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Silver: COMEX Will Soon be Irrelevant
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You walk by a grocery store and see a sign for milk at 39 cents a gallon. Curious, you enter the store and walk back to the coolers. To your surprise, you find that the shelves are empty and the store is our of milk. Feeling cheated, you ask to speak to the owner. He casually admits that the franchise he represents made him put up the sign and that he will restock after the sale is over.

COMEX, with its dwindling silver stockpiles, continues to artificially suppress the price of silver while gold prices climb. Consider the following:

1. There are only 15 ounces of silver out there for every ounce of gold. This fact alone sets the price for silver at $113.00 per ounce.

2. On April 20, 2011, there were 41 million registered ounces of silver in COMEX depositories. Today that number is around 27 million ounces. That is a 35% decline in inventories in the past few months. Add to this that the people doing the counting are professional liars and you have a real problem.

3. There are about 1.8 million ounces of registered gold left in Comex Depositories, validating the 15:1 ratio with silver.

4. "Spot Price" for Silver is based on futures contracts, in theory. It should accurately reflect supply and demand. Houston, we have a problem. Last time I checked there were outstanding contracts on 440 million ounces of silver. The difference between 27 million ounces registered in Comex depositories is staggerring.

5. Derivatives have destroyed the rest of the market's credibility with JP Morgan and HSBC issuing Short Options on those imaginary ounces of silver to drive down the price.

6. Comex depositories and JP Morgan Chase are both owned by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The beneficial owners of the Federal Reserve banks. Their business is paper, and silver is the only rival that paper has left.

Henry Makow publishes correspondence from a Satanic Psychopath that belongs to the Alpha Lodge. This piece of filth states quite clearly:

"Soon the Reserve Banks will increase interest rates. Inflation will run rampant. This will lead to quick destruction of economies. Governments worldwide will increase taxation to pay debts that can't physically be paid. This will be done because the sheeple want it and to prevent economic recovery. There will be no superannuation, pensions or social security: Just get over it. All this was set in place in September, 2010. Think not what you can do for your country. Think what your country will do to you! Gold will be taken from the sheeple; although Satan's metal, silver will be safe." (Source)

He pretty much validates what I have been telling you for quite a long time. Silver is not Satan's metal. Gold is. This is why gold will be confiscated. Silver has too many other uses, besides as a precious metal, to be taken away from the masses.

The economic collapse is unfolding right before your eyes. I warned of an August correction of the stock market that would cost investors up to 20% of their holdings. I was right. I am now warning you that the total stock market collapse is planned for the end of October/ early November.

The bond market will also collapse from the rising interest rates that will grossly discount current debt. COMEX is the third domino that will fall. Its already a gross fraud, and so is its "Spot Price". Look for a silver disconnect from COMEX in the upcoming months. "Spot Price" will be irrevelent and silver will sell for up $1500 per ounce by February of 2012.

Its the law of Supply and Demand.  Buy Silver Now! email pdrockton@aol.com