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The Real Tea Party
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Globalist hacks like Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck proclaim the virtues of the new anti-tax movement known as the Tea Party. The Tea Party was created out of thin air by Mitt Romney's Clear Channel Communications in order to channel the anger of Americans into a more controllable form.

The real Boston Tea Party was about Free Trade vs. Globalist dumping of foreign products, designed to destroy America's domestic production. The East Indian Tea Company was targeted for its globalist ideas and practices. The tea that ended up in Boston harbor was foreign tea that would have destroyed American industry.

This is what the true Tea Party stood for. The original tea partiers were opposed to foreign industry competing with domestic industries. As proof of this, I would point out that the only tax the Federal Government imposed at the time, was a tax on imported goods. Tariffs allowed the Founding Fathers to protect against economic terrorism that sought to undermine the fledgling nations economy.

What we call free trade is really old fashioned mercantilism. Mercantilism was the argument that British colonies existed for the sole purpose  of buying British goods. Colonies had no right to have any domestic industry that competed with Great Britain. So, the real battle of 1776 was between protectionism and mercantilism.

The same conflict exists today, with the same participants. The Federal Reserve is ultimately owned by Great Britain's Illuminati. A foreign owned corporation that bribes our politicians to permit the United States to be used as a dumping ground for companies like British Petroleum and Shell Oil.  If we had proper tariffs in place, the United States would be using its own vast oil and gas resources.

The Founding Fathers today would be dumping Rothschild Oil into the Atlantic instead of tea. They would also be dumping foreign owned Federal Reserve Notes and buying precious metals.

Another result of the political sell-out is the fact that we have a foreign-born President that is serving unlawfully according to our Constitution. The Illuminati like Obama where he is since enacting stricter immigration laws would virtually end his presidency. He is in place as President because of his lack of patriotism and a legitimate birth certificate.

Now some would argue that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff is what worsened the depression. The reality is that the Foreign-owned Federal Reserve's refusal to lend money is what worsened the Great Depression. They achieved their objectives and drove all the  American owned banks out of business. The same ploy they used to ruin competitors during Andrew Jackson's reign as President.

The Globalists and their mercantilism have destroyed American industry in manner the East Indian Tea Party could only dream about. Our open borders and lack of protectionism have created 20% unemployment and destroyed our country's tax base. Mercantilism is why we have a national debt. The controlled leaders of the current monstrosity known as the Tea Party, would be fighting with the British loyalists during the revolutionary war and opposing true Patriotism, which is Protectionism.

The Republican and Democratic Party have both been bought and paid for by the mercantilists that still run the British Empire and our Federal Reserve. The Democrats have destroyed this country with Socialism and the Republicans with Globalism. They are both enemies to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and what America once stood for.

Our only hope as a people is precious metals. Gold and silver investing, if practiced by enough people, would starve the Mercantilist Beast and their foreign interests. We need to make this an economic war against our nations enemies. Buy gold and silver and boycott their money as a long-term investment vehicle. Keep the wealth here in America where it belongs.

Its what the Founding Fathers would have done.