demonic form of government that murders the innocent and liberates the guilty. Good will become evil and evil will be become good.

These evil servants of Satan stand juxtaposed to the True Prophets of God. The one will always try and destroy the other. Where such conflict exists, there is always hope. Where the conflict has ended in Satan's temporary favor, there will always be judgements from God against a people that chose evil over good.

In other situations, natural disasters are simply a warning to a society that it is heading down the wrong path, and needs to set a corrective course.

In still other situations, natural disasters are just a part of our mortal experience. They have nothing to do with our collective choices and everything to do with our mortal experience. Usually, the majority of individuals that are affected by natural disasters are innocent children, not even capable of sin. The only comfort we can take in these situations is the reality of a Just God and a the existence of a better after-life.

When societies become so evil and decadent that their offspring are given virtually no hope of exercising their Conscience and Free-Will, God will permit those societies to be destroyed completely. Such was the case before the Great Flood and such will be the case in our day.

In the end, it is our own choices that will define us, regardless of what happens around us. As the world becomes more depraved, blood-thirsty and decadent, we can either oppose it or embrace it as the "new normal". The greater the evil, the greater the opportunity for us to demonstrate our greatness in resisting it. Conflict or surrender are the only two options in this world of ours.

Compromise, for the truly righteous, is never an option. For those that don't fear death, there is always hope for a better world, whether in this life, or the next, it is the same.