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"Dead Man Musings"

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Musings of a Dead Man
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China Dumps US Treasuries
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"The global appetite for U.S. financial assets slowed markedly in December, and demand for federal debt fell by a record amount as China dumped more than $34 billion in American IOUs" (source)
China is selling its holdings in US Treasury Notes, Bills and Bonds:

"China cut its holdings of Treasury securities for a second straight month, making Japan the biggest owner of Treasurys , according to government data. Japan's stockpile of Treasury securities stood at $769 billion in December, while China's came to $755 billion, down from $790 billion held in November. Total foreign holdings of Treasury securities dropped by $53 billion in December, breaking the old record of a $44 billion decline set in April 2009." (Ibid)

To make matters worse:

"Net foreign purchases of long-term securities were $63.3 billion, the Treasury said, down from $126.4 billion in November. Net foreign purchases of long-term U.S. securities were $82.2 billion, comprising $62.6 billion in net purchases by private foreign investors and $19.6 billion in net purchases by foreign official institutions." (ibid)

Let me explain.

The Federal Government issues three types of debt obligations T-Bills, T-Notes and T-Bonds:

T-Bills: Are short-term debt obligations that "Mature" and are "paid off" in a relatively short period of time: IE: 2- 3 years. They make up a large part of the Money Market. They also pay the least amount of interest. The rule of thumb is, the shorter the time-period, the lower the interest rate. Short-time means less risk. More time means more risk.

T-Notes: Are mid-term debt obligations. IE: 10 year notes. They pay higher interest than t-bills.

T-Bonds: Are long-term obligations: IE- 30 years. They pay the highest rate of interest.

Treasury bills are used to handle short-term obligations like meeting payrolls. Notes for mid-term obligations like military expenditures for new airplanes. Bonds are used to fund long-term obligations like mortgages. Govt. debt is traditionally viewed as the most secure for investors, so, traditionally it pays the lowest rate of interest.

Treasury Auctions: Are used to sell all of the above to the public, domestic and foreign investors.

Now, hold on to your seat. This is the total amount of Federal Debt Outstanding:

Current           Debt Held by the Public      Intra governmental Holdings      Total Public Debt Outstanding

02/12/2010   7,847,910,569,671.71           4,503,713,622,229.35              12,351,624,191,901.06

For those of you keeping score at home that's 12 trillion dollars! (source)

The government borrows billions of dollars every month from both foreign and domestic sources. The following info is from the Treasury department:

                                                                              (IN MILLIONS OF DOLLARS)

                                                                              AGENCY SECURITIES                        

                                                                                           NET        GROSS             GROSS             
                                                             MONTH     TRANSACTIONS   PURCHASES     SALES     
                                                             -------               ------------       ------------           ------------  

                                                             2009-12          3,009        42,515            39,506       
                                                             2009-11          8,126        48,198            40,072       
                                                             2009-10          4,268        51,486            47,218        
                                                             2009-09         11,838        52,663           40,825         
                                                             2009-08         11,448        56,431           44,983       
                                                             2009-07         10,741        55,015           44,274        
                                                             2009-06         16,465        68,622           52,157        
                                                             2009-05         13,865        64,104           50,239       
                                                             2009-04            249          66,630            66,381       
                                                             2009-03         -4,518        60,249             64,767

Now you can see the problem. Or, at least, part of it. In order to stay afloat the government has been refinancing debt that comes due. Simply stated, it issues new debt for debt that matures. The chart above shows that the foreign appetite for US treasuries is a full third from March of 2009 through Dec. of 2019 (9 months). In other words, the ability to refinance its debt, and issue new debt that will be bought by foreign governments, is cut by a third. That is pretty drastic.

It Will Only Get Worse:

When large holders of US debt, like China, start dumping their holdings into the market, it weakens our ability to sell. We have to pay a higher interest rate to attract investors away from what the Chinese are selling. As a result, other foreign investors start selling their US holdings and eventually, some time real soon, panic hits the market. Interest rates will skyrocket and hyperinflation sets in.

Buying Our Own Debt:

We have been borrowing trillions of interest bearing dollars, from the privately held Federal Reserve Bank, to buy back our own debt and keep the treasury market afloat. This too is hyper-inflationary.

Government Bailouts:

The estimated liability in the global derivatives market is 1000 trillion dollars. The vast majority is still outstanding. Every dollar spent on the "bailouts" has gone to feeding this monster (with the exception of executive bonuses of course). More debt has been issued, more money printed and the US is starting to look like the "Weimar Republic" before hyperinflation kicked in.

So whatsa fella to do?

1. Buy food. This will be the new currency of the realm. Buy lots of food. 12 months would not be too much for what is coming. Remember, their goal is to pulverize the middle class and eliminate 90% of the world's population all at the same time.

2. Buy Guns and Ammo: To protect your food.

3. Buy fuel: to keep you and your food warm. Firewood, coal, charcoal, propane etc.

4. Gold, Silver and land.

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