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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

* What the Massachusetts Election Really Means:

* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 1

* "Dead Man" Forces Senator's Resignation:

* Bayer Aspirin, Illuminated Nazi's, and Heroin.

* The Impending Yellowstone Eruption and the Book of Revelation
* The Republic Shall Endure! General McClellan Vision
* George Washington's Vision on the Future of America:
NEW! Television, Sex Majick and the "Brainwashed" Masses:
New! Sarah Hoffman: The Woman Who Predicted 9/11:
NEW! TV and Trauma Based Programming: 
NEW! The Rapture, Translation and Transfiguration 
*NEW! Who is Herman Rockefeller and Why Does it Matter?
NEW! China, AIG and the Derivatives Market
NEW! Al-Gora Bin Laden:

NEW! The "Beast" of Global Government:

NEW! Japan, China, Russia and WWIII:

NEW! Swingers, Rockefeller and the Illuminati:

NEW! Yellowstone Eruption Days Away?

* NEW! Maitreya, the Japanese and WWIII:
* New! Taking America Back: Part 1
*NEW-Important! Jeff Rense and "Taking America Back"
*NEW!  Alex Jones and 911 Truth:
*NEW! More 911 Truth: 911 Hijacker and MK-ULtra
* NEW! Illuminati Symbolism: The Auto Industry
* NEW! Alex Jones and Freemasons:
* Masonic Expose' Leads to Death Warrant!
* NEW!! Illuminati Enemies: Part 1
* NEW! The World's Dumbest Criminals.
*NEW! China Dumps US Treasuries
* The Gold Standard and Other Monetary Myths:
*NEW! 911 By the NUMB3RS
* Was Joe Stack's Plane Crash a "False Flag"?
Who Wins from the Joe Stack Disaster?

* NEW! 911 Truth: What Have We Let Them Steal?

* NEW: Was Stack an Illuminati Programmed Multiple?

*NEW: A Great and Abominable Church

*NEW! L3 Communication's Ties with Terror:

*NEW! Calling All Whistleblowers!

*New: Canada's Biggest Scandal?

*NEW! Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"?

*NEW! More 911 by the Numb3rs:

* NEW! BBC "Spikes" Holly Grieg Story:

Exclusive! Holly Grieg's Mother on Paul Drockton Radio Show!

Utah: Woman Loses Home Over $68 Dental Bill!

Florida Whistleblower, Old Nuclear Plants and "Bloom Boxes":

Utah Law Would Shield Pedophiles

Robert Green, Jailed Holly Grieg Journalist, on Paul Drockton Radio

Dead Judges Don't Lie: Canada's Biggest Scandal
Call for "No Confidence Vote" in Scotland!
Effort Underway to Shut Down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant:

Laurel Canyon, Part 2: James Dean and the Beatnik Generation:

Laurel Canyon, Houdini, and MK Ultra:
More Numb3rs of the Occult:

Laurel Canyon, Bob Dylan and the Boston Strangler

When Will Scots Say "Enough"?

Scottish Leadership Contact List

Son of Sam Murders and the Occult:

UK Official Contacts Paul Drockton: "No D-Notices Against Pedophile Exposure"

This Website Forces Another Utah Republican Leader to Resign:

Utah House Republican Nude with 15 Year Old Girl!

Facebook Exposes Itself: Deletes Holly Grieg Support Page

Sign Petition to Remove Newspaper Editor!
Sign the Official Online Petition for Holly Greig and Robert Green:

Utah: Fury Grows at Editor Involved in Pedophile Cover-up

Utah: Deseret News Editor No Stranger to Scandal:

Linda Stone, Victim of Multi-Generational SRA on Paul Drockton Radio:

Utah: High Ranking Republican Pedophile Had Other Victims:

Sexual Abuse leads Catholic Church Take Over of "Legion of Christ":

Holly Greig: Sheriff gets court order to silence (Muzzle) Journalist

Vietnam, Western Intelligence and Agent "Lucius"

Stop Facebook Pedophiles!

