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As people celebrate the "change" in the United States Senate brought about by Scott Brown's victory over Martha Coakley  I am forced to ask, what will really change?

The Illuminati Luciferian Agenda has not changed. Its timeline hasn't changed. The banksters rape of the international economy through the use of derivatives and the Federal Reserve has not changed. Haiti is still being destroyed by machete wielding narcotics gangs that serve their Illuminati masters. In the search for a "Final Solution", to what they perceive as the overpopulation of what they call inferior races, no genocidal weapon will be ignored.

The real governing entity in the Western World is the CIA and they don't work for America. In fact, they only work for the Illuminati and their agenda as evidenced by the creation of Al CIA'da and its efforts to make Americans believe that the real enemy is anybody that reads the Koran. Heroin stockpiles continue to grow as a result of our conquests in Afghanistan, while the street price continues to decline.

At least the junkies are benefiting from our troop's sacrifice in Afghanistan.

The real business interests of the Globalist Elite are narcotics, pornography, arms manufacturing and dealing, prostitution and casino gambling (preferably on Indian Reservations where they can launder money without local interference.) This will not change. Not even in Massachusetts.

You see, the business of Republicans and Democrats is to protect these businesses from the American public, who, if they ever learned the truth about the Republicans and  Democrats, would march on Washington DC with pitchforks and torches. The real business of America is death.

Death by abortion. Death by Euthanasia. Death by Narcotics. Death by False Terror events staged by our own intelligence services. Death by Sexual Perversions. Spiritual death from excesses and greed.  Economic Death from Derivative Theft and the Federal Reserve. There is no "New Life" in American politics with Republicans or Democrats, only new "Death".

Take for example the new Health Insurance Program being considered by Congress. Its only purpose seems to be to euthanize the elderly once they have outlived their usefulness to corporate America. I'm surprised there isn't a "glue factory" provision. In the New World Order, you will be permitted to live as long as you continue to manufacture useless widgets. Break a leg, get sick, or grow old and they will "liquidate" you without so much as a gold watch for your many years of service. They, not you, will enjoy the fruits of your labors.

Our politicians have become "intelligence assets" managed by Illuminati "handlers". Many are narcotized with drugs and sex. Many are identified and promoted  from birth. They are raised up through our local Masonic Halls and then launched into State and National Politics in a very controlled and managed environment.

The Illuminati controlled media are given their scripts and told who the "chosen ones" are. As paid political hacks or worse, they gush with pride over the next generation of Mind-numbed political robots. Nothing is ever left to chance with these people. Elections can be "rigged", endorsements ordered like a McDonald's "Happy Meal", and grass roots campaigns raised up in the middle of the night.

It doesn't matter to these people whether we vote for Republicans or Democrats. The results will be the same. the Agenda will roll forward; our Constitution will be torn to shreds; our population will continue to be terrorized by CIA "bogeymen"; our youth will continue to exhaust their strength in meaningless military conflicts; and we will continue to hurl towards chaos.

I am firmly convinced that in spite of all the above, America will survive and prevail. It is her destiny to do so. But, she will be cleansed from this culture of death that has her so firmly in its grip. Whether by plagues, economic collapse, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tidal waves or nuclear war, America will be cleansed  and Babylon, the queen of death, will fall forever.

God will save our glorious Constitution and it will become the government of all men during the coming 1,000 years of peace that our Savior has promised us. Those few and brave souls that fight to rescue it during these very dark times shall have their names written in the Lamb's Book of Life and shall be honored as the great ones of this generation.

Fight on Brethren! Fight on! Never has the glory of our ultimate victory shone so brightly!  We will never waste our efforts on popularity,cowards or compromise. Instead we will battle with our integrity and conviction unblemished, and in the end, we will kneel before Our Mighty God with our sword and shield sanctified by our trials, sacrifices and tears!

And may I remind you, we will never battle the foe alone. We will be ministered to by angels, and the Spirits of those who gave us our Freedoms. We will fight alongside Washington, and the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord. We will pitch our tents among the armies of Patton and Grant. We will eat our meals with the Patriots, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. In our deaths we will be attended to by the likes of other martyrs like Nathan Hale, who regretted that he had only one life to give for his beloved country.

They will starve us, impoverish us, make villains of us and our motives. They will mock us, marginalize us, imprison us and even murder us. They will attempt to buy our loyalty, exploit our weaknesses and coerce us through the things we hold dear. But they will not prevail with us. We will pass by their luxuries and flattery. We will not partake of their spiritual or physical poisons. We will maintain our integrity while those around us sell theirs for a mess of pottage.

We have counted the cost of battle and have placed all that we are on the altar of sacrifice, knowing that the same God that taketh away, can also restore and multiply.

We Shall Prevail!

And when we do finally lay down our weary and broken bodies we will know that our sacrifice has not been in vain. We will be greeted by the hosts of those who made similar sacrifice. We will feast and drink in their hallowed halls while they listen intently to our stories of battle and defiance. They will nod their heads and raise their glasses and then they will only speak our name in humble reverence.

No man shall call us slaves!

Hereafter we shall be known as "Free-Men". Free from lust. Free from greed. Free from the cares of this mortal existence. We will drink from the fountain of LIberty and eat our bread of affliction with humble gratitude for the glorious opportunities that have been given us, in that we oppose the greatest organized evil in this planet's history!

May we all have the Courage to Endure!

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