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Was Marriner Eccles a Communist Agent?
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One of the more startling testimonies that came out of the McCarthy hearings was from a Soviet spy that exposed a key Treasury Official as a Communist agent.

"On July 31, 1948 Elizabeth Bentley - a former Soviet Union Spy herself who defected Soviet Intelligence in 1945 - told the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) that Harry Dexter White had been involved in espionage activities on behalf of Soviet Union during World War II, and had passed sensitive Treasury documents to Soviet agents. Bentley insisted that White, acting on instructions from the Soviet Union, pressured the Treasury Department to give the Soviet Union plates for printing German occupation currency." (Source)

White was called before the House Committee, but died three days later of a heart attack. Very convenient for Marriner Eccles, who worked closely with White as the head of the Federal Reserve System. White and Eccles worked closely together to bring about the World Bank and other Illuminati Bankster controls.

White was also guilty of treason and acting against the interests of his country.

Even more damning is the fact that the FBI and Justice Department both knew about White's treason and failed to take appropriate action. McCarthy, it appears, was right.

"according to a memorandum dated 15 October 1950, White was positively identified by the FBI, through evidence gathered by the Venona project, as a Soviet source, code named "Jurist". Years later, the Justice Department publicly disclosed the existence of the Venona project which deciphered Soviet cable traffic naming White as 'Jurist', a Soviet intelligence source. As reported in the FBI Memorandum on White..." (Ibid)

The FBI report continues:

"You have previously been advised of information obtained from [Venona] regarding Jurist, who was active during 1944. According to the previous information received from [Venona] regarding Jurist, during April, 1944, he had reported on conversations between the then Secretary of State Hull and Vice President Wallace. He also reported on Wallace's proposed trip to China. On August 5, 1944, he reported to the Soviets that he was confident of President Roosevelt's victory in the coming elections unless there was a huge military failure.

He also reported that Truman's nomination as Vice President was calculated to secure the vote of the conservative wing of the Democratic Party. It was also reported that Jurist was willing for any self-sacrifice in behalf of the MGB (Russian Spy Network-precursor to the KGB) but was afraid that his activities, if exposed, might lead to a political scandal and have an effect on the elections. It was also mentioned that he would be returning to Washington, D. C., on August 17, 1944. The new information from [Venona] indicates that Jurist and Morgenthau were to make a trip to London and Normandy and leaving the United States on August 5, 1944." (Ibid)

We will discuss Morgenthau more in the next article. White's greatest success as a Communist Spy?

"White pushed strongly to give the USSR the currency plates to allow them to print German occupation currency, an action that cost the United States government hundreds of millions of dollars when the Soviets flooded the country with occupation banknotes that were used to purchase American goods. A memorandum found in Soviet archives from Gaik Ovakimian, head of the NKVD's American desk, notes that "following our instructions," White "attained the positive decision of the Treasury Department to provide the Soviet side with the plates for engraving German occupation marks." This internal MGB memorandum confirmed the claims of Elizabeth Bentley. (Ibid)

This was no small feat. The Treasury Department, in harmony with Eccles Federal Reserve, basically gave Russia a printing press for German money to be used to buy American goods. Communist Russia was decimated by the war and on the verge of economic collapse. This action alone probably saved them from certain destruction and helped stabilize their economy.

Was White "heart-attacked" to prevent him from disclosing the names of Eccles and Morgenthau in the counterfeiting scheme?

Stay tuned.