The CIA, Project X and the Patriot Movement

NEW! Paul Drockton Radio Show now on Rense Radio Network

The Truth About Healthcare in America

Holly Greig Update: Robert Green and Stuart Usher on Paul Drockton Radio

The Truth About Healthcare in America:
Part 2

More Fallout from Canada's Biggest Scandal

The Truth About Healthcare in America:
Part 3- The Eugenics Movement

Scotland's Pedophile Protection Policy:

The Truth About Healthcare in America:
Part 4: How to Unplug from the Grid

When "Big Brother" IS the Pedophile.

Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Glenn L Pace Memo

Utah Satanic Ritual Abuse: Satanists at Large

Christian Militia Raided by FBI

BBC Denies Holly Greig Cover-up

Canada to Surrender its Sovereignty to NWO under proposed law.

The Holly Greig Revolution is On!
Utah Earthquake Vision:
Murdered Former Senator was Working on High-Level Pedophile Expose'
Utah Governor Takes Drockton Earthquake Prophecy to Heart
Los Angeles Earthquake Vision
Is Rev. Moon a "Manchurian Candidate"?
New Nuke Treaty and the Coming World War
Polish Leadership Decapitation Benefits Russia
The Ron-Paul Resurgence
George Soros States China Should Rule World
Holly Greig IS the Issue in Scot Election
More on Canada's Biggest Scandal
Is Oprah an Intelligence Asset?
Oprah's Dirty Little "Secret" 
Chinese Global Government and the "Mark of the Beast" (Part 1)
Child Protective Services, Kidnapping and Pedophile Rings
The Truth About Russian Communism
Stalin, Putin and Communist Resurgence
The Satanic Monsters That Prey on Our Children
John Taylor Vision and the Coming Plagues
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Arizona and Illegal Immigration Law
Hillary Clinton and Communist China: Part 1
The Debt Bomb: by Mike Mcgill 
Holly Greig Update "Braveheart Alive and Well in Scotland"
Hillary, Obama, James Riady and Communist China
What Is and What Shall Never Be:
Injustice For Holly Greig
William Ayers, the Weather Underground and Obama
Paul A Drockton: "This Weeks Winners Are..."
Malcolm X, Black Separatists and the American Communist Party
Scottish Masons, Whitewashed Crimes and Hollie Greig
Universal Pedophile Symbols
Times Square "False Flag" and Security Cameras:
Hollie Greig, Robert Green and Vote Fraud:
Obama's Mother's Day Gift to America:
The Truth About the Kent State Massacre
Utah Parable: The Political Demise of Sen. Bob Bennett
The Lesbian Bankster Tool: Elena Kagan
Roy Cohn, McCarthy, and CIA sex traps:

The Politics of Hate and The Coming World War:

