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We Claim the High Ground
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The basic question of our generation is whether or not we can stand on our own two feet in-spite of the institutional controls that seek to shackle us and our freedoms. The Luciferian Agenda is advancing, and within a very short period of time they plan on bringing down the economy in a final round-up of our outstanding wealth. Their plan only succeeds where there is no Middle Class to resist. NAFTA, GATT, illegal immigration, lack of tariffs, and cheap imports are only part of the plan.

In order for the Middle Class to be rendered completely impotent, they must be completely dependant on the government subsidies that act as a pacifier during these times of turmoil. The Psychopaths don't hand out checks because they are generous. They hand out checks because it placates the angry mob until it is too late for them to rebel. This is why we have seen a broadening of Social Security through SSI, and an increase in Welfare benefits. This is why we have seen the extension of long-term unemployment benefits.

The corporate bail-outs, brought to you by the Satanic Psychopaths and their derivative contracts, have saddled the American Taxpayer with so much bankster debt, that they will never see the light of day. The Next Phase of the Luciferian Agenda involves inflation and civil unrest. Inflation will pull out the Pacifiers by making the dollar amount on the government checks meaningless. As people feel the squeeze, the Illuminati provacateurs will incite domestic unrest and ultimately, rioting.

The purpose of this will become increasingly clear when they impose the full burden of martial law on the American public and shred the remaining vestiges of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Republic is dead. It will be replaced by globalist Luciferianism and its 1% dictatorship. Those that resist will be arrested, detained and ultimately executed.

This is where our Illuminati funded Institutions have brought all of us. Their donations to our Religions, Charities and Causes have always carried the price of slavery. We are now just beginning to realize it. Stealing trillions is tolerated as long as they give their dutiful alms to the poor. A mere pittance for a king's ransom, and "we the people" have let them get away with it.

For those of us that seek Salvation, we need to know that we will never find it in those institutions that have sold their souls to the devil. If Salvation is to be found, it will be found through individual effort, not collectivism. It will be found in stored food and temporary shelter in the more remote regions of our country.

Their priorities will center around our Urban areas, because of the high population density. We say let them have them. We offer no resistance, nor will we. Our inner cities are governed by gangs and the narcotics trade, corrupt political bosses and corporations. Its a battle we can't win, so we are forced to concede the ground.

Next come the suburbs. Riddled with apathy and greed, we again recognize the futility of trying to bring salvation to those that lust after their neighbor's wives more than they lust after their liberty. Complacent until the end, too many have watched their bank accounts rise, while disregarding society's progressive decline. Again, we are forced to concede the ground.

Rural areas are a mixed bag. This leaves us with the high ground of the more remote areas of our country. Since the Satanic Psychopaths are determined to finish the work of destruction among the most densely populated of the "useless eaters" (as they refer to them), we will vacate these places at our earliest convenience. Realizing that our numbers are few, we will remain dependant on God's good graces for our independence and survival.

We will never rely on the generosity or mercy of those that are the enemies of mankind. When the FEMA trucks appear in our neck of the woods, with their hot lunches and warm cots, we will ignore them because we have our own provisions. Regardless, we value our Liberty above our lives and will not sell either for a mess of pottage.

Because we rely on God, more than man, we fully expect that He will provide for us through our hard labor and individual efforts. Where these fail us, we expect Him to do so through other means.