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Forget the Gold Standard!
One of the great myths of our time is that we need to return to the gold standard. The reality is that we need to dissolve the Federal Reserve's private money cartel and follow Abraham Lincoln's and Paul Drockton's "roadmap to prosperity":

1. Return the right to print our currency, interest free, to our Federal Government. Lincoln's "Greenbacks" temporarily threw the money changers out of the temple and eliminated all interest payments to the Satanic Psychopaths.

2. Make gold coins, minted by the individual states, legal tender. Due to the risk of carrying gold on your person outside of your local area, its greatest value will be to local economies. This will prevent the Federal Government from being in control of our gold supply through the minting of gold coins.

3. Make silver coins, minted by both the Federal government and the individual states, also legal tender.

The Bankster proposed gold standard is nothing more than a gold confiscation act. We will be forced to surrender our gold for worthless Federal Reserve Notes. FRNs are the problem, not the solution.

4. Decentralize the COMEX. Each and every state should have its own commodities exchange. This would go a long way towards breaking up the price manipulation of metals and other commodities by creating 50 local exchanges competing with each other, instead of one exchange competing with itself.

5. Repudiate the National Debt. The Banksters have taken more than their pound of flesh through their derivatives scams. They have taken our homes, our jobs and our retirement/savings. We owe them nothing. We need to refuse to pay them another penny on their currency generated interest.

6. Local depositories for precious metals. people will store their metals in the States that have the least amount of risk. This will be an additional incentive for local and state governments to be fiscally responsible, or watch their real wealth, in gold and silver, move to a competing state.

This is the only real monetary reform that is acceptable to the Patriotic Citizenry.

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