Support Arizona: Boycott California
Earthquake Lights, Twitter and Los Angeles:
Arizona vs. Mexico: Crime and Illegal Aliens:
Elena Kagan is no "Blank Slate"
The Illuminati "Beatlemania" Illusion
Scotland's Bane: The Curse of Freemasonry
The Melbourne Man: Satan's Plan Revealed:
Arizona: Krentz Murder and Other Crimes by Illegals
The Beatles and Classical Conditioning
Kenneth Anger: The Link Between Homosexuality and the Occult
Did North Korea Just Start World War III?
Kagan Not First Ethical Lapse for Orrin Hatch
U.S. Committed to Border Defense: For South Korea
Orrin Hatch Appeases the Oil Volcano gods
Canada: Is Universal Healthcare Killing Dissent?
Israel: Take off the Rose Colored Glasses
Predictions for the Near Future:
Hollie Greig: Full-Amnesty for Robert Green
Dream of the Coming Global Disorder
Israel and Entangling Foreign Alliances
Recognizing the Signs of the Times:
Coming Out of Babylon: 501c3 Laws:
Who Owns Harry Reid?
Who Owns Harry Reid? (Part 2)
The Impact of Gays on the Military
Taliban Blamed for US Military AIDS/HIV Crisis
Maureen Spalek: Freemasonry, Kidnapping & Murder
Los Angeles Wealthy Turn to Dangerous Cult for Spiritual Guidance
Freedom Flotilla, False Flags and World War III
The Federalist Papers, Hamilton and Rothschild:
The Federalist Papers, Hamilton and Militias
Port Chester New York: 6 Votes for Every Guy!
UK Pedophile Elite Create Internet Media to Fight Hollie Greig Case
Satanic Psychopaths Mourn Loss of One of Their Own
Russia Seeks Chinese Alliance for "New World Order"
Fathers and Families in Crisis
How the Illuminati Use Sex & Blackmail
Can You Hear Me America?
Can You Hear Me America? (Responses)
Bill "William" Cooper:
The Devil and Bill Marriott:
The Devil and Bill Marriott (Part 2):
The Devil, Bill Marriott and the Council on Foreign Relations
The Devil, Bill Marriott and Bilderberg
The Marriott Foundation and the NWO
Hatch, Romney, Kagan and the "Federalist Society"
The Declaration of Independence (Part 1)
The Declaration of Independence (Part 2)
British "Jack-Booted Thugs" Terrorize 3 Women
There will be No Global Currency
LDS Church Owned Website Denies Divinity of US Constitution
Sociopathic Judges, Gay Marriage and Mitt Romney:
Where We Get Our News:
When Psychopaths Run the Asylum
When Psychopaths Run the Asylum (Part 2)
Psychopaths,Christianity and the "Sale of Indulgences"
Sacrificing Your Health to the Oil Volcano:
Debtor's Prison Back in Business
Are Homosexuals Psychopaths?
Casinos: What Are the Odds?
Gambling Case Studies:
Creating Silver Out of Thin Air
Big Brother Shuts down 73,000 Blogs in U.S.
Utah Illegals List Nabs the Wrong Criminals
Utah "Anchor Babies" Behind List of Illegals.
Nationalism and the Modern Patriot
Why Isn't the Stock Market Collapsing?
"Unconditional Love" in a Psychopathic World.
The United States Remains a British Colony:
The United States Remains a British Colony II:
The United States Remains a British Colony III:
SEC Closes Books: Time to Dump Stocks
Building a New Society:
The Impact of British Colonial Status on the U.S.
A Glimpse into the Spirit World
A Glimpse into the Spirit World:  Part 2
More Harassment?  Or a Simple "Set-up"?
"Dinner for Schmucks"
This is Why We Don't Want Homosexual Judges
Consequences and the LA Earthquake Vision
The Rothschilds, Big Oil and Scotland:
The Rothschilds, Big Oil and Scotland: Part 2
The Rothschild's Oil, Pedophilia and Scotland
