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* Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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The Road to the White House Goes Through Clear Channel

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Q: What do the following individuals all have in common?

Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, Glenn Beck, Bob (Kevoian) & Tom (Griswold), Delilah, Steve Harvey, Blair Garner, George Noory, John Boy and Billy, Big Tigger, Dr. Dean Edell, Bob Costas, Sean Hannity, Dr. Laura and more

A: They all work(ed) for Romney owned Clear Channel Communications and/or its Premier Radio Networks program. (Source)

When Bill Clinton was President of the United States, Rush Limbaugh made a huge name for himself and played a major role in bringing both Newt Gingrich and George Bush Junior into power. To many, Rush was the consumate Washington outsider, an
"independant journalist" challenging the system. Yet, the Rush Limbaugh show was created and owned, part and parcel, by the Republican Party through Clear Channel Communications.

"Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays is a staunch Republican and Bush supporter. Mays and Clear Channel are major contributors to Bush’s campaign. When the elder George W. gave Texas A&M his presidential library, Mays, one of the school’s regents, became a major donor. The elder George W. and Mays also shared a stage when they were both inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame in 1999....

Tom Hicks, a Clear Channel board member, is a major Bush donor who has been greasing George W.’s palms since the 1990s. As the governor of Texas, Bush privatized the $13 billion of financial assets of the University of Texas and put them under the control of Hicks. In exchange, Hicks hooked up Bush supporters with investment deals, and bought the Texas Rangers from a group of investors that included Bush, earning Bush $15 million of his initial investment of $605,000." (Source)

In merry old England, it was common practice for individual Aristocrats to own the country's newspapers and use them for political purposes. America was no different. In a classic example of media manipulation William Randolph Hearst used his New York Journal to help create conflict with Spain. Yet, Clear Channel has accomplished what Hearst could only dream about.

"Before passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, a company could not own more than 40 radio stations in the entire country. With the Act's sweeping relaxation of ownership limits, Clear Channel grew from 40 radio stations to approximately 1,240 radio stations in 300 cities, and now dominates the audience share in 248 of the top 250 radio markets, according to Clear Channel's corporate fact sheet.

The company, with over 100 million worldwide listeners, dominates 60% of rock programming. Clear Channel is also invested in over 240 radio stations globally and has a major position in the Hispanic Broadcasting Services, the largest radio network for Latinos in the US. It is the leading radio broadcaster on the Internet and owns 37 television stations. It owns 700,000 outdoor billboards worldwide..." (Ibid)

George Bush laid the groundwork for his election to the Presidency through Clear Channel. The strategy was simple:

1. Elect a majority of "Bush" supporters as Governors through Clear Channel.

2. Create a "Bush" Republican majority in Congress.

3. Rely on these elected officials to carry the Presidency.

While Bush's star is behind us, the Clear Channel apparatus remains. Their power is most apparent in the "Tea Party" Republican movement and Glenn Beck. Since Mitt Romney's Bain Capital has acquired Clear Channel Communications, it would be safe to say that Glenn Beck is creating a Romney majority in Congress using the "Tea Party" Washington outsider claim as a front.

Romney owned Clear Channel is doing the same in the Governor's races. One glaring example where they destroyed a true political outsider that had the chance to win, was in Texas, with Debra Medina. Medina was supported by the 911 Truthers and a significant threat to the establishment. As a result, she was attacked by Clear Channel employee Glenn Beck and Clear Channel employee Mark Davis for her "extremist views".

In my opinion it was Mitt Romney who pushed for the firing of Stephen Jones from BYU and Dick Cheney's honorary doctorate from that venerable Mormon Institution.  I believe that Romney is a Bush stooge and heir apparent to the Republican Presidency. The 911 Truth movement is a dangerous threat to the Bush/Romney political alliance. Thus we have Romney-Clear Channel shills like Glenn Beck frequently doing their best to persuade America that 911 was not an inside job. Romney is a Bush puppet and will forever be in his debt.

I quote the following from a former Debra Medina supporter:

"Ms. Medina, you knew Mark Davis  had already shown that he was going to do everything he could to get you to condemn the 9-11 truth movement, because he seized upon your interview with Glen Beck for that purpose. So you knew he probably would make a strong effort to get you on the record as condemning the 9-11 truth movement in your February 18 interview with him.
He predictably set you up and you fell right into his trap. I got the clear impression that you really do feel exactly the way Mr. Davis feels about the thoughts and beliefs of an ever growing segment of the population."

Romney's Clear Channel communication effectively forced a separation between Debra Medina and her base. Something they don't do to Romney/Bush approved candidates.

More in my next article.

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