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Hillary Clinton "Trumps" Obama? (Part 2)
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As I explained in Part 1 of this series, Bill Clinton was unelectable due to the numerous scandals that hit the public during his primary campaign for President. Ross Perot was recruited by the Rockefellers to split the vote during the general campaign against the extremely popular, George Bush.

Bill Clinton only pulled 43% of the vote. Bush recieved 37.5% and Ross Perot siphoned off 18.9% from the Bush total. Clinton was elected as a weak minority candidate without a popular mandate. (Source) The Communists (Democrats) had defeated the Trotskyites (Republicans). It was clear that the Illuminati wanted to focus on America's domestic agenda and let the exportation of the revolution take a back seat for awhile.

Domestic spending on Socialist programs requires borrowing money from the Illuminati Banksters that own the Federal Reserve. Combined with massive military expenditures that result from the policy of eternal warfare and you have a sure-fire recipe for National Destruction.

1. Bill Clinton raised taxes as his first order of business. Following the Revolutionary war, Protective Tariffs financed the Federal Government. The graduated Income Tax, part of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, was enacted to pay the the Banksters' blood money following the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

2. NAFTA and GATT were both passed during Bill Clinton's first term. The Illuminati goal for both of these pieces of legislation includes the following:

    a. Destroy the American Middle Class  by transferring
        high paying jobs overseas.
    b. Empower huge multi-nationals owned by the Illuminati,
         like Wal-Mart by removing Tariffs.
    c. Decimate Main Street and the American Small
        Businessman with "big-box" retail operations.
    d. Provide a market for goods manufactured by
        Illuminati slave labor overseas.
    c. Decimate the strong Labor Unions in the Auto
        and Manufacturing segments of America's economy.

Depriving the American Middle-Class of income opportunities opened the door for easy credit and massive borrowing to further enslave American consumers determined to maintain their high standard of living.

3. Hillary Clinton's plan to Socialize medicine failed miserably. Communists would have to wait for another decade to implement another key component of the Marxist Agenda.

Bill Clinton, who had served the Illuminati Agenda so well the first term, was permitted to win a second term. The Trotskyites conceded the election by running an ineffective campaign with Bob Dole. The purpose of Bill Clinton's second term was to transfer American military technology to his allies in Communist China. Chinagate was treason. Due to the emergence of the alternative media via the internet, it was impossible to stop the momentum of disclosures that came forth.

Enter the Drudge Report and Monica Lewinsky. Sex was always a great distraction in politics. With the consent of the Trotskyites that ran the Republican Congress, Clinton was impeached for lying about sex, instead of selling military secrets to China in exchange for campaign contributions.

Prior to Bill Clinton, Chinese rockets and missiles often blew up on the launch pad. Thanks to him, and those who followed, the Communist Chinese now enjoy parity with the United States military. The Trotskyite goal of a global Communist state is now a very real possibility. Thanks to the assistance of men like Jon Huntsman (CFR, Chinese Diplomat), the Chi-coms are colonizing the Western United States with "Free-Trade" Zones that allow them to import anything and everything that is necessary for the pre-invasion of these United States.

Now, back to Obama.

Obama was elected for three basic reasons:

1. To take the fall when the economy collapses.
2. To foment racial division
3. To initiate World War III, which began with the attack on Libya.

This is why Hillary lost the last election. She was too valuable an asset for the Communists to use as cannon fodder. This should also help explain why the entrance of Donald Trump into this Presidential campaign can only serve to benefit the Clintons. Trump will soften up Obama before the next Primary and do Hillary or Bill's dirty work for them.

Donald Trump will also split the Trotskyite vote, just like Ross Perot before him, and open up the door for a very unpopular woman to win with a minority of votes.

Next: Clinton, vs. Romney and Trump. To buy silver bullion email pdrockton@aol.com