The Rothschild's and the "Crown"
The Rothschilds and JP Morgan-Chase
LDS Prophecy Validates Protocols of Zion
A Vision of The Next False Flag
Breaking the Bankster Death-grip
Silver Is Ready to Explode!
Obamadan and Islam
Converting Your 401K to Silver or Gold
Mormon Church Entangled in Gold-Mine Scandal
Gold and Silver IRAs- Instead of Stocks and Bonds
Is There a Rothschild-Mormon Connection?
The Illuminati-Mormon Connection
The LLC-IRA and Precious Metals:
Money and the Root of all Evil
Child Sex Abuse Rings in Mormon, Utah
Glenn Beck and the Goldline Scandal
A New Declaration of Independence:
The Illuminati Make Me an Offer:
Gold and Silver Currency Dilemma Solved
Glenn Beck and the Occult Meaning of 8/28
Drockton Letter Forces Joe Cannon's Resignation
Canadian Family Destroyed in Govt. Sex Abuse Cover-up
Did the Rothschild's Buy the Mormon Church?
Utah "Mormon" Party Endorses Activist Homosexual 
America to be Refined as Gold Seven Times 
Mormon leader's Masonic Handshake Raises Eyebrows 
JP Morgan Creates Silver out of Thin Air 
Mormon Church Shakes Hands with the Devil?
Book of Mormon Condemns Illuminati Partnerships
Book of Mormon Condemns Illuminati Partnerships 2
* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion
* Sherlock Holmes: The Movie and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion"
*Maitreya and Our Illuminati "New Age Religion" Part 3
*The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
China, Russia and "Brain-washed" Nigerian Terrorists
Maitreya and the coming Global Religion: Part 2
Bo Gritz, Delta Force and MK-Ultra
The Illuminati and the Patriot Movement
100 Things You'll Wish You Had in an Emergency
The Masonic French Revolution:
The "Ghost Whisper" and Our Illuminati New Age Religion:
V For Vendetta and the Homosexual Terrorists:
Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson
Plato, Gnosticism and Christianity.
Ancient Egypt, Free-Masonry and our "New Age Religion"
Tiger Woods and MK-Ultra
Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet of Attempted Rape:
2nd witness: Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet of Attempted Rape:
Who Owns the Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?
Corrupt Judge in Mormon Utah Coddles High Profile Pedophiles
Witness: Money Buys Influence in the Mormon Church
Republicrats and the Federal Reserve System
Mormon SRA Survivor Offers Help to Others
Sex Abuse Allegations Rock Mormon Church
Mormons' Blind Loyalty Leads to Financial Fraud
Mormon Sex Abuse Victim: Marie Osmond
Mormon MK-Ultra Abuse Victim Speaks
Mormon Abuse Victims Blame Church "Cover-up"
The Tea-Party Comedy Tour
Republicans "Pledge Against America"
Ezra Taft Benson Warned Mormons about Illuminati Infiltration:
Mormon Illuminati Roots: Marriner S. Eccles
Mormon Illuminati Roots: Marriner S. Eccles (Part 2)
Mormon Illuminati Roots: Eccles and Eugenics
Mormon Prophet Attempted Rape: New Witness!
Economic Collapse After Election?
Mormon Illuminati: Eccles and the Rothschilds
Spencer F Eccles, Mormons, and the 2002 Olympics Scandal.
Drockton, Rense, Others, Force Scotland's Attorney General To Resign!
New Accusations of Rape/Satanic Abuse Rock Mormon Church
Mormon Illuminati: Eccles and the Sodomites
Mormon Illuminati: Eccles, Lucifer and Albert Pike
Forget Gold. Buy Silver.
Mormon Church Caught in $10 Billion Construction Scandal

