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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Injustice For Holly Greig
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Tonight: Victor Thorn on Hillary Clinton
The Holly Greig case is one of the most important causes that I have had the pleasure of being involved with. It is a watershed event that should bring down the current Scottish regime and the Lord High Advocate, Elish Angelioni.  It is also a case that will establish a benchmark for other families that have been abused by Scotland's Pedophile rings.

More importantly, it is a situation that will show whether or not the voice of the people is stronger than the force of government.

Unfortunately, the establishment knows this better than anyone else, and feel it is their duty to subvert this movement  by any means necessary. Enter one Greg Lance-Watkins, who also happens to be a convicted felon. Who also happens to be running two blogs that claim to be the official Holly Greig websites. Who also seems to enjoy support by a some in the Holly Greig movement.

Watkins, however, is nothing less than a Trojan Horse. This will be the second political movement he will undoubtedly undermine at a critical moment in the near future.

Watkins was a leading member of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party). UKIP was the main political opposition party that opposed Great Britain's entrance into the European Union. It could have made a huge impact, until Watkins destroyed its credibility completely and single-handedly.

"For those fortunate enough to not know of him, Greg Lance-Watkins regularly sends out the most amazing diatribes against Kilroy and anyone who supports him.

He is widely regarded as Nigel Farage's mouthpiece, and indeed has sent out emails to all members on behalf of Farage. He tends to know details of NEC meetings before anyone else, and articles of the party rulebook. Strange for someone who isn't even a party member!

When the Swedish politician Anna Lindh was assassinated, he was quoted in the Sunday Telegraph as saying "Yes, I do support the execution of elected politicians when they seek to betray the electorate and their country". This condoning of murder led to calls on the leadership to cease all communication with him. They clearly haven't." (source)

Even more alarming, Watkins called for the assassination of Pro-European Union politicians in the UK:

"In e-mails sent to a variety of organisations, he said: "I do hope there will be patriots in Britain with the courage to deal with traitors that has been shown in Sweden.

"If our corrupt politicians force us to take the same route to defend our economy and country . . . then I suggest the first patriot to take direct action is remembered by putting his or her statue on the remaining plinth in Trafalgar Square." A spokesman for Gwent Police said:" (source)

Mr. Watkins remarks made it into the international news. When I heard of his statement, I recall thinking that this guy was working for British Intelligence to destroy and discredit any legitimate attempts to keep Great Britain out of the European Union. Kind of like intelligence asset Timothy McVeigh, who single handedly discredited the American militia movement.

Watkins made it clear to anyone that was listening that only extremist "nut-jobs" are against the European Union. So, how did this intelligence hack make it into the Holly Greig campaign? We might never know. What we do know is that he was put there by the same people that put him as the mouthpiece for UKIP when he wasn't even a member of the Party. That would be British intelligence.

This becomes even more disconcerting when it is added to the fact that 27,000 voices for Holly Greig have been permanently silenced, reportedly by the managers of the group. These individuals also purged the other administrators of Holly's Army on Facebook before they took the group into oblivion.

Holly's Case needs to be discredited so that others will not follow. The Intelligence services have been linked to child pedophile groups and Watkins has been linked to British Intelligence.

I cannot support a movement that will soon be discredited by some inane utterance of Watkins or anyone else in leadership. The man is a "High-security risk" and needs to be removed from the position of influence he has. Otherwise I will be forced to remove myself as one of the chief supporters of the Justice for Holly Greig movement and continue my efforts of exposing those that are working to destroy it..

Anyone that supports this guy is no friend of Holly or Anne Greig.

Paul Drockton will discuss this and other topics on his radio show tonight with Guest Dee Nicholson.(12 Midnight in the UK, 4 Pacific and 7 Eastern): Click Here.