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"Dead Man Musings"

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Musings of a Dead Man
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"Dead Man Musings"

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Intelligence is the Ability to see Patterns. That is the official definition folks. I would add to that, and say that understanding "Cause and Effect" is another component of True Intelligence.

The true Relationships between all things earthly are only understood by a select few. Albert Einstein understood something about relationships when he penned his Energy=Mc2 equation. Just one simple = sign, with both sides in balance, has taken this world into the "nuclear" age and beyond. So, now I will propose a thesis of my own:


The personification of evil is Satan. If God is the most intelligent Being in the Universe than Satan is by far the dumbest. Talk about an inability to see patterns or learn the relationship between cause and effect. I will now support this thesis with sound evidence.

1. Satan is a homosexual because he isn't smart enough to attract any women.

2. Satan isn't smart enough to get a body of his own, so he tries to steal ours.

3. The dumbest man alive still has dominion over Satan if he desires it.

4. Only a truly stupid entity would fight a war against the most intelligent Being in the Universe.

Which brings me to his followers.

1. Illuminati Satanism is based on "appeasing" the forces of chaos through human sacrifice and genocide.  Has he ever been satisfied or "appeased"? Literally billions of people have been sacrificed to him and he still wants more. When will the guy say, "I'm full, I need to step away from the table"?

2. Illuminati Satanism forces potentially normal people to share their bodies and minds with spirits and entities that are too stupid to get a body of their own. That's like packing a Nascar driver  into a VW  with numerous backseat drivers that never owned a car of their own. What's worse, all they want to do is wreck yours.

3. The height of stupidity is not recognizing that when you hurt someone, steal from someone or kill someone that doesn't deserve it you create a "universal debt" that has to be paid sometime. Hell is as real as heaven.

So, next time someone tells you there is no conspiracy, just realize that they might not be as smart as you are. Obviously, they lack the inability to see patterns and have no understanding of the true nature of either good or evil. You might as well get mad at a rock. You can kick it, yell at it, even throw it  and the response will always be the same.

Now for a few "case" studies:

1. Illuminati Bankers: This group has stolen everything there is to steal. Through the use of interest bearing currency and accelerated government borrowing they have plundered the world of all its true wealth, which is gold and silver. Now some of you might consider this a "smart move" on their part. For those that think this way I would ask you what is always the final end for a thief? They end up eventually getting caught by those they stole from and punished.

I don't think the Chinese, Russians or Japanese appreciate their craftiness or subtle manipulation of words. All they know is, at one time, they had all this gold and silver, and now all they have is worthless pieces of paper called "derivative contracts" and "government bonds"

Perhaps, you might reason, they too can visit our museums and see what we have done to their national treasures. Or, they can visit Switzerland and admire the humongous wealth that lies hidden in its vaults. Heck, we will even let them buy "stock" in corporations we plan on plundering.

A sane man would realize that we no longer have the upper hand. He would remember the Korean war and the Vietnam war and start thinking about the size of the armies behind the wealth that he has stolen. He would also realize that there is much more lead in the world than gold or silver, lead that can be melted down into bullets by the Chinese and Russians and used on Illuminati Banker Thieves.

He would also realize that now his enemies outnumber him thousands to one. That their numbers literally pushed him back into South Korea and out of Indo-China. He would realize that chemical and biological weapons are not the great equalizer he thought they were, now that his enemies could use the same weapons on him.

2. Illuminati Military Leaders: Otherwise known as the "Dupes of the Illuminati Bankers". These are the guys that blow things up and gun down civilians as well as military personal because its "God's job to figure it out". What they failed to learn in Indo-China is that guerilla warfare is more effective when the guerillas are home grown radicals that once were peaceful farmers. Kill someone's wife or kids and it is amazing how sympathetic they can be towards your enemies.

The nuclear option is no longer on the table because your Illuminati bankers and politicians sold the same technology to your enemies. Numerous treaties and traitors have given them the "source code" for our computers, missiles, and other "smart weapons". In the name of "peace treaties" we have given away any chance of a nuclear deterrent.

While you are cruising the streets looking for a good swinger's club, or searching for the real "age of consent", you are also being photographed and compromised. Become to big a threat and you will be exposed. Its called compromising the "enemy" and then "Blackmailing" them into giving up military secrets.

3. Illuminati Media:  Thank you for taking the words "stupid" Illuminati propaganda and making them a mainstay. Your television programs sell sexual deviancy, social deviancy and violent deviancy. When you are not teaching us to be deviants, you are selling us worthless crap to fill the Illuminati owned landfills. You have taken the word "need" to critical excess. We now need longer wee-wees, sex after retirement, silicon filled breasts and a variety of electrical gadgets so we can send pornographic pictures to our friends. 

Your editors argue over which Illuminati "puppet" should win the next election. Your Illuminati slaves frequent the internet forums, Facebook and Twitter trying to normalize and popularize your idiocy. You praise the greedy and self-centered celebrity as a hero, for petting the neighborhood dog.

Thank you for Madonna, Britney and Lady "Doo-Doo". Without them, the abortion clinics could be practically empty and the abortionist would be forced back into family practice. Sexually transmitted diseases would revert back to "barely on the radar" and the fatherless filling up our courts and foster homes could actually enjoy a two parent family.

A Suggestion:

Next time you feel tempted to Curse God, Allah or Jesus Christ, think about the real source of your problems. Then, like me, you can exclaim:

"Damn you Satan and your Moronic Dupes! Damn you to hell!"