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Paul Drockton: Cocaine, Pedophiles and Godfathers Pizza
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William M. Theisen: He opened Wild Willys in 1973 selling pizzas. He began franchising Godfather's Pizza in 1975, which became a publicly traded company in 1982. He sold the pizza chain in 1983 and served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Diversifoods, Inc. until his resignation in 1984. He became the President of Business Ventures that same year. He purchased controlling interest in Green Burrito in 1984; in 1994, he became Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company. He received the City of Hope Spirit of Life Award and the Brownell-Talbot School Recognition Award. He became a franchisee of Famous Dave's in 2000.  (Source)

According to the assassinated investigator of the Boystown and Franklin Credit Union scandal, Thiesen was also a heavy cocaine user with others in the Omaha, Nebraska area. (Source) His alleged close friend, Jimbo Jogusch was also named on the list. (Ibid).

It appears that Larry King, the main player in the child molestation/Satanic Ritual Abuse ring, also placed his victims in the restaurant industry. Larry was purportedly partners with one Shirley Jordan in the Omaha area, and employed spme of his victims there. (Ibid.) One Steve Turner, who allegedly recruited young victims for King and others to abuse, worked at both Franklin Credit Union and then Godfather's Pizza. (Ibid)

Pizza delivery opens the door for other "deliveries" as well. For example:

"Cops in Chicago busted 19 people in association with a pizza delivery/illegal drug business. The ring operated out of a host of food joints in the area selling narcotics alongside the food delivery orders. During the investigation cops said five pounds of cocaine was sold as well as Vicoden and Ecstasy. The combined street price of the narcotics was over $160,000. Each of the 19 suspects bail was set at $50,000. After the arrest cops said the ring “had been a thorn in the side” of authorities for quite some time." (Source)

I remember hearing rumors of just such a "delivery" service in Parma, Ohio, when I was in politics. Interestingly enough the Treasurer's office at City Hall was busted for trafficking cocaine and the mayor purportedly died of a cocaine overdose. The narcotics were rumored to have been linked to a pizza and delivery ring.

Prostitution and Pizza Delivery can also be linked:

"Albuquerque Police have busted a very shady pizza operation -- not for health violations but for peddling skin along with pepperoni. Police say Jose Rengifo, 51, was running a prostitution ring disguised as a pizza delivery operation, which was only disrupted after Rengifo handed out a flier for the pizza at a popular lunch hangout for police officers. Investigators eventually learned that potential customers would call the number on the flier and order a pizza, at which point they would be directed to a home in southwest Albuquerque. Police say customers were paying $2 a minute for sex once inside the home." (Source)

In fact, it is not unusual for legitimate businesses to be used as "fronts" for illegitimate ones. Take, for example this call-boy ring exposed in 1989:

"Elaborate telephone switching equipment and out-of-town check cashing and credit card processing centers make it possible for Washington's homosexual escort services to launder hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from clients.

Professional Services Inc., the dry name that appears on customers' American Express, Visa and MasterCard bills when they charge their sexual liaisons with male prostitutes, is a cover for half a dozen different call services linked in a gigantic regional sex-for-hire network, according to an investigation by The Washington Times.

The upscale Northwest Washington residence that served as a switchboard center for dispatching male prostitutes to local hotels, clients' homes and other meeting places was raided Feb. 28 by federal and local police authorities investigating interstate prostitution and credit card fraud.

The escort firm has relocated and - using a 50-line Merlin computerized call-forwarding system - is still in operation while local authorities try to track down individual call boys with information gathered from seized documents.

In want ads placed in local tabloid newspapers and Yellow Pages telephone directories, Professional Services hawks its wares under such names as Man-to-Man, Dream Boys, Ultimate First Class, Metrodate and Jovan.

In its own investigation of the male escort service raided in February and again May 18, The Times has obtained extensive financial records that reveal how the homosexual network handled its credit card and check cashing needs by using legitimate umbrella organizations in the Washington area, Florida, Kentucky and West Virginia." (Source)

The above boy-for-hire scheme involved billing through a funeral home operation:

"After paying "membership" fees in the $150 range, clients paid additional amounts for so-called "referrals" billed on an hourly basis. The vouchers reflected fees ranging from $60 to $1,100 for individual referrals. Most charges were in the $150 to $225 range.

Clients and prostitutes said the amounts charged depend on the number of escorts procured ( some clients hire several for big parties), the length of time prostitute services are used and the type of sexual service provided.

Robert Chambers, who handled Professional Services' credit card processing, is a 35-year-old funeral director whose family owns and operates the Chambers Funeral Homes throughout the Washington area.

Mr. Chambers used his family's funeral business to set up Professional Services' "sub-merchant" account with a Sovran Bank branch in Silver Spring. Credit card charges and checks were deposited in the Sovran account, while cash paid for escort services usually was deposited at other area banks, including Riggs, National Bank of Washington and First American.

These accounts were usually in the names of the escort operators - principally Henry W. Vinson, a 28-year-old owner-dispatcher for the services, and Jimmy Mako, 27, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge stemming from the February police raid on the switchboard headquarters, 6004 34th Place NW.

Sovran canceled Professional Services' account after the comptroller of Chambers Funeral Home discovered the secret sex-for-hire card processing scheme. Mr. Chambers now funnels charge slips through another licensed credit card processing company, Executive Services, in Suitland.

Part of the regional escort network is directly linked to employees at dozens of hotels in the area, those interviewed said. Besides helping to arrange "special" rooms for clients, these hotel employees also help to expedite guest requests for male and female sex.

There also are special phone banks located in each of the hotels - some public pay phones and other private lines - reserved for the homosexual network. Telephone pagers are used extensively to send call boys from one liaison to another.

Operators of the homosexual escort ring confirmed that female prostitutes were occasionally provided if clients requested such services.

Among hundreds of charge vouchers obtained by The Times were those of about a half-dozen women who availed themselves of the male escorts.

Gay clubs throughout the Washington area are used by call boys to pick up clients. Many call boys also work at these clubs - some of them "strip" joints - and typically are recruited there by the escort services.

Bars and clubs catering to a homosexual clientele include The Chesapeake House, Brass Rail, Knob Hill, The Follies, Lost and Found, Tracks, and La Cage Aux Follies." (Ibid)

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