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         Euro Banksters Bleed Their Beast
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Not satisfied with establishing their Central Banks throughout Europe, and the resultant feeding frenzy, the Euro-banksters went regional. The result was one currency that paid them interest, instead of multiple ones. Napoleon could only dream about a United Europe voluntarily filling his coffers with tribute, now a Bankster reality. The consolidation brought with it new forms of paternalism and debauchery. Lest the European citizenry groan under their new yoke, broad restrictions were placed on free speech and the press.

Yet, parasites will be parasites and their massive blood-letting looks like it might prove fatal to the host. Not satisfied with charging interest on currency and loans, derivatives were introduced by the Euro-banksters as the ultimate weapon of mass economic destruction.


In Greece, the citizenry are up in arms over the new austerity measures that will make it easier for the Euro-banksters to exact their pound of flesh.

"Before any funds are disbursed under the bailout in March, the government must pass a supplementary budget including spending cuts worth 1.5 percent of gross domestic product this year, or 3.3 billion euros ($4.37 billion).

- A first breakdown of the cuts, issued this month, stated that 1.1 billion euros would come from health spending, mainly by lowering pharmaceuticals prices; 400 million euros from public investment; 300 million euros from the defense budget; 300 million from pension cuts and 300 million from the central government. Some 325 million euros of cuts were put aside to be detailed later, with the remainder to come from a series of smaller measures to reduce ministry operating expenses." (Source)

Greece has its problems. For example, in a country of about 11 million people, an estimated 750,000 work for the government. (Source) One fourth of the population is retired and living on Pensions. The government just kicked 200,000 people off the welfare and pension roles for fraud. (Source)

Yet, even the Greek Welfare state is sustainable without the additional burdens imposed by the Euro-banksters.  Pensions can survive economic downturns, but they can't survive leveraged bets in the form of derivatives contracts.

Greek Nationalism is the Solution

The people of Greece need to abandon the Euro and repudiate the Euro-Bankster debts. Scrape off the parasites and watch how fast the patient recovers. The same holds true for every other country in Europe. The problem is three-fold:

1. Private Central Banks that charge interest on a regional currency (The Euro).

2. The Welfare State, which relies on bankster loans to meet its demands. Otherwise defined as Socialism.

3. Regional obligations that may or may not benefit Greece.

The solution is equally obvious:

1. Abandon the Euro. Establish an interest free currency.

2. Repudiate the Euro-bankster debt through default.

3. Abandon Socialism and establish protective Tariffs.

4. Withdraw from the European Union.

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