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Right now, the world's largest debtor nation, the United States of America, has over 100 trillion dollars in outstanding debt obligations, and that's just the government. To put that in perspective, the same US government spent 3.46 trillion dollars in all of 2010. (Source)  Assuming a 6% annual rate of interest on all of that debt, and you end up with 6 trillion dollars in annual interest payments. That is almost two times the annual Federal budget.

To put that in real perspective, total consumer debt was a paltry 2.45 trillion dollars in 2010. That is the total of all credit cards, revolving debt, etc. (Source)

To understand where we need to be, we need to understand how we got where we are. Permit me to explain:

1. The Federal Reserve Banking System: This is a privately owned monopoly of foreign banksters, that have been permitted by generations of treacherous politicians, to charge us 6% per annum for the privilege of having "Federal Reserve Note" at the top of every dollar bill in circulation. A note is a 10 year debt obligation. Over ten years, the debt generated by one dollar bill is almost the same as the entire face amount.

They don't even have the decency to pay for the paper or ink used to create their weapons of mass economic destruction. Federal Reserve notes are printed at taxpayer expense through the United States treasury.

The IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve. The American public receive no value whatsoever and the criminals running the system have a true license to steal.

Solution: The solution is simple. Disband the Federal Reserve theft ring and issue government owned "Greenbacks" that are interest free. Lincoln did it. Kennedy did it. They were both murdered by the international banksters as a result. We also need to repudiate the debt owed to the Satanic Psychopaths on our own currency.

2. Borrowed Money: The United States borrows money because most of our tax receipts go to the Satanic Psychopaths, that are screwing us through their privately owned Federal Reserve system. Total tax receipts in 2010 were 2.1 trillion dollars. Stop paying interest on our own currency, and repudiate any and all debt related to it, and you should have a balanced budget. Now, wasn't that painless?

Now, because of the interest burden created by our own currency, we have to borrow more money from the Satanic Psychopaths just to pay our bills. Thus the 100 trillion dollar debt. Whether we spend that money on social programs or military spending doesn't matter to them. In fact, they lobby  and blackmail our legislature to give away as much money as they possibly can. As a result, we have become their virtual slaves.

Solution: A National Bank owned fully by the American Taxpayer. Refinance the debt through this new entity and eliminate all of the interest payments (You don't pay interest to yourself). Lincoln did it and the United States enjoyed the greatest period of economic prosperity in history as a result.

3. Globalism: So called "Free-trade" treaties have decimated our tax base. Now, goods are manufactured outside the United States for virtual slave wages, by virtual slave workers, then imported back into the United States tariff free. Such policies have impoverished our nation, destroyed our labor force, and made us even more dependent on debt and government.

Solution: End so called "Free-Trade" and replace the Income Tax with Tariffs on imported goods. This is how the United States government was run for decades following the revolutionary war.

4. Illegal Immigration: Its bad enough that Americans have to compete with cheap foreign labor and manufactured goods in their own marketplace, now we have to compete with cheap foreign  labor in our own communities.  The American people are being reduced to wage slavery and welfare. Unemployment now exceeds the worst year of the Great Depression, but is masked by government unemployment checks and other welfare services. When these checks run out, we will see the true effects that globalism and illegal immigration on our society.

Solution: Bring home the 40,000 plus American troops defending South Korea's border, and place them along the border we have with Mexico. Actually deport those who are here illegally and screen those that want to come into this country through legal means. While TSA gropers are harassing you at the airport, people are free to come and go without so much as an ID check on our Southern border,

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