Will Obama-Feds Look into Mormon Church Construction Project?

Mormon Illuminati Underground City?

Paul A Drockton M.A. 
Kills Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites:
Nature's Antibiotic!
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Mormon Illuminati Bunkers (Part 2)

Wanted: Mormon Bunker Photos- $250 Reward!

The Great Gold Conspiracy and 911

MUST WATCH! The Curious Case for $936 Ounce Silver

Russian Inflatable Tanks, Prophecy, and WWIII

The Bible and Political Dissent

More Prophecy: Russian Invasion

Mormon Illuminati: Jon Huntsman Jr. and the CFR

The Curse of the Mormon-Republican Alliance

Romney, Beck, Limbaugh and Clear Channel Communications

The Road to the White House Goes Through Clear Channel

How to Run a Conspiracy: Sex and Blackmail


Is Mark Glenn an Intelligence Asset?

Jeff Rense: False Flag Target?

Mark Glenn and Victor Thorn: Birds of a Feather?
Mark Glenn & Victor Thorn: Race Baiting Satanists?
2010 Election Fraud
Who Is Behind the Jeff Rense Attacks?
Rense Attackers Discredited
Silver Options Fraud Exposed on Bloomberg
An Open Letter to Rixon Stewart & "Truthseeker.UK"
The Coming Silver Shortage
Albert Pike and Three World Wars: Parts 1- 4
Prophecies and The Future of Money
Is Petraeus Our Next President?
More Prophecy from the Woman Who Predicted 911
The Mitt Romney-Glenn Beck Tea Party Conspiracy
2010 Elections and the Falling Dollar
11/6/10 False Flag Attack?
Mormon Church Turning Back on Constitution?
Beware The Romney Effect
Chicago Riots Prophecy
Oprah and MK-Ultra
Paypal/Mormon Illuminati Steal $5200 from Patriot?!?!
Guiseppi Mazzini: Freemason Founder of the Mafia
Paypal Theft Gets More Interesting
Romneyites and Big Brother Internment Camps
In Lust We Trust
History of Evil: Atlantis
Support the Troops. Bring them Home
History of Evil II: The Mystery Religions
Utah's "Compact" with Illegal Aliens 
Mormon Church and Illegal Compact
Mormon Church and LaRaza Share Common Goals?
Dream Act Another American Nightmare
Boycott Marriott Wage-Slave Plantations
How the Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States
How Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States (Part 2)
Mormon Illuminati at BYU
How Rothschild Banksters Destroyed the United States (Part 3)
More Mormon Illuminati at BYU 
Surviving the Coming Plagues
World War III and North Korea
Englands Next Prime Minister's love affair with Pedophiles
Thanksgiving: A Tale of Two Cities
Black Friday
Modern Separatism and the Preservation of Liberty
Modern Separatism and the Jury System
Mormon Church Partnership With NWO Divides Membership
Blackjack: Does Cartoon Expose Illuminati Plans?
Homeland Security and Our Churches
Utah: More Satanic Psychopaths Gone Wild
Occult Manipulation of Our Food Supply
The True Spirit of Christmas
The True Spirit of Christmas II 
The Perfect Temporary Shelter
Separatism and Survival
JP Morgan Silver Squeeze
Utah: Mormon Illuminati Turn on LDS Church
Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church Division
John Koyle Prophecies (d.1949)
Beware the Winter Solstice?
Urban Center Risks
The Watchman on the Tower
Sodomites Defeat US Military
Treason: The Reason for the Season
Atheism Doesn't Exist
The Prophecies of Ranae Lee
Papal Pedophilia and the NWO
Visions of Jesus Christ
Hopi & Other Indian Prophecies
Blizzard a Trial Run?
Modern Mormon Apostasy 
A Vision of Our Premortal Life
2011: The End of Borrowed Light
Abraham Lincoln and the Union
Drockton: 2011 Predictions and Beyond
Self-Reliance and Survival
