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Banksters, Gold, Silver and the Near Future
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Double Barrel Defense from the Collapsing Dollar
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In order for the New World Order to succeed, everyone must lose everything of value and become desparate enough, hungry enough and foolish enough to take their "Mark of the Beast". The Satanic Psychopaths major concern is a black market, or alternative economy, established by those that want no part of their system.

In other words, they hate it when you buy gold and silver with their worthless Federal Reserve Notes (dollars). Over the past decade they have worked feverously to suppress the price of both metals to keep people in dollar-denominated assets like stocks, bonds, CDs, Savings Accounts, real-estate and insurance policies (life and annuities).

At the same time they have used international derivatives to drain every one of the above assets of their value. The dollar is worth about 20% or less of its 2001 value. That means, every dollar denominated asset has lost 80% of its value due to intentional devaluation of the dollar. I predict the following for 2011:

1. 20% correction in the stock market by Mid-March/Early April.

2. Silver at/near $40 per ounce by early March/Mid-April.

3. Real-estate correction of 40% by August.

4. $60 silver by June.

5. $100 per ounce silver by Mid to late summer

6. Massive stock market collapse by Fall of 2011.

7. Grossly devalued dollar by years end with hyperinflation.

8. Silver at $1,000-$2,000 per ounce within 12-18 months.

9. Massive lay-offs, unemployment and inflation with violent protests by the next winter, culminating in total and complete anarchy.

The United States Government will pass another gold confiscation act. They might even pass a silver one. Yet, anyone can pass a law. Enforcement of that law is a whole different matter. The Founding Fathers were law-abiding citizens until King George started manifesting his Satanic Psychopathic personality. Then, they went from Passive resistance to armed Revolution. I am not advocating the same, but, I see it as an eventuality none the less.

Instead of violence, I have called upon the more righteous of this land to ultimately withdraw from our failing society and move themselves and their families to the more remote regions of the country before the coming reign of Chaos. Separating from society has always been the Christian way and has a solid historical precident. The Pilgrims are one example. So are the Early Christians who abandoned Jerusalem before the arrival of the armies of Rome.

I have also advocated making preparations to do so long before the economic collapse, riots and civil unrest. This is why I have moved my family to Utah. I know the area and believe the mountains provide a very unique form of protection. I will make preparations for myself, friends and others as resources become available, in a more remote area of the state. When martial law is imminent and urban unrest in its beginning stages, I intend to leave the comforts of society for a more rugged existence with my friends and family.

After the wicked and evil men have destroyed each other, or been destroyed by famine, pestilence, revolution, etc., I intend to work with other like minded men and women to help rebuild Society. A Society that will re-establish the Constitution and Bill of Rights as God intended. This new society will also use gold and silver as the only legitimate means of exchange. It will also forbid the practices of enslavement, known as usury (interest), that enriches a small percentage of the population at the expense of the society as a whole.

I envision a society where Self-Reliance through both physical and mental labor replaces the dependence and idolatry of our current condition. Men and women will be free to labor for their own prosperity and the State will protect them fully in their property rights and their rights to enjoy the full fruits of that labor.

Taxation will exist only to promote the true General Welfare and not to pay interest to a group of Satanic Psychopaths that control the nation's currency. All men will be trained and armed to protect their liberties from encroachment from outsiders. Criminals, regardless of their familial or other connections will be prosecuted and punished according to their crimes.

Lawyers will only exist to advocate the cause, not enrich themselves on outlandish fees or monetary rewards. All elected and appointed officials will be expected to labor with their own hands so as not to become a burden on the people. Labor keeps people humble and reminds them of their total and complete dependence on God.

Parents will be permitted to once again govern over their own children in a just manner. Those that abuse offspring or spouse will face the requirements of law. Mothers will no longer be forced out into the workforce because of high taxes or unfaithful spouses. The raising of a righteous offspring will be far more valued than any monetary gain. Children will be educated according to the desires of the parents and not a bureaucracy controlled by Satanic Psychopaths.

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