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Rothschild/Rockefeller Debt Crisis and the Popular Mandate
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The Psychopaths know one thing for certain. we outnumber them 100:1. To keep us in line they use forced choices and the popular mandate. A popular mandate is a very powerful tool. It means we beg them to implement one of their solutions instead of implementing one of our own.

In order to arrive at a Popular Mandate they use opinion polls, media shills and fear mongering. The current debt crisis is a case in point. Now they have presented us with two manufactured solutions that are equally evil.

1. Raise the debt ceiling, destroy our credit rating, trigger inflation and higher interest rates to ultimately crash the economy.

2. Default on our debt payments and crash the economy right now.

Of course the American people will choose the lesser of two evils, and Congress will vote to raise the debt ceiling in the next few days, as I predicted they would when this whole manufactured crisis began. Only now, they will do it with the full support of the American people, or a popular mandate.

Americans need to understand that the Satanic Psychopaths created the current crisis through a combination of extremely loose credit, hedge funds and equity swaps. The banksters created massive amounts of consumer, commercial and mortage debt by ignoring the borrowers ability to pay, true value of the underlying assets, and over-all credit worthiness. Here is how the greatest theft in American history was carried out:

1. The Rothschild/Rockefellert Federal Reserve loosened interest rates, borrowing guidelines and capital requirements. Anyone that had a body temperature over 97 degrees was permitted to borrow more money than they could ever possibly repay. They knew that when they lent the money, it would never be repaid.

2. Banks, like Wells Fargo, sold the worthless paper to Hedge Funds like Mitt Romney's "Bain Capital". Probably at a discount.

3. Bain Capital and other Hedge Funds "swapped" the worthless paper, that never had a chance of being repaid, with Rothschild and Rockefeller controlled mutual funds, ETFs, Pension Plans and Insurance Companies. Companies that were once solid entities gave up real-estate, cash and other assets in exchange for the "toxic debt".

4. The Rothschild/Rockefeller owned Federal Reserve then raised interest rates to trigger the toxic side of these toxic assets. Now, mortgages and other investments that never had a chance of being repaid in the first place, went so far underwater that it was guaranteed that they would never see daylight. Borrowers began to default.

5. The American consumer was further savaged by opening up our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants to lower our incomes and guarantee our inability to pay.

6. Globalism was the nail in the coffin. By sending American jobs overseas, and flooding American retail establishments with cheap imported goods, the Psychopaths and their Globalist Allies reduced the standard of living in America to second world status.

7. Americas economy has functioned on credit card debt, unemployment checks, and government jobs ever since. As American citizens try to maintain a standard of living that their parents and grandparents were accustomed to, they go deeper into debt to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other Satanic Psychopaths..

The Solution is Clear:

1. The right thing to do is repudiate the interest on the debt, and any debts owed directy to the Federal Reserve bank. Since our Congressman are either bought off or being blackmailed for Bohemian Grove types of activities, this will never happen.

2. The remaining debt should be refinanced by a real Bank of the United States that is actually owned by the American Taxpayer, not a private corporation like the Fed.

3. Since a real Bank of the United States owned by the American Taxpayer would not pay interest to itself, and print an interest free currency, the United States could be in the black in a few short years.

4. Tariffs would need to be re-enacted so America could rebuild its manufacturing and retail base without having to compete with Third-world sweat shops that rely on virtual slave labor.

5. Illegal Immigrants would have to be expelled from the country and our military force would need to be brought home from North Korea to protect America's Borders.

This my friends is the Drockton Plan for Future Prosperity.  It would involve driving out the Traitors and Parasites, or simply setting up a separate Republic free from their influence. Gold and silver as currency would be a further step towards decentralizing the money power, and placing it back into the hands of the people.

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