We Claim the High Ground
Utah: Its About the Money
Utah: Secret Service Protected Fraudster Strikes Again
Motives in Assassination Attempt? 
Assassination Blame Game
Utah: Suicide and a License to Steal
Lawyers, Guns and Money
Idaho: Chinese Communist Invasion?
Chinese Espionage and the U.S. Corporation
Did Hollywood Inspire AZ Shooter?
The Truth About Money, Silver & Gold
New Zodiac Sign: "The Serpent Bearer"
Salvation through Self-Reliance
FTDs: Chinese Points of Entry?
The White Horse Prophecy
Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley
Egypt, Revolution and the Satanic Roadmap
Snowstorms a Warning
Was Marriner Eccles a Communist Agent?
Huntsman: Mormon Illuminati Rising Star
Beware the Iraqi Dinar Scams
Romney- Huntsman Presidential Ticket?
The Superbowl and Rome
Romney's "Tea Party" Patriot Act Farce
Mormon Church/Media Condemn Prosecuting Illegals
Crop Freeze: Prices to Rise Dramatically
Why Do Mormon Leaders Want Illegal Citizens?
Mormon Church Settles with Sex-Abuse Victim
Utah: Dual Loyalty and Treason
Utah: Governor Caught in $13 Million Kickback Scheme
Banksters, Gold, Silver and the Near Future
Illuminati Symbols: The Devil's Eye
Phase 2: Oil Chokehold on the Middle Class
Emperor Obama Backdoors U.S. Constitution
Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery
Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery II
Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery III
Mormon Church Gathers Intel for Homeland Security?
Rothschilds, Murder and Massive Utah Oil Discovery IV
Why Satanic Psychopaths Like Mormons
Jon Huntsman, Mormons and Private Data Collection
Playing Games With Silver
Utah Illuminati vs. US Constitution
Mitt Romney Hurt by His Own
LDS Church Backs Illegal Amnesty Laws
Self-Righteous Enablers
Who is Muammar Gaddafi and Why Libya?
Utah's Love Affair With Political Psychopaths
Mitt Romney and O'Romneycare
CFR Corporate Sponsors
Liberty Dollars and Political Dissent
Liberty Dollars and Monopoly Banksters
The Real Tea Party
Utah: Repeat Child Molester Freed on Doctor's Note?
Judge Judy's MK-Ultra Breakdown?
Obama: "We Don't Need Foreign Oil"
Utah: Attorney General's Act of Treason
Is Japan Cursed?
Paul Drockton M.A. on Silver
Paul Drockton M.A.: Sell SILV Stock and Buy Physical Silver NOW!
Paul Drockton M.A.: ETFs and Toxic Derivatives
Paul Drockton M.A.: Romney as "Commander in Chief"
Tavistock Institute and Mormon Media
Tavistock Institute:  Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Credentials
Mitt Romney, Bain Capital Insider Trading Scandal?
Corporate Illuminati Traitors
Mitt Romney, Mormon Illuminati, Forcing Church Division
Paul Drockton M.A. Economic Predictions:
BYU Bans U.S. Constitution Art
Hillary Clinton "Trumps" Obama? (Part 1)
Hillary Clinton "Trumps" Obama? (Part 2)
Osama Bin Laden, Carlyle Group and Mormon Illuminati
Thank You, JP Morgan-Chase!
Adnan Kashoggi, Zions Bank and the Mormon Illuminati
Adnan Kashoggi, Mormon Illuminati and 911
Mormons Abandon Rule of Law
How the Illuminati Got Above the Mormons
Satanic Psychopaths Loot U.S. Pensions
Al Qaeda and Narcotics Trafficking
Mormon Pedophile Scandal Threatens Church and Sheriff Joe
The Times We Live In...
Exclusive! Mormon Sex Slave Tells of Horrific Abuse by Church Leaders
Exclusive! Mormon Sex Slave Revelations: Part 2
Exclusive! Mormon Sex Slave Revelations: Part 3
The Zombies That Walk Among Us
The Curious Case of Roger K Young
"Hell Minus One", Glenn Pace and the Utah Illuminati Whitewash
Silver Price Manipulation and the Coming Silver Shortage
