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2010 Elections and the Falling Dollar

The Democratic Majority, representing the Communist wing of the Illuminati, completed their work with the passage of the Health Care Rationing and Elimination of Old Folks Bill. Realizing that this legislation would result in a popular uproar and possible revolution, the Illuminati created or hijacked  the Tea Party through Mitt Romney's Clear Channel Communications and placed Glenn Beck in the position of Tea Party Chairman.

In reality, Glenn and Clear Channel made sure that "Born-Again" Republicans won their party nominations through a gatekeeping program that was designed to keep real reform from taking over the Republican Party. One glaring example was in Texas, where Debra Medina was thrawted by Glenn Beck and Clear Channel from winning the nomination for Governor.

So now we will have a Fascist House of Representatives and a Communist Senate and Executive Branch. Since, new members of Congress will not take office until 2011, we will discuss the relevance of this in a future article. What really matters today is that the Federal Reserve Banksters are meeting today in closed session to further the demise of their worthless Federal Reserve Notes. This will be accomplished by printing more money to prop up the failing securities markets.

"The Federal Reserve will probably begin a new round of unconventional monetary easing this week by announcing a plan to buy at least $500 billion of long-term securities, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg News." (Source)

Long-Term securities are usually government and corporate bonds. Derivatives, like interest-rate swaps, can also be labelled as "Long-Term securities". Considering that the derivatives market is an estimated $1,000 trillion dollars in toxic assets, 500 billion seems more like a medicine dropper being used on a five alarm fire. At least they can say that they "tried".

"Policy makers meeting tomorrow and Nov. 3 will restart a program of securities purchases to spur growth, reduce unemployment and increase inflation, said 53 of 56 economists surveyed last week. Twenty-nine estimated the Fed will pledge to buy $500 billion or more, while another seven predicted $50 billion to $100 billion in monthly purchases without a specified total. The remainder said the Fed would buy up to $500 billion or didnít quantify their forecast." (Ibid)

This is the same line they gave us for the trillions of dollars they pumped into the derivatives black hole over the past few years. How a measly 500 billion dollars will succeed where trillions of dollars have failed is another one of those things we are to take on faith. It will have no impact on unemployment, which will continue to rise, but it will have a dramatic impact on inflation. At least they admit that much.  

Some analysts are predicting a 20% drop in the value of a dollar. I think it will be much greater than that. I think November is the month where cards are layed and played, but there's nothing in the kitty. They have layed the groundwork for another "False Flag" on American soil to change the subject and silence the critics. Expect this to be a huge month for precious metals.

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