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Beware the Winter Solstice?
The Illuminati worship both Lucifer, who they proclaim as the "Angel of Light" and the "Light-Bearer" and Satan. Satan is known as the "Great Destroyer" and Lord of Darkness. Each of these entities has their own Illuminati holiday. For Lucifer, it is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the day with the greatest light. For Satan it is December 21st, the shortest day with the longest night.

Satan, or Saturn, Set, Molech, Chronos etc., is worshipped through blood sacrifice. The Illuminati believe that through human sacrifice they gain eternal power over their slain victims, as well as the ability to command demons from Satan's army. The actual Satanic holy day goes from the 21st through the 23rd. Here is a list of some of the events that have occurred during the time frame. The ones in bold are those that I found the most interesting.

December 21st:

* 1909  1st junior high school established (Berkeley Calif)

* 1937   Snow White the first feature-length color and sound cartoon premiers

* 1954  Dr. Sam Sheppard's wife Marilyn is murdered (he is accused of crime)

* 1968 Launch of Apollo 8 with Captain James A. Lovell, Jr. as Command Module Pilot. During the mission Lovell was one of the first two people to see the far (dark) side of the moon. 

* 1978 Police in Des Plaines IL, arrested John W Gacy Jr for murder

* 1988 A bomb explodes on board Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, killing 270.

* 1989 US invades Panama and ousts General Noriega

* 1994 A homemade bomb explodes on the # 4 train on Fulton Street in New York City.

* 1999 The Spanish Civil Guard intercepts a van loaded with 950 kg of explosives that ETA intended to use to blow up Torre Picasso in Madrid.

* 2009 Mexico City's Legislative Assembly legalizes same-sex marriage and LGBT adoption.

* 2012 Nostradamus predicted Armageddon for Dec 21, 2012

* 1991 US actress Jane Fonda marries CNN-director Ted Turner

* 1991  Soviet Union formally dissolves, 11 of 12 republics sign treaty forming Commonwealth of Independent States.

December 22

* 1992  Libyan MIG-23UB attacks Boeing 727 at Souk al-Sabt, 158 die

* 1990  Lech Walesa sworn in as Poland's 1st popularly elected president

* 1988  Tug hits oil barge, spreads 231,000 gal on 300 mi of WA and BC coast

* 1971  U.N. General Assembly ratifies (former Nazi) Kurt Waldheim as Secretary-General

* 1963  Official 30-day mourning period for President John F. Kennedy ends

* 1958  "Chipmunk Song" reaches #1 (LOL)

December 23

* 1997  Terry Nichols found guilty of manslaughter in Oklahoma bombing

* 1987  Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, serving a life sentence for attempted assassination of President Gerald R Ford escapes from Alderson Prison

* 1972  16 plane crash survivors rescued after 70d, survived by cannabalism

* 1970  NY World Trade Center reaches highest point (411 m)

* 1928  NBC sets up a permanent, coast-to-coast radio network

* 1922  BBC Radio began daily newscasts

* 1913  President Woodrow Wilson signs Federal Reserve Act into law

* 1888  Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh cuts off his left ear

* 1823  "Visit from St Nicholas" by C Moore published in Troy (NY) Sentinel

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