Mormon "Freedom Festival" Honors Former Nazi's Compliance
Patriotism vs. Globalism
Visions of the Coming Kingdom of God
Bilderbergers Corporate Sponsor
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Mormon Church Forwards Bilderberg Agenda
Kitco: Fraud to Cover a Bigger Fraud?
Barrick Gold, Adnan Kashoggi and the Mormons
Barrick Gold, Kashoggi, Bush and the Mormons
Silver at $1500 an Ounce?
The Rothschild-Mormon Legacy
Jon Huntsman's Illuminati Ways
E.T. Benson: "Romney/Huntsman Won't Save Constitution"
Change in Futures Trading Confirms Silver Shortages
Mormon Leaders Accused of Billion Dollar Gold Theft
Jon Huntsman's Chinese Legacy
The Declaration of Independence
Independent American Party Deserves Consideration
Independent American Party Fulfills 1844 Prophecy
Forget the Gold Standard!
Breaking! Mitt Romney Could Lose Mormon Utah!
Reincarnation and Past Lives Explained
Helter Skelter and Rosemary's Baby
My Counter-Offer to the Illuminati
Vision: God to Remove Illuminati Leadership
Vision: America is Zion, Satanists Will Surrender Utah
Freak Happenings in Utah
Next: They Steal Your Gold
Mormons Find Romney's Lack of Faith Disturbing.
Sons Of Perdition
More Freak Happenings in Utah
No Sympathy For the Devil
Gold Confiscation Act in the Works
The Man Who Wrote Coming Gold Confiscation Act?
Norway Gun Laws Lead to Tragedy
Masonic Symbolism Behind Norway Shooter
Norway Shooter, Israel and Albert Pike
How to Save the American Economy
How Debt Crisis Affects You
In Mormon Utah, Sheep Get Slaughtered
Wells Fargo and Mormon Illuminati Racism
Rothschild/Rockefeller Debt Crisis and the Popular Mandate
Hollie Grieg Sex Abuse Scandal Goes Mainstream
A Vision of Near Future Events
The Dollar Index, Silver and the Economic Collapse
The International Monetary Fund's "Kiss of Death"
Pedophile Warren Jeffs and Senator Orrin Hatch
Pedophile Prophet Bribed Mormon Politicians?
Mitt Romney and Adolf Hitler
Silver: COMEX Will Soon be Irrelevant
UK Riots and Gun Control
UK Riots and Martial Law
Silver, Gold and Other Future Events
Mormon Cyanide Murder and Disposable Illegal Immigrants
Mormon Cyanide Murder and L.F. Rothschild
Mormon Cyanide Murder and the Mormon Church
Venezuela, Gold, Oil and the Rothschilds
Economic Collapse in Prophecy
Mormon Church and Secret Societies
Are Illegals Bankrupting Social Security?
Mormon Church Has Huge Conflict Over Illegals
The Coming Collapse of Mormon Inc.
Mitt Romney and the Collapse of Mormon Inc.
Banksters Admit Market Collapse is "Weeks Away"
God Targets Babylon?
The United States is Doomed
Sodomite Mormon Psy-Op
Mormon Church Defends Sodomite Priesthood Appointment
Mormon Church and Common Consent
The Results of the Utah Compact With Illegals
Utah Racism Charge an Obama Dirty Trick?
911 Memorial: Freedom of Religion
Labor Day Facts, 2011
911 Truth: The PNAC Connection
911 Truth: Hart-Rudman, Oil, Liberty and the CFR
Mitt Romney's Economic Plan
911 Truth: Operation Northwoods
$275 Million Fraud Stings Utah Attorney General
Mormon Church Starts War With FBI
CFR Tom Brokaw, 911 and Mormon Choir
Mormon Sheeple Created a Monster
Mormon Sheeple Get Waterboarded
Huntsman, Romney Linked to Mormon Sex Abuse Scandals
911: Building 7 and Securities Fraud
911: Index Options Predicted Event
Utah: Get Out of Jail Free Card for Accused Mormon Fraudster
Index Options Predict October Stock Collapse
Insider Trading Predicts October Crash
Bernanke Triggers October Crash Early
Silver Futures Fraud Creates Scarcity
