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2008 Republican Primary
Article Comments
Makow Divorces Wife, Marries Hand
Henry Mad-Cow has made mucho dinero deceiving people into thinking that he is an expert on relationships between men and women. The truth of the matter is that he is a new-age con-man WHO knows nothing about successful relationships between the sexes.

The fact that he went all the way to the Philippines to find a woman submissive enough to put up with his psychological MIND SET speaks volumes about the man. In reality, Henry **(delete his last name ((Makow)) is PERCEIVED BY MANY READERS OF HIS ARTICLES AS AN ARCH MISOGYNIST, AND IS ABOUT the last man on earth that any thinking man should listen to when it comes to NURTURING, WHOLESOME relationship advice.

"he has stated that he has been divorced twice and married his third wife, who is from the Philipenes (sic), specifically because she is what he consideres "traditional." (Source) It has also been reported his third wife recently left him.

His personal life is APPARENTLY A mess AND MAY BE RELATED TO A MASSIVE EGO with a penchant for, SHALL WE SAY, 'ECCENTRIC' CARNAL PREDILECTIONS.  FOR EXAMPLE, in one of his articles, he counsels young men that they have three ways of dealing with their sex drive.He states:

"But what if you are a young single male, and have no sexual outlet?

There are three courses of action:

1) Take advantage of the modern degradation of women and have casual sex and "hook ups."

2) Manage your sex drive through tasteful porn and masturbation.

3) Transcend sex by avoiding sexual cues and practising celibacy."

While preaching against casual sex, he has been a strong advocate of #2 and #3. Notice that he doesn't mention marriage in his list of solutions. Henry hates marriage, because he hates women in general. He states:

"Masturbating is a far better solution for single men compared to anonymous sex. Do I have to list the advantages? You can have your flawless woman and fantasy. You don't have to worry about satisfying her. Afterward, she's gone instantly. And there's no chance of pregnancy or STD. Oh yeah. It's FREE. And often it's better... 

Let's deconstruct the fertile female while we're at it.  Having lost her ability to love men and children, young women today are in danger of becoming obsolete. They are scrawny men, with narrow shoulders, a couple of vestigial feed bags (filled with silicon instead of milk, symbolic), and some unsightly jungle below."

The reality is that masturbation and fantasies associated with it are demeaning and degrading to the individual.  God gave man the sex drive because it leads to marriage and procreation. Masturbation was a practice encouraged by the Knights Templar, along with homosexuality, because their religious beliefs forbade marriage between a man and a woman.

The Knights Templar were the forerunners to the Free-Masons and the Illuminati. For someone that claims to be fighting the forces of darkness, Henry is pushing the most important part of their agenda.

Mad-Cow's frequent rants against women are XXX signs of a disturbed mind that can find no solace in healthy relationships with the opposite sex.. He blames women for this dysfunction. Maybe it goes back to an abusive mother that viewed him as an "effeminate male".

One thing seems certain. Henry holds the same views on sexual relations as the average sex offender. This is from a recent study on undetected rapists:

"Undetected rapists are much more likely to hold stereotyped beliefs about the “proper” roles for women and men in society, and to rigidly adhere to those beliefs. They adhere to “rape myths” that both justify their aggressive acts and foster them...

Undetected rapists have repeatedly been found to harbor chronic, underlying feelings of anger and hostility toward women. They typically feel easily slighted by women, and carry grudges against them. This underlying hostility is easily evoked and
colors their distorted perceptions of women as “teasers” who either “secretly” want to be coerced into sex, or else “deserve” it. These men have also consistently been shown to have strong needs to dominate and to be in control of women, and to be particularly fearful of being controlled by women..."

... undetected rapists tend to adopt highly “gendered” identities; that is, they see themselves as hyper-masculine, they strive to always behave in rigidly and stereotypically masculine ways, they are always on the alert for any perceived slight to
their masculine identities, and they are made very anxious by any situation that might cast doubt on their perceived masculinity. Thus, while in general aggression and violence are perceived to be more masculine than feminine traits, the rapist tends to view
aggression and violence as crucial markers of his adequacy as a male. They prove to him that he is a “real man.”

While the traditional view about incarcerated rapists was that they harbored deepseated anger towards their mothers, the evidence indicates that among undetected rapists anger and disappointment about their fathers is far more salient. For some of these men, damaged relationships with their fathers appears to feed their need to view themselves as hypermasculine, and to drive their rigidity and stereotyped beliefs and behaviors. Another developmental factor that has been associated with sexual aggression is child abuse. The rate of child abuse among undetected rapists, particularly childhood physical abuse, is much greater than it is among nonviolent men." (Source)

Henry "Mad-Cow" appears to fit the above profile. According to one anonymous source, he has been estranged from his father for years, and is only now trying to get back in his father's good graces so that he can get back in his will. Makow has a deep fascination with money, power and influence.
HENRY SEEMS TO HAVE a deep fascination with money, power and influence.

Anyone WHO has more money, power and influence APPEARS TO BE a threat to his STRANGE mind because THAT OTHER PERSON will get the women - and the sex with beautiful women - that he knows that he will never have.

Perhaps this is why he has failed so frequently in marriage. Either way, he is both a hypocrite and a liar.  My advice, stay as far away from him AND HIS VIEWS ON SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS as you possibly can.  He will turn on you in the end. Just like he has turned on everyone else. MAYBE Henry BELIEVES  XXXX the only way he will get women and sex IS TO kill off all of the competition.

If so, then not even his readers are safe.

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