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Englands Next Prime Minister's love affair with Pedophiles
England is in more trouble than most realize. How is it that this woman, Harriet Harman, became the leader of the House of Commons and the #1 candidate for England's next Prime Minister?

"The Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women and Equality, who also sits on a Cabinet committee on young people’s welfare, is being touted as a possible successor to Gordon Brown, .

But she faces fresh criticism from Opposition MPs and campaign groups after The Daily Telegraph obtained documents showing that she called on ministers to make sexually explicit photographs or films of children legal unless there was evidence that the subject had been harmed.

At the time she made the official submission, she was a senior figure in a civil liberties organisation that wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised. It also defended self-confessed paedophiles in the press and allowed them to attend its meetings." (Source)

Miss Harman is a  Feminist who has fought tirelessly for a woman's right to not be sexually exploited in the workplace. She understands that people with greater power than their charges should not use them for sexual exploitation. There is no such thing as "consensual sex" between an adult and a child, because the adult has all the power in the relationship. Feminists know this and it forms the basis for their philosophical foundation.

When an adult sexually exploits a child it is an act of violence, not an act of affection. At its roots there is an unbridled attack on innocence and purity. It is an act of defiance against God. An expression of hatred and malice. A caustic poison that results in self-loathing, mistrust, anger and a sense of personal violation of that which is most sacred is the consequence. Suicide is often the long-term result.

Children have a right to their innocence. Parents have a right to protect their child's innocence. No society or individual has the right to take that innocence away.

"Miss Harman, 58, was a newly qualified solicitor when she became legal officer for the National Council for Civil Liberties, now known as Liberty, in 1978. At the time its general secretary was Patricia Hewitt, who went on to become health secretary under Tony Blair.

"Among the groups affiliated to NCCL were the Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation, whose members argued openly for the abolition of the age of consent. NCCL complained to the press watchdog about their treatment by tabloid newspapers and said in one article: “We support any organisation that seeks to campaign for anything it wants within the law. They have that right.” (Ibid)

Simply stated, Miss Harmon was working with those that would abuse children fresh from their mother's womb, if they could get away with it.

"In NCCL’s official response to the Government’s plans to reform sex laws, dubbed a “Lolita’s Charter”, it suggested reducing the age of consent and argued that “childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage”. It claimed that children can suffer more from having to retell their experiences in court or the press." (ibid)

What Miss Harmon failed to point out is that their is no such thing as consensual sex between an adult and a child. Only a gross sexual imposition.

"She suggested that a pornographic photo or film of a child should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown that the subject had suffered, and that prosecutors would have to prove harm rather than defendants having to justify themselves...

“We suggest that the term 'indecent’ be qualified as follows: – A photograph or film shall not for this purpose be considered indecent (a) by reason only that the model is in a state of undress (whether complete or partial); (b) unless it is proved or is to be inferred from the photograph or film that the making of the photograph or film might reasonably be expected to have caused the model physical harm or pronounced psychological or emotional disorder.”

It adds: “Our amendment places the onus of proof on the prosecution to show that the child was actually harmed.” 

This woman is an international blight that needs to be removed by her peers. To permit her to continue leading that body responsible for making laws in the United Kingdom is unacceptable to the vast majority of those that live under its laws. A failure to do so is an endorsement of her policies and past actions. It is a failure to defend those that have no power and leave them to the mercies of evil men and women that seek to destroy their sense of self-worth.

Failure to prosecute and punish Pedophiles will ultimately result in the families of the victims taking justice into their own hands. Vigilantes will replace corrupt courtrooms, and angry mobs will replace unjust juries. Chaos and anarchy will replace community and co-operation. Street mobs administering justice should send a cold chill down the back of any freeman or woman. Yet, how can they be avoided when the lawmakers and administrators are Satanic Psychopaths in wolves clothing? Punishing the innocent, while the guilty go free?

Its better to have a peaceful revolution and remove people like Harmon now through legal methods, then to wait for an angry mob, living under her Satanic edicts, to do it by force and violence.

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