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Index Options Predict October Stock Collapse
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Index Options allow the investor to bet for or against an entire Stock Index. For example, an S&P 500 Index Option is a bet that all 500 companies that make up the S&P 500 will go up or down. As I have stated before, money doesn't disappear from the stock market, it simply changes hands. The stock market is simply a barrel of money and Put Options are the cork in the bottom of the barrel.

Much has been written about the sale of Put Options against American Airlines prior to 911. That, my friends, is chump change when compared with the amount of money made with S&P Index Options as a result of the market collapse that followed 911. Volume in Index Options actually doubled in the months leading up to 911 from the previous year.

Now we have an even more dramatic scenario unfolding

1. Open Interest (which indicates a desire to Buy or Sell Index Options) normally stands at a few hundred contracts on any expiration date. A Contract must be created in order for it to be considered an Open Interest.

2. As of 9/19/11, the S&P 500 stood at 1204. Their are three types of Put Options, "At the Money" (strike price is 1204), "In the money" (strike price is above 1204), or "Out of the Money" (strike price below 1204).

3. A 1204 Strike price, October Option cost $4,000. A 1310 Strike Price is now valued at $17,000. That means with a 105 point drop in the S&P 500, the average Index Option increases 400% in value.

4. Remember, Open Interest on Put Options normally stands at less than 1,000 Contracts. Here is what October Put Options that Bet Against the S&P 500 look like for October, 2011:

Open Interest:     Strike Price:

12,467                   500  
17,893                   650
67,816                   750
116,406                 800
51,789                   850
27,742                   875
64,123                   900
20,392                   925
52,737                   950
26,701                   975
90,031                   1,000
117,902                 1,100
127,798                 1,150
127,036                 1,200

TOTAL:  919,000 Contracts (Source)

Normal Open Interest: 14,000 Contracts or less.....

Difference: 900,000 more Put Options Than Normal

This means that for every 100 points the S&P drops in October, about  18.4 billion dollars will change hands. If the S&P loses 1,000 points, 184 billion dollars will change hands.

I say change hands, from the seller of the Put Option, which would be a Mutual Fund that is Indexed to the S&P 500, to the Buyer of the Put Option, which will be the Illuminati Banksters, Hedge Funds, etc... looking to steal your money. All they need is the right excuse to start selling into the market and/or dumping shares of those companies that make up the S&P 500.

The above gains do not include the trillions of dollars made by those that are holding Put Options on the large cap companies that make up the S&P 500. Companies like Google, which is now trading at $553.00 per share, and has a market capitalization of over 178 billion dollars. In fact, the total S&P 500 has a market capitalization of over 4.83 trillion dollars.

"According to Standard & Poor’s, the S&P 500 Index  represents 75% of the U.S. equities and may be considered a proxy for the overall market. Stocks that make it into the S&P 500 index must be U.S.-based (determined by the “plurality” of revenue and assets), liquid, trade on a major U.S. exchange and have at least a $4b market cap." (Source)

If you are not out of the stock market yet, you need to be. As usual, the only investment at present that is not losing money and will grow exponentially is gold and silver. Gold is up 600% from 2000 and Silver is up 1000%.

To Buy Silver or Gold email Paul Drockton M.A. at pdrockton@aol.com