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Helter Skelter and Rosemary's Baby
As explained in the previous article, The Satanic Psychopaths believe that Lucifer and Satan are two distinct entities. Lucifer is their god of light, knowledge, science, logic and philosophy. Satan is their god of chaos and destruction. The Illuminati practice both Luciferianism and Satanism.

Luciferianism is embodied in Freemasonry, with its intentionally obscured symbolism and ordinances. It is also symbolized by the "All-Seeing Eye" at the top of an unfinished pyramid. At the highest level of the Illuminati are the Philosopher kings that seek to bring about the Luciferian ideal of "Atlantis", as described by Plato. The second level is reserved for the military ruling class, which worship destruction and are hard core Satanists. The third level is reserved for the International Bankers and other business leaders which merely manage the resources of the organization.

Both the York and Scottish Rite of Freemasonry are designed to lead mankind to the worship of Lucifer, although this is hidden to the majority of the organization, which are considered "Useful Idiots". The top three degrees (30-33) correspond to the above leadership pattern (Philosopher Kings, Military Ruling Class, and Merchant Class). Interestingly enough, the Knights Templar were organized in this fashion, and worshipped both Lucifer and Satan (Baphomet). They are also the founders of the Rosicrucians and Freemasonry.

Solomon, the son of David, is believed by the Illuminati to have rejected the one True God for the above practices. This is evidenced by the fact that he was led away from God by his foreign wives and even went so far as to sacrifice his own son to Molech (Set, Satan).

Lucifer Rising and Rosemary's Baby:

One of the primary goals of both the Luciferians and the Satanists, is to bring their separate deities into mortality for the final confrontation, which they believe will be between Lucifer and Satan. In this struggle, Satan, the anti-Christ, will reduce the world to ashes and the newly embodied Lucifer will rebuild the world after the order of Atlantis. Lucifer's "One World Order" will be patterned after Plato's Republic and governed by the Illuminati Ruling classes.

"Lucifer Rising is perhaps one of Anger's most infamous works.  Originally conceived in the late 1960s, the film would take some ten years to complete and would involve an eclectic and bizarre cast of characters, ranging from the openly gay director himself to Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page (who was originally set to write the soundtrack for the film and who appears briefly in the finished work), Bobby Beausoleil (a musician who would end up writing the final soundtrack for Lucifer Rising from a jail cell where he was serving a life sentence for murder), singer Marianne Faithfull (who has a major role in the film) and Donald Cammell (British director of 1970's Performance  who also has a major role).  Despite a grueling film making process that would keep the film from being released, Anger persevered and wound up with what I would consider to be perhaps his greatest cinematic accomplishment.

Lucifer Rising is a highly experimental work that mainly serves to celebrate Lucifer, who Anger sees as his original form: "He who Bears Light."  Anger was a follower of the occult practitioners Aleister Crowley and personal friend of Church of Satan founder Anton LeVey, and viewed Lucifer not in the Christian sense as "The Devil," but rather as the Angel of Light.

Anger's film includes all sorts of references to the work of Crowley as well as Egyptian mythology.  It starts off with a vision of the creation in which the Egyptian gods Iris (god of life) and Osiris (god of death) interact, eventually summoning a high priest to bring about the return of Lucifer.  Along the way, Lucifer's rejected wife Lilith joins in to lament over her lost love, and the various characters are interrupted by the forces of Chaos, all culminating with a flying saucer zooming above the ruins of ancient Egypt."  (Source)

Apparently, bringing Lucifer into a mortal body required a human sacrifice. Charles Manson, who believed he was the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley (Who also tried to bring Lucifer into mortality), ordered Bobby Beausoleil to kill Gary Hinman. The Book "Helter Skelter" claimed Hinman was killed over a bad drug deal, yet, this was never brought up in Beausoleil's murder trial. (Source)

"Rosemary's Baby" was a fictional account of a woman who was decieved into having Satan's offspring. Interestingly enough, Roman Polanski was the Director of the film. Mia Farrow, who was married to Frank Sinatra, accepted the starring role. Anton Lavey, the Founder of the "Church of Satan", was a technical advisor. (Source) The actual film was made in 1968.

Manson and Helter Skelter

Charles Manson and his adherents claimed that the murder of Sharon Tate, Polanski's pregnant wife, was an attempt to start a race war. Yet, Manson also considered himself the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, who had tried to bring Lucifer into a mortal tabernacle. Perhaps, Polanski's direction of "Rosemary's Baby" was Manson's real motive. This would also help explain why the group also murdered Rosemary LaBianca and her husband, and wrote "Rise" on their walls with her blood.

Perhaps Manson, with his harem of various women, saw himself as the "Chosen One", the one to bring Satan into mortality and the true father of a "Rosemary's baby". A race war might have been part of his motives, but, its doesn't explain his choice of targets.


Polanski's play with fire probably led Manson to conclude that the director and his wife were rivals for the great Satanic Psychopathic honor of bringing the anti-Christ into mortality. Helter Skelter was the result. Based on Manson's involvement with the Occult, this would explain why Polanski's wife was specifically the target of Manson's wrath.

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