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* The Avatar, Maitreya and our "New Age" Illuminati Religion: Part 2
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The Holly Greig Blog:
The Illuminati formula is simple to understand:

1. Manufacture the Crisis

2. Present the Solution

Through MK-Ultra and other programming, our shadow government can manufacture Middle Eastern looking terrorists all day long. MK-Ultra is not science fiction, it is a well-documented fact that was exposed in Congressional Hearings. The Illuminati have long desired to pit Islam against Western Christianity in a global conflict that would result in the mass extermination of both groups. Its all part of their 90% population reduction program.

The problem, as they see it, is that their are too many sheep and not enough shepards. Too many slaves and not enough masters. Their preferred ratio is 10 slaves to one Satanic Psychopath. The goal is to minimize the odds that we "get smart" in large numbers and rise up against our Satanic Overlords.

The latest "Manchurian Candidate" served two goals:

1. Inflame Christians against Moslems.

2. Introduce mass surveillance into the United States.

In typical Illuminati fashion, anyone that criticizes mass surveillance will be labelled a terrorist sympathizer that is callous to the safety of others. It comes right back to the concept of whether you want manufactured security or Constitutional Freedom. Innocent until Proven Guilty or Guilty until proven innocent.

It used to be that law enforcement would have to demonstrate "probable cause" to violate your right to privacy. Wire taps, video recorders and other surveilance only came as a result of a Court Order. In fact, Richard Nixon lost his job for unlawful surveillance of his political rivals at the Watergate hotel. 

But, here is the crucial point:

"With the bombing of four locations on 7 July 2005 in London, which is commonly known one of the most heavily surveilled cities in the world, the unfortunate accuracy of our assertion was once again demonstrated: despite the presence of approximately 500,000 surveillance cameras in that city, most of them installed in the wake of the IRA bombings of the early 1990s, four completely undeterred terrorists set off bombs that killed over 50 people and wounded 700 more. The Emperor is wearing no clothes and now a lot of people see his nakedness." (source)

I have read reports that detail how the cameras were conveniently "disabled" by intelligence hacks prior to the 7/7 bombings. So, the one thing we would all love to see, a real live intelligence operation that implicates our Politicians in manufacturing terror, will never be recorded in the first place. (source)

Another case in point is the 9/11 Pentagon bombing where all of the private video surveillance tapes were confiscated by the FBI (Citgo gas station across the street for example) and will never see the light of day. We also need to ask about the black box recordings that were also conveniently lost in Ron Brown's plane crash and the 9/11 attacks. Funny how a few paper passports survive, but not the black boxes.

From Arnold Kling, a columnist at Tech Central Station, 29 July 2005:

    "The ability to recreate a terrorist incident after the fact does not excite me. It would do nothing to deter a suicide terrorist. My guess is that it does little to deter even terrorists who want to live afterward -- they know they are playing a high-risk game.

    As a prevention tool, security cameras are of questionable value. Do human beings have to monitor the cameras 24/7? At best, cameras can use face-recognition technology to issue some sort of alert, such as, "there's a chap on our watch list, about to board the subway." Is such information timely and actionable?

    It seems to me that it would make more sense to invest in a network of sensors that detects explosive devices than a network of cameras. A sensor that tries to detect explosives is less of a threat to privacy than a video camera. And a positive reading from such a sensor would be a lot more actionable." (Source)

So, if they don't work, why do the politicians and their puppet masters want us to llive in a "surveillance society"? The answer should seem obvious to those that actually see what is going on in the world:

1. They have stolen our wealth through the Federal Reserve scam and the 1000 trillion dollar financial derivatives scam. Real wealth is in gold and silver and ours is long gone.

2. The collapse of the middle class will lead to massive protests and the formation of political opposition that they cannot control. So, cameras will identify political opponents before they become a problem and they can then be eliminated. Think in terms of someone grabbing a "soapbox" in a Public Place to denounce the current regime. Or someone putting up a poster or handing out leaflets.

3. You could be identified as a dissident based on a bumper sticker or a T-shirt you wear. Or, the books you are carrying.

So, what can be done at this point you ask? Let me propose the following:

1. Sue them for "Invasion of Privacy". Flood the courts with complaints that these cameras are a gross invasion
of your privacy. Make it economically and socially unfeasible through litigation.

2. Join My "Stop Big Brother Surveillance Society" and Sign the Petition: (Click Here)

3. Stay Tuned...More to follow!

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