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How the Illuminati Got Above the Mormons
The Ties That Bind
>  How sad and pathetic, Paul, that you were treated so poorly at that website after being invited to post.
> Comment:
> It was disappointing to read, Paul, that you were invited to post your ideas on a Mormon website and then when the webmaster objected to your other writings, pulled your thread.
> Let me say that I have read most of your articles posted on your website. I find them worth while because they make one engage one's brain and think things through. Do I believe the claims that Gayle Smith made and which you reported? No. Do I think she has told an untruth? No. That means that I have determined that these alleged events have at least two sides to them and I have only read one side. But beyond that, the story made me ponder other things such as the LDS teaching that in the end times "....even the very elite shall be deceived...". And, that has gotten me to ponder, "how would they be deceived? and how will the membership know that they have been deceived?".
> I was on another Mormon run website in recent times. What I gathered from this experience was it was not acceptable to think nor question things related to LDS Church actions or functions. It seemed acceptable to question other state actions (Arizona, Texas, California, and even Idaho) but don't dare question Utah's legislative actions. One could point a finger at the naught United Nations, the Catholic church, or politicians, just be sure not to mention that the LDS Church has intertwined itself with the United Nations through cash, food, material, time donations along with the Relief Society being recognized by the United Nations as an 'official non-governmental agency." Let us not mention that Brigham Young University hosts United Nation Day nor should it be whispered how many faculty members are CFR members. Poor ole presidents Brigham Young, John Taylor, Ezra Taft Benson, David O McKay must be turning in their graves at what has become of a people that refuse to confront these Secret Combination associations.
> When I read the old LDS prophesies that "one day the US Constitution will be hanging by a thread and the LDS elders will save it", I have to wonder who amongst the Mormon elders will be there to do so amongst all of these non-questioning, non-thinking, get-along Mormons?
> As I tell folks who are looking to pay for their grandchildren's college education, do not send them to Brigham Young University as it is NOT the university that you think it is. It is as liberal an institution as any east coast Ivy League institution. Either send them to an Ivy League university where such indoctrination is open and in your face; or send them to a truly conservative place like Hillsdale College where they can be educated in the US Constitution and how to think for themselves.
> Does make one wonder if the lack of support for the 13 Articles of Faith that the LDS Church stood by until recent decades doesn't account for report that only 30% of Mormons are active in the church. Wonder if the LDS Church STOOD for something if active participation might suddenly skyrocket?
> Interestingly, even Glenn Beck time and again tells his audience, "Question EVERYTHING, including the very existence of God." so that you know what you stand for. As your experience has shown, Mormons seem to have an attitude of put your head buried into sand and never raise a question about the actions, thought, and reasoning behind anything carried out by the LDS church, at Brigham Young University, nor the Utah Mormon dominated legislatures. Perhaps these folks fear that questioning such things would damn their souls while they deny the fact that God gave them a brain to use and they have been commanded to search out the truth.

(Name Redacted for fear of retaliation)
What happened to the Mormons is instructional for any organization that has been infiltrated and manipulated by the Satanic Psychopaths. It is also why I look to God and Conscience for my salvation instead of any organization, even one that I believe has true Doctrine, Priesthood keys, and corrrect ordinances.

Modern Mormonism has become a "Cult of Personality" for the vast majority of its members.

1. The doctrine of "infallibility" (God's Prophets are perfect men that don't make mistakes) has taken hold within the membership. Further, it has been expanded to anyone that has a position in the Church. Of course this has been proven to be a false doctrine through the case of Mark Hoffman and his forgeries, which were gobbled up and presented as legitimate historical documents by the Mormon Church.

2. The Doctrine of Infallibility allows men like Jon Huntsman Senior to sit on both the Council on Foreign Relations and the 5th quorum of the seventy in the LDS Leadership, without most so-called Patriotic members so much as blinking an eye.

3. It also allows those that practice Satanic Ritual Abuse to avoid prosection and detection as long as one of their Cult Leaders is  in a position of Leadership.

The Book of Mormon is written as a warning to our generation and it clearly depicts Satanic Psychopaths holding high office in the Church:

8 Now the brother of Shared, whose name was Gilead, also received great strength to his army, because of secret combinations.

9 And it came to pass that his high priest murdered him as he sat upon his throne. (Source)


22  Now there was no lawyer nor judge nor high priest that could have power to condemn any one to death save their condemnation was signed by the governor of the land.

23 Now there were many of those who testified of the things pertaining to Christ who testified boldly, who were taken and put to death secretly by the judges, that the knowledge of their death came not unto the governor of the land until after their death....

  27 Now it came to pass that those judges had many friends and kindreds; and the remainder, yea, even almost all the lawyers and the high priests, did gather themselves together, and unite with the kindreds of those judges who were to be tried according to the law.

28 And they did enter into a covenant one with another, yea, even into that covenant which was given by them of old, which covenant was given and administered by the devil, to combine against all righteousness.

29 Therefore they did combine against the people of the Lord, and enter into a covenant to destroy them, and to deliver those who were guilty of murder from the grasp of justice, which was about to be administered according to the law. (Source)

There is something that the Book of Mormon demonstrates repeatedly:

1. The First Generation is righteous because of severe trials and humility. 

2. The Second Generation is mostly righteous and prospers in the land.

3. The 3rd generation gets fat and lazy because of the work of their forebears.

4. The 4th generation is just downright evil and embraces Satanic Secret Combinations.

God will bring in "new blood" to replace the old poisoned blood. This "New Blood" will often build a new society on the bones of the old. Righteous men teach that only God is infallible, not man. Consider the words of Jesus Christ:

18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.

Jesus Christ explained the principle of fallen man and the falsehood of the Doctrine of infallibility in that one simple quote. In other words, He stated, "You can only call Me good if you know Me to be God."

Any man that claims that he is infallible, is also claiming that he is God. There is only one God, and He is not here on this earth at the present time. Those that accept the doctrine of infallibility for mortal men with high positions will ultimately be decieved and then destroyed for worshipping idols (which has the same root as idleness/lazyness).

The Secret Combinations (Satanic Psychopaths) have taken a firm hold in the Mormon Church. Jesus stated they would in the Book of Mormon when He visited the Americas:

"10 And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, and shall be lifted  up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth, and shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations; and if they shall do all those things, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them."

Mormon Doctrine is full of references of the destruction of many Mormons of European descent (Gentiles) and the restoration of the American Indians in this land. The majority of Mormons have rejected the Bill of Rights, United States Constitution, the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit of Revelation and replaced them with the false doctrines of men. Like the other wicked Gentiles mentioned in the Book of Mormon, they will be swept from the land by the judgments of God.

The American Indian, who has been humbled through severe trials that have lasted centuries, will retake his rightful position alongside the righteous that remain in the land after it has been purged.