2,250,000 Contracts Betting Against October S&P 500
Script for an Economic Collapse
Paul Drockton 9/26/11 Financial Update:
Paul Drockton 9/27/11 Financial Update:
Paul Drockton 9/28/11 Financial Update:
Paul Drockton 9/29/11 Financial Update:
Paul Drockton: S&P Shorts Now Over 11 Million!!!!
Paul Drockton: How to Legally Plunder the Rothschilds
Paul Drockton: Legally Plunder the Mormon Illuminati
Paul Drockton: 10/4/11 Financial Update
Paul Drockton: Stock Market is a Suckers Game
Paul Drockton: Brokers Try to Stop Put Option Trading
Paul Drockton: Karl Marx Owns Wall Street
Paul Drockton: Bank Failures and FDIC Insurance
Paul Drockton: FDIC Written Confession
Paul Drockton: Stock Market History, Short Drop and a Stop
Paul Drockton: World Dumping US Treasuries
Paul Drockton: FDIC Exposes Risky Bankster Schemes
Paul Drockton: Banksters Offer Suckers a Last Meal
Paul Drockton: The Holy Rothschild Catholic Church
Paul Drockton: The US is the Rothschild Enforcer
Paul Drockton: Derivatives and the Global Economic Collapse
Paul Drockton: Failed Derivatives Pay Off Big for Democrats
Paul Drockton: Derivatives Traders Face Margin Calls Monday
Paul Drockton: CITI Bank Plays the Luciferian Lottery
Paul Drockton: The Warren Buffett Illusion
Paul Drockton: Grand Jury States Paterno Knew About Child Rape
Paul Drockton: Penn State and Boystown Cover-up Similarities
Paul Drockton: Cocaine, Pedophiles and Godfathers Pizza
Paul Drockton: Second Mile Charity Pushed Homosexual Agenda
Paul Drockton: MF Global and Derivatives Disinfo
Paul Drockton: My Visit With the Secret Service
Paul Drockton: The Drudge Report
Paul Drockton: "Gone With the Wind"
Paul Drockton: Christian Ministers Need to Defend Freedom
Paul Drockton: Mormon Church Prepares for Economic Crash
Paul Drockton: Cheap Dollars and Bank Downgrades
Paul Drockton: Utah's Illuminati Central Hammered by Windstorm
Paul Drockton: Tavistock and False Prophecies
Paul Drockton: Radicalizing Dissent
Paul Drockton: Mormons, Homosexuals and Pedophilia
Paul Drockton: Oathkeepers and Martial Law
Paul Drockton: Man Sues Ex-Wife's Lover
Paul Drockton: CFR Orders Up WWIII
Paul Drockton: WWIII Will Target US Urban Centers
Paul Drockton: SPLC and the Business of Hate
Paul Drockton: Ron Paul and Foreign Aid
Paul Drockton: Mormon Affinity Fraud Threatens Church and Romney
Paul Drockton: RICO, Romney and the Mormon Church
Paul Drockton: Bankster Fraud and National Security
Paul Drockton: Welcome to Hell
Paul Drockton: Marx and Agenda 21
Paul Drockton: Salt Lake City Voted Most "Gay" in U.S.
Paul Drockton: "When Mitt Romney Came to Town"
Paul Drockton: Romney the Plundering Pirate and AMPAD
Paul Drockton: Is Mitt Romney a CIA/Mossad Asset?
Paul Drockton: Did Romney's Bain Plunder Howard Hughes?
Paul Drockton: Hughes, Mormon Mafia and Summa Corp.
Paul Drockton: Nixon, Watergate and Rockefeller
Paul Drockton: Silver and the Gold Standard
Paul Drockton: Newt Gingrich Meets God (Satire)
Paul Drockton: Mitt Romney Meets God (Satire)
Paul Drockton: Jack Abramoff and the Mormon Mafia
"Smoking Mirrors"
David Icke

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* Mitt Romney and Mormon Mafia
LISTEN to: Paul Drockton Radio Weekdays: 12 PM Eastern, 11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific: All Shows Recorded: Click Link

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* Mitt Romney For President?
* Mitt Romney and Gay Agenda
* Mitt Romney and Mormon Mafia
Paul Drockton: Herbert Hoover Better than Romney
Paul Drockton: The Jeb Bush Dilemma