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Vision: God to Remove Illuminati Leadership
Last night, while praying about the demand letter I published yesterday on this website (Link), to the Illuminati, I asked the Lord if they would comply with His demands. The answer I received was that they are too arrogant, stupid and evil to listen to the Lord or His Servant. The Lord told me that that He would start terminating their earthly existences until their replacements figured things out and did as HE has commanded them.

I then saw a long list of Illuminati untouchables fall by the hand of God, and not of any man. The following individuals, I was told, had sought my life, and the life of many other righteous men and women. They have over-filled their allotted cup of justice, and now God was requiring immediate payment from them in full:

1. Henry Kissinger
2. David Rockefeller
3. Leaders of the Rothschild Dynasty
4. William Jefferson Clinton
5. Hillary Clinton
6. Boyd K Packer
7. Orrin Hatch
8. Jon Huntsman Senior
9. Spencer Eccles
10. Jon Huntsman Junior
11. Donald Oldham
12. Bill Marriott
13 Greenspan
14 Queen Elizabeth
15 The Leadership of the Bilderbergers
16. Russell M Nelson
17. Quentin L Cook
18. Gary Herbert
19. Mark Shurtleff
20 Queen Beatrix
21. Pope Benedict
22. The Leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations
23. Wallace Hilliard

I want to make it clear that this was a vision. I do not now, nor will I ever in the future, raise so much as a little finger against my enemies. Any man that seeks to harm these men and women will be destroyed and equally cursed. This is the Lord's work and He does not need any mortal's help, including mine. We need to sit back and let Him do His work.

I publish this at His command, as a warning to others that He will take what is rightfully His, even if He has to destroy every evil man that conspires against Him.

The question is, will their successors yield to His Divine will, or will they also suffer from His Divine Wrath?