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Some Slander and Libel you can ignore, some you can't. This past October their were a massive number of Put Options taken out against the S&P 500. I told my audience about this fact and gave out the info for free on how to short the market. A few wanted my help as a consultant, which I provided for a fee that was much less than anyone else with my level of financial expertise would charge.

I also made no guarantees, and repeatedly warned clients they shouldn't invest in options if they couldn't afford to lose all of their investment. They made the investments, with their money, in their accounts. I merely acted as an advisor. Ther market did fall as predicted in October and November. Those that took their winnings and quite made money. Some decided to continue.

Massive amounts of manipulation and taxdollars were thrown against the S&P 500 and the market turned around. Those that stayed in lost their initial investment. Nothing more. IF, they had played the Futures market, and not the Options market, they would have lost much, much more.

The result was wash. Some made money, some didn't. In my long career as a financial advisor, 99% of my advice has made people millions and millions of dollars.

In the early 1990s, I moved people from bond funds into fixed interest investments. Savings in the millions.

I moved people from variable annuities into fixed products with savings in the millions. These people actually made money when everyone else was losing. I recommended gold and silver to my clients starting in 1997. The result, they have made hundreds of millions of dollars as gold has gone from $270 an ounce up to $1700. Silver has gone from $2.90 an ounce to $36.00. Considering that I have advised literally thousands, and tens of thousands of individuals, the total gains would eclipse the hundred million dollar mark.

People make money when they listen to me 99% of the time. I have the best record of making money than anyone else in the Financial Services industry. That is a fact.

Some pipsqueek on a power binge that is in a Foreign Country, where he thinks he cannot be sued for Libel, is trying to damage my reputation. In spite of his efforts, my precious metals and consulting business is better than ever. I guess I should be thanking him for the publicity.

Money is made when their are changes. Wherever there is a loser there is also a winner. When people were losing money in 2002-03, my clients were making it on shorts and precious metals. When people were losing money in 2008, my clients were making money in shorts and precious metals.

Gerald Celente lost a reported $800,000 of his own money betting on futures. He couldn't predict fraud and neither can I. He would have made money, just like I would have, if it was an honest market. Its not. I have told my clients since October-November to stay away from speculation completely and buy physical silver and gold. Mostly silver, as I believe gold will be confiscated as part of the coming IMF austerity plan in the U.S. and Europe.

That recommendation will not change anytime soon.

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