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Joseph Cannon, Jack Abramoff and Pat Robertson: Part 2

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In our previous article, we discussed how Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition and other organizations were used by CIA asset, and front-man, Jack Abramoff, to generate millions of dollars in "protection" money from various Indian tribes. We also discussed how Abramoff organized, with Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, an organization to keep Apartheid safe and legal in South Africa.

The CIA was behind Jack Abramoff and the Globalist Conspirators are behind the CIA. While most Americans believe that the Central Intelligence Agency is watching over their interests, the truth is far more bizarre. From what I have researched, the primary purpose of the CIA is managing the international narcotics industry, setting up "False Flag" operations and "Bogey Men" and laundering drug money through Indian Casinos. What that has to do with American Interests remains a mystery to myself and others.

Even more sinister is the fact that the Illuminati/Free-Mason Satanists and Luciferians and their Central Banking Allies, use the CIA to destabilize countries like the United States and others (think Haiti), to bring about their "New World Order Dictatorship". They brought down Nixon. They brought about Osama Bin Laden. They elevated George Bush and others to the Oval Office. They are immune to oversight, regulation and public scrutiny by hiding behind the title of "National Security".

They are the Illuminati's Shadow Government, enforcer and agitator.

Now, back to Abramoff and Utah. I have demonstrated how the CIA, through Abramoff and others, has created and controlled Pat Robertson, "Focus on the Family", and the Christian Coalition for Illuminati political reasons. What if they have tried to do the same with Mormonism? As I have stated previously, I believe the Church leadership itself is good and not corrupt, as well as its doctrines. However, when I look at many "so-called" Mormon Politicians, I can't help but conclude that they are either Illuminati or controlled by them. That would mean that they too, are intelligence assets managed by
the CIA and its Illuminati/Central Bank owners. It would also explain why Chris and Joe Cannon are so corrupt.

Speaking of Chris Cannon:

"David Safavian – A Gifted Student of The Abramoff Method

David Safavian learned a few tricks about swindling Indians from Abramoff at Preston, and put them to work building the fortunes of his new lobbying shop, “Janus Merritt” with skinflint Grover Norquist. (Please note that Janus is the two-faced god of the Romans, an oddly appropriate description of how the Indian-swindling gambit worked.) Janus and Safavian took on a slew of Internet gambling firms, bringing in $2.5 million from those accounts. But in 2000, Safavian apparently wanted to build his influence more than he wanted bags of cash. In Utah Republican Congressman Chris Cannon, who had been elected in 1996 on an anti-gambling platform, Safavian had found his bad cop.

Take a "Paragon of Virtue" and use him as a Trojan horse. Like Falwell and like Pat Robertson. All the public would see is a "good guy" with a darn good emotional appeal to the public.

Safavian started by seeding the relationship by arranging for himself and two other Janus employees to donate a total of $2,750 for Cannon’s 2000 campaign. After getting Cannon elected, Safavian joined Cannon’s staff in 2001, but kept both oars in the water, playing both staffer and lobbyist. He set up a soft-money fund for Cannon, but listed his Janus email address as the contact: The email address remained on IRS filings while Safavian served as the congressman’s chief of staff. In an interview with the Federal Times Register, Safavian admitted: “In Congressman [Chris] Cannon’s office, I was a chief of staff … I was a lobbyist. Very much behind the scenes.” From this two-faced position, Safavian was able to pay Janus the occasional disbursement. A short time after Safavian signed on with Cannon’s staff, the Congressman paid $7,500 to Janus, and the next year sent Janus another $5,960.

Having a gambling lobbyist as your Chief of Staff might raise eyebrows in any other state, but not in Utah. Joe Cannon, Chris's brother, ran interference and prevented any of this stuff from being published in the state's media. The people, for the most part, are kept in the dark by this Cabal. Cannon also serves as a major "rainmaker" for various charities and other organizations in the state. Cross him and you will experience a severe drought at your next fund-raiser.

Safavian’s goal wasn’t just swindling Indians, though. He had a slew of gambling clients who shared a simple agenda –keep the Net safe for losers to gamble their wages away in the privacy of their own home, garage, office, or nursing home. Nationally, the average online gambler is an elderly southerner on disability...with the help of the online gambling entrepreneurs, he started a website called “” where visitors could contact their Congressional representatives and “urge them to preserve … your rights to gamble online.”

