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Ancient Egypt, Free-Masonry and our "New Age Religion"
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To Read Older Articles on This Topic Please Visit the "Dead Man Musings" Section in our Forum:

To Read Older Articles on This Topic Please Visit the "Dead Man Musings" Section in our Forum:

In our last article we discussed how the villain in the Sherlock Holmes movie was based on Aleister Crowley, "The most wicked man alive".

In this article, we will discuss the Egyptian Mystery Religions and its impact on Free-Masonry, the Illuminati and our "New-Age Religion".

There are four primary deities that were worshipped in ancient Egypt:

1. Osiris: He traces his lineage back to Nimrod and Baal. He was supposedly
    the son of Ra,  the sun god. His symbol is the obelisk.

"The pharaohs of later dynasties switched their obelisk erecting affections to Osiris; God of the earth, vegetation and the Nile flood that gave life to all Egypt; God of rebirth; God also of the Underworld, the Last Judgment and Life and Death" (source)

The obelisk was the symbol of the sun god Ra. The worship of Ra by the Egyptians involved the sacrifice war prisoners and others at the site of the obelisk, which they believed was filled with the spirit of Ra.  The obelisk was a long stone capped off by a pyramid.

With the worship of Osiris (the grandson of Ra), it also represented the male phallus. Osiris was killed by his evil brother Set and hacked into 14 pieces. Isis, the wife of Osiris, recovered every part but the phallus. She built an artificial one. Thus, the obelisk was worshipped as a "Phallic symbol".   It was also adopted by Free-Masonry and "obelisks" can be found in every major city.

" To Freemasons groping for mystic enlightenment in the 1800s the obelisk was the only architectural symbol of Osiris still in existence. And if, as some Masonic historians claim, Hiram Abiff is really Osiris reborn, there could be no greater proof of Masonic ascendency in the modern world than Egyptian obelisks thrust by Masons into the heart of the West's greatest cities. These would also symbolize Boaz and Jachin, the twin pillars which Masons claim were built in front of Solomon's Temple, in 'imitation of two obelisks at the entrance of Egyptian temples'.[9.] These are mentioned even in the Book of the Dead, the texts which every well-heeled Ancient Egyptian had placed in his tomb to make sure he was resurrected in the Kingdom of Osiris: 'Two pillars at the gateway to his house were Set and Horus.' " (source)

Hiram Abiff was also Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. Like Hyrum Abiff, Molay was slain (burned at the stake) by enemies he thought were his friends (The French Monarch and the Pope). The Templars founded Free-Masonry after they were driven underground. Their descendants, the Illuminati, still govern over Free-Masonry through the top three degrees (30-33rd in the Scottish Rite). The Templars themselves were Gnostics who later embraced Luciferianism and Satanism. The use of the Egyptian mystery religions is just a cloak to cover the affections they have towards their true master.

2. Horus, the son of Osirus, was conceived after Isis brought Osirus back from the dead with his artificial phalus . This belief can again be traced back to Babylon, Nimrod, Semiremus, Baal and Tammuz. (See my previous article).

Horus is the sun/moon (which are his eyes) god, worshipped as the "all-seeing eye". This is the same image that is on the back of the US one dollar bill. He battled his evil uncle Set and was blinded in one eye (the moon). He also bit off his uncle's testicle in battle, making Set infertile.

Horus is used by the Illuminati and Freemasonry to mask the true identity of Lucifer, the light bearer. He is the god of their wisdom and, like Promethius, they believe he was cast out of heaven for giving man philosophy, science and knowledge. This is symbolized in Freemasonry by the Square, Compass and the G (god/Lucifer).

3. Set, the brother of Osiris. Set was a homosexual deity that personified evil.

"to focus on this association between Satan and Set. To be fair, Michael Aquino was not the first occultist to make this connection; his predecessor in this matter was Aleister Crowley, the "Great Beast" himself, who considered the Christian devil concept to be identical to the Egyptian Set and to the astrological properties of Saturn. But I believe that Aquino's part in this story bears much more significance, because he was a Satanist who began to associate Satan with Set, while Crowley was not a Satanist but a ceremonial magician (or "magickian," as he would have spelled it)." (source) 

The Illuminati worship both Lucifer and Satan. Lucifer worship is veiled in the ancient mystery religions through Horus and Osiris and is symbolized by the "All-Seeing Eye", the phalus, or obelisk (like the Washington memorial) and masonic square, compass and G.

Stay Tuned!

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Paul A Drockton M.A.
Musings of a Dead Man
Paul A Drockton M.A.

One of a Handful in the world to score perfect scores on various, professionally administered, IQ Tests.

"Dead Man Musings"

Paul A Drockton M.A.
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