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Paul Drockton: The Jeb Bush Dilemma
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One of the things troubling me is the fact that Jeb Bush stepped aside for Mitt Romney in this presidential election. We have President George H.W. Bush. We have George W. Bush. We won't have President Jeb Bush. Bush is the governor of one of the largest states in the Union, Florida. He is well positioned, and the apparatus given to Romney for this election belongs to the Bush family.

Everything from Clear Channel Communications, to the Christian Coalition, is part of the Bush political machine. Now, all that hard work is going into getting Mitt Romney elected POTUS. What gives?

Consider the following:

1. At the worst time of Hoover's Presidency, the Great Depression, the ratio of debt to GDP was about 38%.

2. Today the government numbers state we are at about 108% (Debt/GDP). That is based on 15 trillion dollars of debt.

3. Those Numbers don't reflect the Ron Paul Audit of the Federal Reserve. The audit uncovered another 34 trillion dollars of hidden debt. This was money given away without Congressional approval by the "Crown".

4. They also fail to reflect that about 74 trillion dollars of debt exposure was taken on by the FDIC from JP Morgan and Bank of America. These banks apparently transferred all of their derivatives exposure to the American Taxpayer.

So, real debt is at about 800% of Gross Domestic Product. That is about 8 times worse than Greece. It gets worse:

1. When America entered World War II, the Debt to GDP ratio stood at about 38%.

2. Because of World War II, the ratio of debt to GDP balooned to over 120%. That was a 300% increase in debt.

3. The United States is about to start World War III. This would potentially inflate the debt another 200-300% of where it stands today.

The results of attacking Iran would be the final straw for the American economy. Keynesian economics only works when an economy has some room left on its credit cards. Even then, it only exacerbates the problem over time.

So, back to Mitt Romney. I am forced to conclude that the man who can't keep his "Mitts" off of other people's money will either:

1. Be Hoovered into oblivion by war, hyper-inflation, civil unrest and economic collapse.

2. Never win the election in the first place. Blaming a black guy for America's financial problems is a win-win for the Satanic Psychopaths. They get a race war and the opportunity to further humiliate a race of human beings that they view as inferior.

And Jeb Bush?

1. If Romney wins the Republican nomination perhaps he will select Jeb Bush as his running mate. If that is the case, he better hand-select his own Secret Service entourage. Both Reagan and Ford found out what happens when a #2 wants the #1 position in this country.

2. If Romney looses in the Fall, he becomes the next Kerry or McCain. Talking to empty rooms and waiting for another shot at the "big dance".

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National Debt Versus Gross Domestic Product (Source)