A pro-Internet gambling site was being run out of a Mormon Congressional Office! But wait, there's more!

Eager to demonstrate his zeal, Safavian wrote one client the following breathless description of his lobbying activities on their behalf: “Our entire team has been essentially camped out on Capitol Hill and at the White House for the past two weeks … urging the negotiators to reject any Internet gambling rider that might come up.” On May 14, 2002, Safavian’s efforts produced a valuable victory for Janus’ gambling clients, when Cannon burdened two Internet-gambling bills with “virtuous riders” that removed exemptions for online horse and dog betting. This was a for-sure deal-killer, because horse and dog betting is ubiquitous throughout the nation, and many Congress people represent constituencies that enjoy this form of gambling, including Illinois Republican and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL). If the bill reached the floor, it would probably die. Cannon’s virtuous insistence on killing off all online gambling torpedoed the legislation, allowing the Mormon Congressman to claim the moral high ground, while actually accomplishing what Safavian’s clients wanted – the freedom to keep skimming about $6 Billion per year in online gambling revenue from sick, poor, old, bored Americans.

Chris Cannon, who ran on an anti-gambling platform, used a "left-handed" kill to stop the attempt to limit and regulate online casino gambling. If only the Mormons in Utah found this out, they would have ran him and his brother out of town on a rail after a liberal coating of tar and feathers. You see, Chris Cannon represented the most Mormon District in the United States, Utah County, home of Brigham Young University.

But, alas, such revelations would never make their way into the ears of Cannon's die-hard supporters.

"Safavian took credit for the achievement, telling his alumni magazine that he managed the “minutiae of the legislative process,” from his ambiguous position as a lobbyist on Cannon’s staff. Two days after the fix was in, and the Internet gambling bills were dead, Safavian moved to a new job – Chief Procurement Officer for the General Services Administration (“GSA”). However, Cannon has developed a permanent addiction to gambling money, as the Kansas City Star reported in its August, 28, 2005 edition: “Along with the Viejas and the Choctaws, Cannon also enjoyed donations from … the Agua Caliente tribe in California, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian tribe of Michigan and the Tigua Indian Reservation, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.” Donations to Cannon from Indian gambling tribes increased from zero to over $38,000 during the period of Safavian’s influence. The cost to the nation for this paltry sum was, of course, far higher."

What isn't reported in the above numbers is the magical disappearance of Chris Cannon's 1.3 million dollar campaign debt. I guess what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas! Chris was a marginal fundraiser averaging about 300,000 per year prior to Safavian. Afterwards, his annual coffers filled to the average tune of $1 million dollars. Talk about hitting the Jackpot!

Cannon had also lost almost 9 million dollars as a venture capitalist, an addiction similar to gambling whereby , money is given to new start-ups in the hopes that one day, you can take them public and make money off their stock. The collapse of the NASDAQ in 2001 undoubtedly had a dramatic impact on Christopher Cannon.

In 2002, I spoke with David Safavian about Farmers Insurance's felony criminal behavior against myself and others following a discrimination complaint. Unwittingly, I opened the door for discourse between the two.

Farmers Insurance, like Cannon, had lost their shirt with the collapse of the NASDAQ. Like Cannon, they were playing the role of Venture Capitalists with the money of those that they insured. Like Cannon, they were desperate to make up those losses anyway they could. Enter Jack Abramoff and David Safavian.
Farmers directly donated its entire PAC proceeds to Abramoff's various money-laundering operations and his political allies in what appears to be an attempt to gain ownership in their own little Indian Casino.

Cannon got a double-bonus. Farmers also contributed to him and his brother to shut down my very damaging criminal complaints against their company. I not only documented their criminal conspiracy, I also had enough information to put the whole bunch in prison for a long-long time.

But, before I could file my criminal complaint, I was almost killed in what seemed to be an obvious "set-up" car accident. It was designed to be fatal. It totalled my Mercedes ML-320 and left me with numerous severe injuries that I am still recovering from.

That's the funny thing about gambling.

"The House" always wins.

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