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Utah Parable: The Political Demise of Sen. Bob Bennett
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The Holly Greig Blog:
US Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) is politically dead. Dispatched at the Republican Convention by newly elected Republican Delegates from the Statewide Republican Caucuses. His demise reportedly came as a result of voting in favor of both the Patriot Act and the Health Care Obamination. The true significance of this event is lost in the main stream media, so permit me to illustrate.

The people of Utah like parables. So I will present them with one.

There once was a store in Utah called "Republican Party". It was a very popular store that sold American flags, the Pledge of Allegiance and a variety of slogans, buttons and bumper stickers. The store was easy to find. Loudspeakers on the exterior played the "Star Spangled Banner", America the Beautiful and other patriotic favorites. An American flag the size of the state of Texas flew over the store and its parking lot.

The majority of the people of Utah shopped in the store. Those who did not, for the most part, shopped in the "Democrat Party Store" right down the street. In reality though, both stores were identical and it was hard to tell one store from the other.

When you walked into the store you were warmly greeted by Bob Bennett, Orrin Hatch and Mitt Romney. Male customers were mesmerized by red, white and blue outfits worn by these men. "Surely, these are great Patriots," they muttered to themselves as they purchased the latest "Bill of Goods". They also noted that, when someone would question the three men about their politics, they would turn their red, white and blue outfits inside out. The new outfits would say "Mormon" in large gold letters and "Lord's Anointed" in silver.

Interestingly enough, in the Democrat Party Store, Master Harry Reid wore the same suit!

Of course it was all hogwash, as the Mormon Church is committed to political neutrality under its 503C status, and was not anointing any politician at the time or in the near future. But, it was enough to control the simpletons of Utah, who had learned that it is far more profitable to align themselves with labels over true conviction. Who, if they ever read the Book of Mormon, would have to concede that both the Republican Party Store and the Democrat Party Store were politically apostate and enemies to their religion.

Meanwhile, the masses poured into both stores to buy "Today's Slogan" which was enclosed in foreign-made plastic containers that were impossible to open. When people complained they were told to come back tomorrow for a new slogan that would be much better than the one they had.

Of course there was the private entrance reserved for VIPs in the Republican and Democrat Party stores. People would admire the expensive stretch limousines that pulled up to the entrance, but were never permitted to see the vehicle occupants. Because they came in shiny new limousines, the muddled masses of Utah rejoiced that they had so many allies among the rich and powerful in this world of ours.

These people also came to buy from the Republican and Democrat Party Store. They were quickly escorted through the crowded isles where they snickered at those willing to buy ever-changing slogans, bumper stickers and buttons. No they had other reasons for visiting the Democrat and Republican Party store.

There, in a very private room, they found the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Declaration of Independence displayed with "For Sale" signs next to them. This was the real source of income for the Republican and Democrat Party Stores. In one display the American map was shown with tiny little "Sold signs" covering it. In another stood the Statue of Liberty, gathering dust and ignored by the men with money that had come to buy America.

They also had missiles and soldiers on display with "For Lease" signs. These didn't last long and had to be frequently replaced due to the high demand for them among international bankers, oil companies, and international drug cartels.

Anyway, at the front of the store, an angry crowd had gathered around Bob Bennett. It seems that his suit had worn thin and he was no longer able to change from the Red, White and Blue into "The Lord's Anointed". Unfortunately for the owner's of the Republican Store, he needed to be replaced.

And so he was. The people of Utah rejoiced greatly that he was gone. They also knew that people came and went in the Republican Party Store through its revolving door. What mattered was not the men who manned the slogan and button store, but the slogans and buttons themselves. As long as they did not change, the people were happy for the employee turnover.

Oh there were other stores in Utah that actually sold what the people really needed. However these stores did not attract the rich and powerful in their limousines, with their large bags of money. No, they had no VIP entrance and they couldn't afford to sell empty slogans that changed each day. They were also honest, and unwilling to take upon themselves the title of "The Lord's Anointed" when they knew they were not.

These smaller and less popular stores did not sell a "Bill of Goods" or hide underneath the American Flag. In fact, they sold nothing, and freely gave away "Constitutional Rights" to whoever frequented their establishments.

It was a good thing. More would have came to these stores but they were heckled by the other employees of the Democrat and Republican Party Stores with threats of wasted votes. So, with shame, otherwise good men and women were intimidated into selling away their Freedoms and abandoning their privileges under the Constitution.

The people of Utah, who should be the most Patriotic and Constitutionally minded people on the face of the earth, need to wake up to their true privileges and realize that it is the Party and not the candidate that has created America's woes. The major Parties have sold out to International Business, International Bankers and the Federal Reserve. They have sold our military technology to our long-time enemies in Communist China and have squandered our opportunities in the former Soviet Union.

They have given away 4.4 trillion dollars to pay off worthless derivative contracts and sold out the American worker through loose immigration laws, and treaties that allow cheap labor to produce cheap goods for the American consumer overseas. The once mighty steel and auto industries are now rusted and empty shells of their former selves. Detroit is being given back to nature. Chicago is on the verge of violent riots, and Pittsburgh is no longer the home of the "Steelers".

They have introduced tyranny into America through terrorizing the American populace with False Flag events, body scanners and manufactured bogeymen. Meanwhile, our porous border with Mexico is leaking like a sieve.

You can blame Bob Bennett for all of this. I blame the two-party system that creates new Bob Bennett’s on demand. Neither the Republican, nor the Democratic Party belong to America anymore. Why should Americans belong to them? Lets end the Parties that got us into this mess.

Vote Third Party America!

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