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My Counter-Offer to the Illuminati
After the realization that they could not kill me, or otherwise harm me sunk in, the Illuminati presented an offer to me a few days back. I rejected it because I smelled a rat, and a plan to discredit my good name. The offer was quite lucrative, but if I was money motivated I would have sold out my Mormon agents and fired them all in order to keep my position with Farmers Insurance that paid well into the six figures.

I am not money motivated. I seek to serve my God, who is a lot bigger than their gods, and a lot more powerful. He told me what He wants from them, and He is determined that they will comply with His demands one way or the other. The list is simple:

1. Turn over the State of Utah to me and allow me to set up an Independent Republic that actually follows the Constitution of the United States.

2. Abandon all hope of establishing a Central Bank in the New Republic or influencing its politicians or elections. Gold and Silver, along with an interest free paper currency (Greenbacks) will also be firmly established.

3. Surrender all of their interests in the Mormon Church to me, and withdraw all of their corrupt influences from the organization. I will reform it as I see fit.

4. Provide me and whoever I designate as my agent(s) with all of the resources I demand and require for whatever purposes I desire and or require.

5. Provide me and my agent(s) with territory around the world as required, to build up places of refuge for the righteous to escape the coming calamities. This territory will be free from their corrupt influence under threat from the judgments of God. Grant me and my agents with full diplomatic immunity.

God has told me to tell them that He has begun to pour out His judgments upon their heads until they concede to "Let His People Go". These judgments will make Pharoah's plagues look mild by comparison. He is determined to take what is already His, even if He has to lay waste to their entire organization so that there are none left to blaspheme His Holy Name.

God has permitted evil to dominate this planet to sanctify His people through their sufferings. Now, the day of separation is at hand and it is time to gather His wheat from among the tares. This means that His people, will live under His laws in the land that He has designated, free from the influence of evil and conspiring men. They have carefully set their trap for the righteous, but God is determined that righteous will not suffer for the sins of the wicked, unless they are appointed to such suffering to be a witness to His Holy Name.

In the words that God gave to Moses for Pharoah, "Let My People Go."

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