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* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
* Bayer Aspirin, Illuminated Nazi's, and Heroin.

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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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*Masonic Expose' Leads to Death Warrant!
*  Illuminati Enemies: Part 1
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New World Order Religion:
* Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
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* Was Stack an Illuminati Programmed Multiple?

MK-Ultra/Mind Control:
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Freedom Flotilla, False Flags and World War III
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Anyone that cannot see that we are in the final phases of the Illuminati Plan, to severely reduce the population of mankind to much more manageable number, is either blind, or a fool. 

I am convinced that the meeting of the East and West, along with the recent meeting of the Bilderburgers, was to establish the ground rules and objectives for the coming global World War. This is a negotiated war, where both sides are in agreement on who gets bombed, invaded etc. It appears to me that the United States of America, with its Constitution and Bill of Rights, posed the greatest obstacle to an Illuminati Global New World Order. We have drawn the short straw in this next conflict. Allow me to explain:

1. We have been neutralized as a manufacturing power through NAFTA, GATT etc. These so-called "Free-Trade Agreements" were never designed to benefit the United States. They were, however, intended to destroy our Labor Force through unfair competition with foreign owned, slave labor.

2. Opening our Southern Borders to "all-comers", without regard for gang affiliation, criminal history or experience as a child rapist was another attack on our labor force and meant to demoralize our people through crime, narcotics and gang violence.

3. The global derivatives "sell-out" was designed to transfer all of our real wealth, in terms of gold and silver, out of this country and into the hands of the Illuminati and their Jewish allies.

4. The Hollywood inspired sexual perversions have effectively destroyed any desires to engage in a traditional marriage that involves loyalty and the raising of healthy offspring. Family life has been replaced by pornographic fantasies, "hook-ups" and the search for happiness without responsibility. Illuminati illusions trump the needs of our children and spouses.

5. We have become a nation of drug addicts. Whether through prescription drugs, street drugs, alcoholism, or opiates.  We are now fighting a war to protect the opium fields of Afghanistan, so that the poisons can be sold to our children with the maximum profit to our Illuminati Overlords.

The tree has been attacked by wood-boring beetles, who have left nothing but a "hole-riddled" shadow of its former self. All that now remains is for the "Moriah" conquering wind to blow it over. We no longer have to wait for a perfect storm. It is here.

1. "False Flag" or planned event designed to cause war between North Korea and South Korea. This is really a proxy war between China and the United States.

2. Foreign troops and internment camps on US soil.

3. The Patriot Act and the stifling of dissent in the West

4. Israel getting "authority" to fly over Saudi Arabia and bomb Iran.

5. Israel setting up another "False Flag" on United States soil by shooting up the Freedom flotilla in a "unilateral decision".

Awhile back I posted a vision I had of a large nuclear device exploding in Phoenix Arizona. I also saw a dirty bomb explode in Detroit.  Now we are hearing reports that so called "terrorists" have rebuilt their network in the US by coming through our open border with Mexico. Such an event as the one I saw will be the prelude to the U.S. nuking Iran back into the stone age.

In turn, Russia and China will retaliate against us in a like manner.

We are also hearing reports that over the next few days, Chicago will be the site for a similar military "exercise" that took place in New York on 9/11. This time, its the Sears (Willis) tower being struck by an airplane and a biological weapon being released. (source)

I also wrote about seeing "man-made" plagues spreading throughout our land. The dominant one I saw was purple blotches with a red outline and a white pustule in the middle. I felt that this was a mixture of the plague and small-pox. I saw millions die from this disease.

Now, I know that Satan and his minions would like to destroy all of mankind, but I also saw that many of the righteous would be preserved to fight the invaders and establish true Freedom in our land under the banner of the Constitution. God will only permit Lucifer to go so far, and that is all. This world still belongs to God.
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