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More Freak Happenings in Utah
7/14/11: Utah Teen killed when father drives into 30 foot hole in roadway.

7/13/11: Utah Boyscout Drowns in Bear Lake

7/13/11: Utah Toddler drowns in Backyard Waterfall.

7/14/11: Utah: Toddler Falls from Window

7/14/11: Utah: Freak Fumes Released at City Pool send 3 Boy Scouts to Hospital

7/13/11: Utah: Boy Scout Killed by Freak Lightening Strike, another injured

7/12/11: Mormon Missionary Mauled by Zoo Lions

I received the following in vision:

1. God is going to take away the camoflage from the Illuminati so that men can clearly see who serves Him and who serves Satan.

2. The Illuminati are cursed that their gardens will be blighted, their lawns will be brown, their flowers wilt so that any man passing their homes will know that they are a cursed people. The righteous will have a bountiful harvest from their gardens, beautiful lawns and landscaping so that men will know that they serve God.

3. The insect creation will now turn against the Satanist, bees, spiders, ants, etc will seek them out to do them harm.

4. Snakes will invade their homes so they can meet their brethren.

5. Their fields, crops and livestock are cursed. The fields, flocks and livestock of the righteous will be blessed.

6. The animal kingdom will now turn against them.

7. Utah will vomit the wicked from the land, so that the State can be a place of refuge for God's people.

8. Any man or woman that conducts a Satanic Ritual in Utah will suffer immediate consequences. This is God's land and He will not suffer any other God but Him to be worshipped in the land.

More Strange Happenings in Utah:

7/17/11: 12 BYU Students Burned (5 seriously) at Utah Mine Shaft.

7/17/11: Woman swept away in Colorado River

7/17/11: Utah man killed by stray bullet in Idaho.

7/17/11: Cougar Attacks Man Doing Yardwork

7/15/11: Woman Commits Suicide to Donate Organs