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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
* Bayer Aspirin, Illuminated Nazi's, and Heroin.

*  "Dead Man" Forces Senator's Resignation:

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion
* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
* NEW-Important! Jeff Rense and "Taking America Back"
*Masonic Expose' Leads to Death Warrant!
*  Illuminati Enemies: Part 1
*NEW! L3 Communication's Ties with Terror:

*  Calling All Whistleblowers!

* Canada's Biggest Scandal?

* BBC "Spikes" Holly Grieg Story:

The Paul Drockton Story:
New World Order Religion:
* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
* Gnosticism, Judaism and Christianity
*  Egyptian Mystery Religions
* The "Ghost Whisper" and Our Illuminati New Age Religion:

* Sherlock Holmes: The Movie and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion"
* Maitreya and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion" Part 3
* NEW TODAY! Maitreya, the Japanese and WWIII:
* A Great and Abominable Church

* China, Russia and "Brain-washed" Nigerian Terrorists
* Tiger Woods, Professional Athletes and MK Ultra
* Bo Gritz, Delta Force, and MK-Ultra
* Television, Sex Majick and the "Brainwashed" Masses:
* TV and Trauma Based Programming:
* NEW! More 911 Truth: 911 Hijacker and MK-ULtra
* Was Stack an Illuminati Programmed Multiple?

MK-Ultra/Mind Control:
* Federal Gay Marriage Case Will Make It Legal in 50 States:

* Outrage Builds at Mormon Politicos Support of Lesbian Surrogate Pact:

* A Lesbian Surrogate Lawmaker, Two Gay Men, and Mormon Utah:

* 100 Things You'll Wish You had in an Emergency!
Emergency Prep:
* Gangs, Graffiti and the "New World Disorder"

* V For Vendetta and the Homosexual Terrorists:
* NEW! Who is Herman Rockefeller and Why Does it Matter?
* NEW! Swingers, Rockefeller and the Illuminati:

* The World's Dumbest Criminals.
* The Illuminati and the Patriot Movement
* Haiti, Machete Gangs and Martial Law: Part 1

* What the Massachusetts Election Really Means:

* New! China, AIG and the Derivatives Market
* NEW: Japan, China, Russia and WWIII:

*NEW! Taking America Back: Part 1
*NEW!  Alex Jones and 911 Truth:
* NEW! Alex Jones and Freemasons:
* China Dumps US Treasuries
* NEW! 911 Truth: What Have We Let Them Steal?

*NEW! Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"?

WWIII & Armageddon:
Patriot Movement
* The US Constitution: A Christian Document
* Nazi Masons
* The Dead Man Musings Forum
* The Masonic-French Revolution
* NEW! Al-Gora Bin Laden:

*NEW! Illuminati Symbolism: The Auto Industry
* The Gold Standard and Other Monetary Myths:
*NEW! 911 By the NUMB3RS
* Was Joe Stack's Plane Crash a "False Flag"?
* Who Wins from the Joe Stack Disaster?

*NEW! More 911 by the Numb3rs:

Free-Masons & Illuminati:
911 and False Flags:
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Tonight: Mike McGill from Kristos Trading.
In HILLARY (and Bill): The MURDER Volume – part three of the Clinton trilogy, the Clinton Body Count is presented in all its gory detail. The most comprehensive study of its kind ever compiled, over 110 mysterious deaths are examined, beginning with the grisly Boys on the Tracks murder of two teenagers that has direct ties to illicit drug trafficking in Mena, Arkansas and was covered-up by Clinton crony, Dr. Fahmy Malak.

After ascending to the Presidency in 1992, more atrocities continued with the nationally televised massacre at Waco. Indisputable documents and testimony now prove that not only were FBI and Delta Forces responsible for starting the inferno and killing 80+ Branch Davidians (many of them innocent children), but that Hillary Clinton directed the attack to destroy evidence of past government crimes. Following this public relations nightmare, America was next confronted with the ‘suicide’ of Vince Foster. After thoroughly debunking the official version of events, Thorn reveals the identity of Foster’s real murderer, as well as treasonous actions against the U.S. government and the involvement of a foreign agency.

