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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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Today I listened to the mainstream news discuss a study on dangerous germs and bacteria  transmitted through "dirty" money that, in some parts of the world, people carry in the dirtiest parts of their body. As we enter the final stages of the Financial Collapse, people are arguing over inflation vs. deflation. I would argue that the correct choice is none of the above.

1. The problem with paper money is that you cannot control financial transactions. The New World Order wants to be able to control who "buys and sells".

2. The next step is not a global currency. It is an implant. A microchip, that will be inserted into your arm by injection.

3. An implant will allow the Satanic Psychopaths to monitor everything about you. What you buy, what you sell, how often you go to the bathroom, what you eat, etc.

4. A series of police raids will make sure that you have nothing more, or less, than what is recorded on your microchip.

5. You will be issued a monthly amount of "credits" based on your relative value to the Satanists. These will be non-transferable.

6. Ultimately, they will monitor your homes, your cars, etc., under the auspices of fighting "global terrorism". You will not be able to bring anything into your home, or out of your home, without them knowing about it.

7. You will be issued a list of things you can buy, and a list of those things that are prohibited, based on your social class. They will control your diet, your bad habits, your access to necessary medications. These "reforms" will be sold as "public health" decrees.

8. Try to buy something you don't have a right to own, and you will be penalized "credits" or worse, labeled a "Terrorist" and targeted for extinction..

9. When you have outlived your usefulness, you will be terminated, with your "credits" transferring to your legal heirs upon your demise. This exception will be made so that your beaten down family will not mourn your death.

Now for the Illuminati game plan.

1. Use derivatives, bad loans and Federal bail-outs to transfer all of our wealth to the Banksters. They have been converting this money to gold and silver through the World Bank. In essence, robbing us of our real wealth, which is gold and silver.

2. Keep the stock indexes up, by dumping freshly minted money into the markets. The Satanic Psychopaths have been doing this for years. The stock market is what everyone looks at as a measure of the state of our economy.

3. After everything else is in their names, the Banksters will collapse the market by dumping their stock holdings and purchasing Put Options. It is a win-win for them.

4. The silver and gold markets are being manipulated through non-existent holdings. It is estimated that they are selling contracts on 100 ounces of precious metal for every real ounce that exists in their possession. When this house of cards collapses both silver and gold will be unavailable for purchase or cost prohibitive for those that want "in".

4. World War III will be a "negotiated" war, with preselected targets, based on the Illuminati Agenda in the East and West. This will come at the same time as the financial collapse to distract and demoralize the people. It has been prophesied that this war will kill 1/3 of the inhabitants on this earth.

Our Solution:

1. Convert all of your extra dollars, Euros, etc., into Gold and Silver. There will be two societies that emerge from this coming disaster. One that will exist through sound Constitutional principals (which states that ONLY gold and silver are legal tender), and one that exists under the Illuminati Psychopaths.

2. Buy enough food for a 1 year supply. Buy water filtration devices. Buy guns and ammo.

3. Stock up on Holistic Medicines like Allicin C, which have been proven effective in killing most biological agents in the Psychopaths' arsenal (including plague, small-pox and anthrax). Their have been many visions and dreams that predict this happening as a prelude to World War III.

4. Be prepared to relocate your families to a "safe" community where they are able to exist and prosper "off the grid". I recommend the Amish, or the Mormons. The Amish are already there. The Mormons will be, once the Satanic Psychopathic political and corporate influences are removed by God's hand, not man's. This will also happen in the very near future. 

5. Pray every day, morning, noon, and night for God to protect you and your family's Liberty from the forces of evil.

6. Follow God's laws and remove pornography, sexual deviancy, theft, dishonesty, greed and other issues from your lives. This will be a requirement for your ultimate survival.

You don't have as much time as you think.

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