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BYU Bans U.S. Constitution Art
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Jon McNaughton 's Painting:  “One Nation Under God.”
The above painting depicts Jesus Christ endorsing the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. The US Constitution is a tenet of the Mormon faith. The doctrines espoused by this painting are also doctrines that are espoused throughout the Book of Mormon and the Church's "Doctrine and Covenants".

The Painting shows Patriots from ages past smiling as Jesus endorses the document. Nameless individuals also turn away because they are too busy with their daily lives or have fully rejected the very principals of freedom.

Interestingly enough, Captain Moroni, from the Book of Mormon, put all those that denied their Freedom and Country to death. He felt that Freedom was more important than "tolerance" and "compassion" for the views of those that have embraced the Satanic Psychopathic world we live in.

The Book of Mormon also talks about "Secret Combinations" of robbers and thieves, that would threaten the freedom and liberty of all human beings in our day. Today's LDS Church is too busy trying to be accepted by this evil and corrupt world for the sake of Mitt Romney's political campaign (lusting after power), to notice that Romney is financially supported by the same group of people that want to take away our Liberty. If Romney had lived in Book of Mormon times he would undoubtedly be waging war against Captain Moroni and those that loved their Liberty.

So would Orrin Hatch, Senator Reid, Governor Herbert and the Attorney General of Utah. In fact, in light of the Illegal Utah Compact, which grants state amnesty to an estimated 400,000 illegal immigrants in the state, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the Church, or without, that Captain Moroni would have a hard time not sending to the executioner.

Personally, I would rather die an enemy to evil than live with one compromise after another. To deny Freedom and the United States Constitution is to deny Jesus Christ, the Author of our liberty. Jesus Christ sacrificed His life so that all men could be free. From what I can see, the only people being martyred in today's Mormon Church are those that speak out about its desire for world popularity at the expense of our Liberty.

Some members of the Church wonder if the lack of revelation surrounding these perilous times is a consequence for the Church turning its back on both the Book of Mormon and the United States Constitution. It seems that the last official revelation was the "Church's Proclamation on the Family", given in 1995. The last time a leader of the Church said, "Thus Saith the Lord" was under pro-Constitutionalist and Book of Mormon advocate Ezra Taft Benson. He condemned the Church for not defending the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Book of Mormon.

As the artist of the above painting demonstrates, there are many Mormons that will not be led by the nose into a Satanic New World Order run by Psychopathic Sycophants. Here is a list of Mormon Traitors that work for the Illuminati:

1. Mitt Romney: At the very core of the economic collapse with his Hedge Fund company, Bain Capital. Operates accounts offshore that can be used for drugs, prostitution, slavery, etc. Mitt is a big supporter of the so-called Patriot Act, and apparently sees no problem with imposing martial law and military tribunals contrary to the Constitution. Mitt gets most of his money from the Rothschild and Rockefeller business interests. He is also the manipulator that created Glenn Beck and the "Tea Party" to diffuse Patriotic fervor in the U.S.

2. Orrin Hatch: Another traitor who wants all Americans to live under a military surveillance society.

3. Harry Reid: Communist sympathizer.

4. Eccles Family: Financially support the Mormon Church while also funding Illuminati Eugenics and Planned Parenthood. Also fans of the Homosexual agenda. Marriner Eccles was Chairman of the Federal Reserve and helped save the Fed. His son is one of the owners of Wells Fargo Bank

5. Bill Marriott:  Sells Pornography and likes employees that are in the UNited States illegally.

6. Jon Huntsman Sr: Council on Foreign Relations lifelong member and heavy donor to prop up Communist Russia and the Iron Curtain, contrary to LDS teachings at the time.

7. Zion's Bank: Helped the Illuminati agenda by looking the other way while millions in suspected drug money was laundered through their bank.

8. Jon Huntsman Jr: Council on Foreign Relations member (The Illuminati Leadership Group bringing the Western World into the Luciferian One-World Order.

9. Utah Governor Gary Herbert: Signed state amnesty bill and called it a guest worker program. Signed law to close government records from the prying public eye. (Freedom of the Press?) Currently working with Communist China to help them colonize Utah unmolested prior to China's future military invasion of the U.S.

Captain Moroni would have his work cut out for him at BYU, which banned the the above painting from its campus with the full consent of the College administration. He might just be a little bit angry over other issues as well:

1. Jon Hughes: An Illuminati  Council on Foreign Relations Christian Scientist that once Edited the Mormon Church newspaper, until I exposed his past. Now this traitor presides over BYU's School of Journalism.

2. David Kennedy School of Illuminati Propaganda: Not the real name, but it should be. This globalist nest of vipers is filled with Council on Foreign Relations affiliates.

3. Dick Cheney Honorary Doctorate; Only mass-murderer in history to be honored by an American University for services to humanity.

4. Satanic Psychopathic Rothschilds: called great men of our time and held up as an example to a graduating business class.

I quote the following from Dr. Steven Jones. Fired 911 Truther from Brigham Young University. (Posted Here)

"I have met Brother McNaughton and I love his support for the Constitution. Personally, I love this painting also, and hope to have it in my home near the painting of Geo Washington in prayer to our Heavenly Father.
Both paintings are an inspiring reminder of the hand of God in the founding of our country.

Our country. Great promises for it in the Book of Mormon, and equally great warnings if we as a nation turn from God -- and, I think, from the divinely-inspired Constitution.

Now, let me ask -- is the supposed great danger of Global Warming a liberal or a conservative point of view? How about support for the theory of Evolution? How about support for leaders in the march towards globalism, the New World Order? (Such as Dick Cheney, Harry Reed, Zbiegniew Brzezinski, Gen. Petraueus, Condie Rice, Brent Scowcroft and others who have been invited to BYU and received honors and standing ovations from the administrators and students there.) These have strong support at BYU, based on my observations. (Do you not think that "man-caused Global Warming" and evolution are supported by the globalists? Are they supported at BYU?)

I think these issues go beyond a liberal-versus-conservative paradigm. A new paradigm is needed in which we finally recognize that there are those pressing towards the New World Order (globalism is the sanitized, politically-correct term) and those who support instead the Constitutional and Constitutional principles. You can decide for yourself which side of THIS spectrum BYU administrators support and promote.

Not only is Dick Cheney a NWO globalist, but also an open supporter for gay marriage rights. Yet he was given an honorary doctoral degree for public service at BYU in April 2007, to repeated standing ovations. Dr. "Torture" Cheney, known for his policies of "Deficits don't matter" and "Of course the orders still stand."
I was in tears, having been put on administrative leave in a very public way and finally accepted early retirement after I recognized... many things. We could talk about Senator Reed who was invited to BYU later that year.

Again, Reed is of the same "party" as Cheney -- both are globalists. This was not a matter of "balance" IMO -- both promote NWO/globalism, the "elite" party I assure you!

A friend of mine, a full professor at BYU as I was, is now on Administrative Leave, not allowed to teach. It is heart wrenching, I can tell you. Is he a supporter of 9/11 truth? Yes. And from conversations, opposed to NWO globalism. I stand by my friend, but it is a terrible thing, to have your "own people" turn against you.

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