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The Dollar Index, Silver and the Economic Collapse
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8/2/11 The dollar index is what most mainstream media outlets refer to when talking about the dollar strengthening or weakening. As the above chart shows, the dollar has been mostly weakening. In fact, the index shows that the dollar has lost almost half of its value since 2001.

That means, according to the index, today's dollar is worth about 73 cents against a basket of other foreign currencies. However, this is also just another illusion, as the chart below will demonstrate.
The above chart shows what currencies make up the basket we are comparing ourselves to. As you can see, the Dollar Index is a fraud, and heavily weighted to other struggling currencies like the Euro, Yen and the Pound. All three currencies are in the same boat as the US dollar, and all three are heading in the same direction.

In simple laymen's terms, the dollar index is a race to the bottom, and the US dollar is in the lead.
Gold went from $290 to over $1600, a 551% increase.
If you had invested $29,000 in gold in 2000, your investment would be worth about $164,000 today. Gold was a great investment, but now there is too high a risk of confiscation by the US Government for me to recommend that you hold onto it, or buy it. In fact, the gold confiscation act has already been written, and will undoubtedly be enacted in the next few months.
Silver has gone from about $4 an ounce to $40 today. That is a 1,000% increase.
On the other hand, if you had invested $29,000 in silver in 2000, you would have about $290,000 today. Considering the other investment options out there, which I will discuss tomorrow, Silver is the only option.

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