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Illuminati Drug Pusher?
Islam strictly prohibits the use of narcotics.

"Iran is one of the most active executioners of drug offenders. Under the Islamic regime, up to 500 drug traffickers are executed every year. More than 10,000 narcotics traffickers and drug users have already been put to death in Iran in the past few decades. Drug possession and use is also punished severely. Getting caught with a few grams of marijuana could get one up to 70 lashes." (Source)

This is an important point to remember when we look at the activities of one Osama Bin Lying and his Al-CIA-duh organization. As this article demonstrates, Osama and his Bush connections are one thing. Selling narcotics to advance the cause of so-called militant Islam is quite another.

"Three Al Qaeda associates have been charged for attempting to transport narcotics for a Colombian terrorist organization and providing part of the proceeds to Al Qaeda, marking the first time associates of the international terrorist network have been charged with narco-terrorism offenses in a United States federal court....

DEA Acting Administrator Michele Leonhart called the arrests "further proof of the direct link between dangerous terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda, and international drug trafficking that fuels their violent activities." All three men face maximum sentences of life in prison if convicted." (Source)

In Afghanistan, where 90% of the world's heroin originates, the presence of the United States military actually guarding opium crops has translated into a 50% reduction of the cost of heroin on America's streets. A clear sign that the war on drugs doesn't really have anything to do with destroying heroin at its source.

The excuse was that the destruction of Opium in Afghanistan would have created too much of a hardship on Afghani farmers. Never mind the fact that death and addiction are an overwhelming hardship on American families. In Mitt Romney's adopted home of Massachusettes, heroin deaths tripled between 1996 and 2006.

“The heroin we saw today is not the heroin we saw 20-25 years ago,” said Derr. “It’s much, much, much stronger. Even the first time they are using it, it’s too strong for them."

And that may explain, in part, the state’s recent sharp rise in opoid-related overdose deaths. In 1996, there were 178. A decade later, the number of fatal overdoses had more than tripled to 637 – killing more people than motor vehicle accidents. (Source)

The fact that HIV only kills half as many Americans as Illicit Drugs (Source) is lost on anybody that watches drug addled Hollywood and music types raising money for AIDS. Yet, the Satanic Psychopaths, who are more than responsible for both epidemics, have a vested interest in creating a general disconnect between the drug culture and their clandestine activities overseas. Just like they have a vested interest in the general disconnect between high-risk sexual behavior and HIV.

Narcotics are a necessary component to MK-Ultra sex slaves and Satanic Ritual Abuse. In fact, Pharmacy and Sorcery come from the same Greek root word. When witches were stirring their cauldrons with broom handles, they were attempting to create the perfect buzz using mushrooms and other psychedelics.

The narcotic sedates the victim of Trauma based mind control, and eases the pain after it serves no purpose. It is also used as a reward for a job well done.

For years, the pharmaceutical industry has created opiate derivatives that were touted as "non-addictive" pain killers. Even heroin, which was originally produced by Bayer aspirin, was sold as a "non-addictive" opiate initially. Today, the street value of prescription pain killers is above $1- $3 per milligram. (Source) Heroin (cut-17% pure) is only 30 cents per milligram on the street. (Source)

Because of resistance, pain killers become extremely expensive and heroin becomes a less expensive alternative. Heroin also lasts longer (up to six hours before withdrawal symptoms begin) than prescription drugs. (Ibid)

It is estimated that there are 15- 21 million heroin addicts worldwide. (Source) Of these, an estimated 75,000 to 1 million hardcore addicts reside in the United States. (Source) At U.S. $20 per day per addict, that places the global market in the $300-600 million dollar a day range- or $100 to $200 billion dollars per year.  Thats about half the gross annual revenue (retail sales) for Wal-mart, which is the highest grossing corporation in the world. (Source)

General Motors only grosses $135 billion per year. The US Postal Service, $65 billion. (Ibid)

Since Afghanistan provides the world with 90% of the Opium used in heroin production, it doesn't take a perfect IQ to see why the Illuminati Psychopaths in the West want control over the region. In the next few articles I will attempt to explain the role of Osama Bin Laden and Western Intelligence in the narcotics trafficking and 911.

Stay Tuned....

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Al Qaeda and Narcotics Trafficking