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"Dead Man Musings"

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Musings of a Dead Man
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The Secret to Restoring America is Simple:

1. Start with a local political Party. (I like the Constitution Party)
2. Rewrite the State Party Charter to Prohibit ANY out of State Donations.
3. Only permit money from businesses in the State.
4. Focus on LOCAL races like School Board, City Council, State Legislature etc.
5. Ban out of State Donations to the State Party itself. (No Soft Money)
6. If anyone violates these rules than they lose Party membership, endorsements and support.

***This is 100% legal. Any Political Party can write its own Charter.

I believe that we have been looking at reform in America from the wrong direction. We have focused our reform efforts on Washington DC and forgotten one of the basic rules of politics: All Politics is Local. All politicians rely on localities for their support. So, a successful challenge to our Two-Party system has to begin as a local challenge, not a National One. All truly great grass roots efforts are not organized in Washington. Those that are created in DC serve to let the public "blow off steam" and then fizzle out by design.

Its called harnessing public anger, and no one can do it better than the Global Interests allied with our own Intelligence Agencies. They were there in Haight-Asbury. They were there with the "Merry Pranksters" and Timothy Leary. They were there at the sit-ins and the protests and the marches. Those that sought a different agenda. The right agenda, were gunned down like Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy.

They know how to infiltrate and create discord , plant moles, and gather intelligence. They know how to manipulate crowds, like they did at Kent State, and to make sure one of their photographers is there to take the pictures that will be handed out to the press.

They have their allies at the Editor's desks and "cutting room" floor. In other words, run a legitimate reform campaign and end up being assassinated, compromised or marginalized into irrelevance.

But they do have one vulnerability. Like the dragon "Smaug", they can be  vanquished with something as small as a Hobbit.

This is the "winter of our discontent" and will be followed by a spring and summer with even greater discontent. By the Fall, the American citizenry will be ready to really "Vote the Bums Out", everywhere. This is both an opportunity and siren's song that could once again dash America's hopes on the rocks. You have to pick your battles and only fight where you know you can win.

I pick Utah.

Utah has gone for third party candidates in the past. Sadly, these were false Messiah's that were recruited and presented by our Intelligence Agencies for the reason's mentioned above.  It is the best place for a Third Party to win elections. It is also the best place for a Third Party to oust the corrupt and entrenched Republican Party that has ruled Utah with an iron fist for decades.

The scandals to run against are as long as your arm. Everything from signed commitments to support the Gay Agenda, to Fraud and Conspiracy. I let a little bit out in a Primary and helped a virtual unknown defeat a long-term incumbent in the US Congress. The Utah Republican Party is old and decrepit. The people have grown smarter and wiser. That is why.

I pick Utah.

Yesterday, I joined the Constitution Party. I did so because I believe it is the best hope for America to return to the principals of sound Constitutional government. I also did so because it has a weak National Party and a Strong local one, particularly in the States that I believe have the greatest hope for reform, Utah being my primary target.

I spoke with the Utah Party Chairman and I will be assisting the Constitution Party efforts to win seats on City Councils, School Boards, the State Legislature, State Senate etc.

All Mormons are commanded to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights against encroachment, even from their fellow Mormons. The reality is that Republican and Democratic Mormons on the National level have proven no better than their peers when it comes to making "just laws". Instead, they serve their Party Masters who make sure that their campaign coffers are stuffed plush with money from the same people that have ruined this country.

I am going to make two pleas to you my loyal and devoted readers. One today and one in the next few days. Both are important and will lead to the successes we all desire.

I need you to go to the Constitution Party of Utah's Website and make a small donation using Paypal. I don't control the money, but I will be running the campaigns. I learned politics from battling one huge and corrupt political machine in a very large city, over the course of many years. I had my victories and I know how to win.

When, not if, we are successful, we will move on to our next target where we know we can win. I promise you that I will neither solicit, nor accept one penny from the criminal syndicates that run this country or their Fronts in Business or Politics. I don't want their money and I don't need it to win. I do, however, need yours.

No matter how small...  DONATE HERE:

PS: I will not be compensated in any way for my time and Effort with the Constitution Party or Its Candidates. This means 100% of your money will be spent on yard signs, Bill Boards, campaign literature etc... (local cable TV if the money is there). I am volunteering both my time and my resources.

Lets Change History together!