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Paul Drockton: Jack Abramoff and the Mormon Mafia
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This next set of articles is another Paul Drockton exclusive my friends. Imagine what the MSM could find if they really started getting into the investigative journalism business. First, lets start off with the History of convicted felon Jack Abramoff.

"Convicted in 2006 of mail fraud and conspiracy, he was at the heart of an extensive corruption investigation that led to the conviction of White House officials J. Steven Griles and David Safavian, U.S. Representative Bob Ney, and nine other lobbyists and Congressional aides. He served three years, six months of a six-year sentence in federal prison before being released early to a Baltimore halfway house on June 8, 2010." (Source)

Then, of course, there were the unindicted co-conspirators, like Jeb Bush, Joe Cannon, Chris Cannon, George Bush and a slew of others. So, who was Jack Abramoff, and how did he turn Washington DC on its head?

"Abramoff was College Republican National Committee National Chairman from 1981 to 1985, and a founding member of the International Freedom Foundation. He later became a top lobbyist for the firm of Preston Gates & Ellis and later the firm of Greenberg Traurig. He served as a director of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank, and Toward Tradition." (Ibid)

Abramoff, an orthodox Jew, gained most of his influence in the Republican Party through his father, who owned the "Diners Club" Franchise. Abramoff won the election for Chairman of the Young College Republicans with the help of Grover Norquest. Norquist brought on Ralph Reed.

"Reed (Christian Coalition President) was named in the scandal arising from lobbying work performed by Jack Abramoff on behalf of Indian gambling tribes. The scandal arose from the discovery that Abramoff and his junior partner Michael Scanlon had fabricated an artificial threat to Native American tribal gambling casinos in order to then bill those same tribes for lobbying efforts to 'save' them. Abramoff may have received as much as $82 million from the tribes to defend their casinos from a non-existent threat." (source)

Ralph Reed was hand-picked by Pat Robertson to lead the Christian Coalition. Even more interesting is Reeds criminal involvement with other organizations founded and led by Pat Robertson.

"Those e-mails and other evidence revealed the participation of the Christian Coalition in the alleged fraud, particularly the Alabama chapter of the Christian Coalition, which received large amounts of donations from the casino money. It is alleged that Abramoff engaged Ralph Reed to set up an anti-gambling campaign to include the U.S. Family Network, the Christian Coalition, and Focus on the Family in order to frighten the tribes into spending as much as $82 million for Abramoff to lobby on their behalf." (Ibid)

"In 1985, Abramoff joined Citizens for America, a pro-Reagan group that helped Oliver North build support for the Nicaraguan Contras. Citizens for America staged an unprecedented meeting of anti-Communist rebel leaders known as the Democratic International in Jamba, Angola. This conference included leaders of the Mujahedeen from Afghanistan, UNITA from Angola, the Contras, and opposition groups from Laos. Out of this largely ceremonial conference came the International Freedom Foundation. Abramoff helped to organize, and also attended the conference." (Ibid)

Abramoff was also known as a shill for the South African government, claiming that the anti-apartheid movement was a Communist plot. With money from the South African government, he made the Hollywood movie, Red Scorpion.

Abramoff was a CIA assett. This means that he worked for Satanic Psychopaths, Federal Reserve Banksters, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. This becomes even more important when understanding his relationship with the Mormon mafia and evangelical Christians.

Both Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell served with Jack Abramoff:

"In July 2002, at the height of the anti-Jena campaign, Bauer and Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a fixture at Christian-right events, founded the American Alliance of Christians and Jews. On the group's board were Dobson, Robertson, Falwell and one Jack Abramoff. Lapin's organization, Toward Tradition, which administered the AACJ, received $25,000 from one of Abramoff's gambling industry clients in 2000; took $75,000 from Abramoff and his clients; and then, upon Abramoff's written instructions, hired the wife of Tony Rudy to the tune of $5,000 a month. Rudy, who was Tom DeLay's deputy chief of staff at the time, later a lobbyist, has been named in Abramoff's guilty plea" (Ibid)

Interestingly enough, Pat Robertson also endorses Mitt Romney:

"In an interview published Saturday to mark 50 years of Christian Broadcasting Network, Chairman Pat Robertson said he liked Mitt Romney’s politics and saw the Mormon presidential candidate as an “outstanding Christian.” (Source)

In commenting about his Christian Coalition, which Reed and Abramoff used to kill off competition in the casino industry, Robertson had this to say:

“When I was in charge of the Christian Coalition I was available to mobilize grass roots support for somebody,” he said. “I don’t have any army right now. It’s just an opinion, and that isn’t quite as good as it used to be.”  (Ibid)

The Moral Majority and other shadow government assets in the Evangelical movement from the old Abramoff days also support Mitt Romney:


Nationally Prominent Ministers: Reverend Cecil Murray— nationally known pastor of AME church, Richard Land— President of Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Frank Page— President of the Southern Baptist Convention 2006-8, Franklin Graham, Pastor Joel Osteen— The most popular pastor on T.V., Jerry Falwell, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson— Founder & President of BOND, Pastor with a Sunday T.V. Show & Radio Show, more.
Evangelical Authors: Robert Wolgemuth— evangelical best-selling author, former chairman of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, Wayne Grudem— Professor of Bible and Theology at Phoenix Seminary, Dinesh D'Souza— Author of "What’s So Great About Christianity", Cal Thomas— Author, America's #1 nationally syndicated columnist and a well known evangelical, more.
Evangelicals over Prominent Organizations: Paul Weyrich— Cofounder of the Moral Majority, Founding president- The Heritage Foundation, Founder, Chairman, CEO- Free Congress Foundation, James Dobson, Rev. Lou Sheldon- Founder, Chairman of Traditional Values Coalition, Chuck Colson, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, more.
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Christian Coalition, Christian Alliance Leaders, Massachusetts Christian leaders, prominent leaders in other states.

Looks like Abramoff and Ralph Reeds organization is still in-tact. What once was Bush's organization, now belongs to Mitt Romney. More in the Next Article.

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"I don't know him" although the committee documented Bush met with convicted felon Jack Abramoff at least SIX times.
* Mitt Romney and Mormon Mafia
The Holly Greig Blog:
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