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Boycott Marriott Wage-Slave Plantations
*The OFFICIAL Marriott Wage-Slave Plantation Boycott Pledge
Bill Marriott Drumming Up Corporate Profits with Illegal Aliens
The reason illegal immigration is fostered by our politicians is because it is profitable for large multi-nationals like the Marriott Corporation. In the words of Bill Marriott:

"If we don't get the (illegal alien) workers, the growth in the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry is going to slow markedly. And I think it could cause labor costs in this country to escalate tremendously. We can have runaway inflation and we could, at the same time, have a recession. We could have the worst of all worlds on the economic front." (Source)

In other words, the world as Bill Marriott knows it, will come to an end. In the South, they kept black plantation slaves fettered and chained. In the North, blacks and other wage slaves were free to roam, but were paid starvation wages. Both were forms of slavery.

In Utah, they talk about the Illegal Compact with undocumented workers as if it were a "compassionate" and "Christian" outpouring of charity for the poor and afflicted among us. The reality is, it perpetuates a system that keeps people that come to this country in poverty, so that the Marriott Corporation can continue to profit from their plight. Consider the following:

1. Illegal Aliens are paid, on average, 25% less than legalized citizens. If they are truly "Undocumented" the employer doesn't have to pay 13.5% to Social Security and Medicare.

2. Supporters of Illegal Aliens in the workplace wave the ITIN statute as proof that illegals pay taxes. The ITIN is a number assigned by the IRS to undocumented workers that apply. It can be used to open a bank account and even buy a home. Yet, there is little motivation for illegals to get an ITIN, since it would reduce their already low wages considerably. (Source)

3. Illegal Aliens are easy targets for extortion and blackmail, by hanging the deportation threat over their heads. They are also easy targets for sexual and physical abuse, which apparently happens frequently in the United States. (Examples). One Marriott hotel in Costa Rica was cited for child sex tourism that involved receptionists working at the hotel. (Source)

4. Marriott franchises its hotels, which means it does not directly own or manage all of them. When Bill Marriott stumps for more illegals in the work place, or the Utah Compact, he is representing the local owners of his hotels. Marriott Franchise fees are the second greatest expense for Hotel Owners right behind employee payrolls. Industrywide, hotel Franchise fees can be as high as  14%.

5. If Marriott wanted to be a responsible corporate citizen he could reward those hotels in the United States that don't hire illegal aliens with lower Franchise Fees.  Instead, because of his desire to increase his own personal fortunes, he has created a business built on the backs of exploited wage slaves. This is the very definition of wage slavery.

6. Mitt Romney sat on the Board of Marriott hotels for 9 years and bears a huge share of responsibility for the creation of the Marriott Hotel's wage slave plantation system.

7. For those of you concerned about Arizona's illegal immigration problem it is important to note that Bill Marriott helped raise between $100,000 and $250,000 for John McCain. (Source)

In conclusion, let me state clearly that Marriott is looking after his own financial interests at the expense of American citizens. Since he has made this issue about corporate profits, I suggest that we do our best to influence his way of thinking. Boycott Marriott Hotels and Resorts. Sign the Marriott Wage-Slave Boycott Pledge below by emailing me at pdrockton@aol.com.

Buy Silver Rounds, Coins and Bars:
We the Undersigned, agree to Boycott Marriott Hotels and Resorts Until they abandon their current system of wage-slave Plantations.


1. Paul A Drockton M.A.

2. I would like to join you in boycotting Marriott.

I live and work in Las Vegas.  Marriott owns about 90% of the real estate surrounding the convention center.  But they tried aggressively to acquire the family owned restaurant which I work at, and put me out of a job.  This building has been serving locals and tourists dinner since 1955, and the majority of the waiters has been working there for at least 8 years.  Marriott will never see a dollar from me, but will remain my ashtray on smoke breaks.

Ian Garvey

3. please put my name on that petition!
I am disgusted with this outright corruption and filth.
As a 30+ year Latter Day Saint I have become inactive due to the hands off approach from the church.
Yet in each of the "heads (of the Mormon Illuminati)" own personal and business affairs their hands are dripping bloody wet.
all while duping most mormon sheeple under that cloak.

Have they forgotten what became of Joseph and Hyrum?
Or maybe they where never really Mormons at all. (Hatch,Romney,Marriot,et al.)
There are those who are truly born of the devil, here to deceive.

Isn't it disturbing how people automatically accept one another as good, if they belong to the same group?
For the past few months, I have just been eating up your website. You are a true watchman!
No reply needed, regards.

Aaron Fuhriman


I urge others to stand up for this country and the Constitution  by signing the pledge to let illegals know that they need to come in to this country legally.  Illegal is illegal. I will boycott Marriott Hotels and any other company who encourages illegals to come into this country by hiring them. Thanks for your informative shows and articles,

Paul.  You're a true patriot.   Howard Hoffman


5. I support in this boycott and urge all to do the same by signing this pledge.  You can hear Mr. Drockton talk further about this on his archived show of November 17 by clicking on this link which is archived.   Judith Lynn


6. Mr. Drockton, why doesn't the Mormon Church kick these bums out on their keesters? Money?
Add my name please. Richard R.


7. These are the people that will be forcing their fellow Mormons into taking the Mark of the Beast. Read Gayle Smith's predictions. You are a hero Mr. Drockton. Add my name. Marvin L

8. Well, you opened my eyes oh intelligent one (I believe you DO have a perfect IQ). I am just as angry at the Mormon Church for taking Marriott's filthy lucre as I am about Marriott taking advantage of poor Mexicans for profit. "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Profit". I will never sleep in a Marriott cesspool again. Jim H.

9. The Mormons are a bunch of dumb sheep to put up with this nonsense. Maybe someday someone will take their sons and daughters as slaves. As you say Mr. Drockton, God is Just. Benny R.

10. I am a lifetime Mormon and former Mitt Romney supporter. The articles you have written on him really opened my eyes. I never knew that Bill Marriott was the power behind Romney. I also never knew that they were both behind this Utah Compact that is part of giving Utah back to Mexico. I will never sleep at a Marriott Hotel again! Mary L.