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Brokerage Employees Lose $2 Billion in There Own Portfolios

"Workers at the five largest Wall Street banks saw the value of company stock in their 401(k) accounts, sometimes the biggest holding of those plans, decline more than $2 billion last year, according to annual filings. Those losses donít include shares received as bonuses....

Current and former Morgan Stanley employees, who receive company shares to match their 401(k) contributions, held 24 percent of retirement assets in the firmís stock before last yearís decline, the highest percentage of any of the banks. They lost $570 million in 2011 as the shares plunged 44 percent.

Bank of America Corp. (BAC) employees lost the most, $1.37 billion, as the lenderís stock dropped 58 percent last year. Workers at JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Citigroup Inc. (C), both based in New York, also lost hundreds of millions of dollars.   (Source)

Brokerage Firms Cost Investors Money:

The truth of the matter is, most brokerage firms can't seem to turn a profit for themselves, their investors, or their employees.

Here are a few examples:

JP Morgan Chase (JPM): $57 per share in 2000, now trading at $33.65. Lost  $23.35 per share or 40%.

Morgan Stanley (MS): $107 per share in 2000, now trading at $13.92. Lost $93.00 per share or 87%

Bank of America: (BAC): $53 per share in 2006, now trading at $7.63. Lost $45.37 per share or 85%

Not even taxpayer funded subsidies could help the above. JP Morgan received 25 billion in TARP monies, Morgan Stanley took $10 billion in TARP funds and Bank of America took a staggering $45 billion.


So, let's pretend you buy a wheat farm. You have three competitors down the road. You go to them for advice only to find that:

1. Their crop losses run from 40-85%.

2. They spend most of their money on wheat futures which also lose money.

3. They pay themselves very large bonuses for losing wheat and money.

4. They have nice pamphlets with colored pie charts in a nice office building.

5. The government gives them billions in subsidies, which they also lose in bad investments and ill-timed bonuses.

Would you bet your family's business on these yayhoos? Larry, Curly (Nuck, Nuck Nuck) and Moe? Or would you look for a better advisor?

Ask Your Broker to See His/Her Stock Portfolio:

The fact of the matter is, it is almost impossible to make money owning stock in someone else's business. The exception is if you:

1. Pick a winner early on (Good Luck).

2. Sell at the peak (Whoops you missed it).

3. Repeat the process (Lightning Strikes Twice).

Most people end up with dead or dying horses because that is pretty much what most stock brokers are selling.

Precious Metals:

Gold: Trading at $290 an ounce ten years ago. Now at $1586.00.  A profit of $1296 per ounce, or 446%

Silver: $4.27 an ounce ten years ago. Now trading at $27.38. A profit of $23.11 per ounce or 541%


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