Other high profile cases are also investigated, such as the Oklahoma City bombing, which was in actuality a controlled demolition similar to what toppled the World Trade Center towers on September 11th, 2001; the murders of Jerry Parks, Danny Casolaro, and former CIA Director William Colby; plus Chinagate and the subsequent political assassination of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Despite the corporate media’s dismissal of this subject, the Clinton Body Count (i.e. a veritable Murder, Inc.) is very real and can no longer be discounted as mere coincidence.
Hillary and Bill: The Murder Volume
ONLY 19.95!
Plus Shipping/Handling
ONLY 19.95!
Plus Shipping/Handling
Hillary and Bill: The Drugs Volume
In HILLARY (And Bill): The DRUGS Volume—Part Two of the Clinton Trilogy some of the most damning examples ever put into print of the U.S. government's crimes and corruption are exposed in glaring detail. Beginning with the Clinton family's long-standing ties to the notorious Dixie Mafia, this book illustrates how billions of dollars of cocaine, cash and weapons passed through Mena, Arkansas during the 1980s—with the the full knowledge of Bill and Hillary—to finance the illegal war in Nica ragua. (Tons of this CIA-imported coke help fuel the cocaine epidemic of the 1980s) In short, Bill and Hillary's Arkansas became nothing less than a narco-republic, with little banks near Mena laundering more money than the big banks in New York City.As this thoroughly sourced tale unfolds, the reader encounters a sordid cast of characters including George Bush the Elder (who ran the operation from the office of the VP in D.C.), Oliver North, Manuel Noriega, Webster Hubbell, Barry Seal, Dan Lasater and the Stephens Brothers. In addition, an undeniable amount of evidence proves that nearly every one of Bill Clinton's gubernatorial campaigns – including his 1992 presidential bid – was substantially financed with cocaine money.The author also includes a wealth of information on the larger implications of Whitewater, the BCCI banking scandal, Travelgate, Filegate and novice stock investor Hillary Clinton's infamous—and mind-boggling—windfall profits derived from trading cattle futures. Also, how the Clintons continually escaped paying for their crimes by firing every U.S. attorney in D.C and appointing friends (many corrupt) as judges.
ONLY 19.95!
Plus Shipping/Handling
Hillary and Bill: The Sex Volume
- Also, Bill and Hillary’s sordid sex lives, including:

- Rape
- The Groper strikes again
- Gennifer Flowers’ darkest secrets
- A black love child
- The real reason why Bill Clinton lost his case to Paula Jones
- Monica Lewinsky’s possible role as a dual agent for a foreign intelligence service
- Hillary’s ‘other side’ and her affair with a famous public official
- How Hillary acted as an enabler and fixer to cover-up for her husband’s serial philandering and sexual reign of terror

- Contrary to their carefully crafted public image as tolerant liberals, Bill and Hillary are exposed as racist, bigoted elitists whose violent tendencies toward each other shatter this myth once and for all.

- Lastly, you’ll be presented with information regarding Hillary Clinton’s most embarrassing moment ever; how she fleeced the White House prior to their departure in 2001; and how her and Bill have embraced a diabolical culture of death.

- Fully referenced with nearly 1,400 footnotes, a complete index with 450+ names, and a bibliography with over 200 sources.

ONLY 19.95!
Plus Shipping/Handling
The veil of illusion has finally been lifted with one of the most comprehensive books ever written about the New World Order. 

     If you want one reference book that you’ll return to day-after-day and year-after-year, open the front cover of "The New World Order Exposed" and discover how the world really operates! This book will shock, unsettle, and enrage you, but in the end, the truth will set you free because you will no longer be enslaved by the Controller’s brainwashing, propaganda, and deceit.
      Gordon Thomas - Author of Seeds of Fire, Gideon's Spies, and Mindfield

"In the world we live in, Victor Thorn's writing is a beacon. A bright searchlight on what people want to hide - the truth. I unreservedly commend this book to all those who care with a passion about our future. Beg, borrow or best of all, buy it as one for your shelves."

    Jim Marrs - Journalist and Author of Rule by Secrecy

"Consider Victor Thorn's The New World Order Exposed your final wake-up call. It's all here, the names, the dates and the places. There's also the methods being used by a small clique of men and women to subjugate and manipulate the masses ... that's you and I. Learn about the New World Order now while America still pays lip service to the Constitution. Tomorrow may be too late."

The New World Order Exposed
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