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In a continuation of our series on  911 Truth,  we will focus on the work of Daniel Hunsaker, who I believe has done some incredible research on the links between our own Central Intelligence Agency and 911. For example:

"News that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of the elite international program surfaced in a curious way just a month after the 9/11 attack: a brief seven-line report by German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Oct. 18, 2001, under the headline “ATTA WAS TUTOR FOR SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS.”

The story quoted spokesmen for “Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft,” described as a “German international further education organisation,” as having admitted paying Hamburg cadre principal Atta as a “scholarship holder” and “tutor,” between 1995 and 1997.

But what makes the story curious is that the German paper concealed the  shocking implications of their story, that Mohamed Atta had been on the payroll of a joint U.S.—German government program, through the simple expedient of neglecting to mention that the “Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft” was merely a private entity set up to administer the "exchange" initiative of the two  governments.

The U.S. end of the program is run out of an address at United Nations Plaza in New York by CDS International. The letters stand for Carl Duisberg Society, also the name of its German counterpart in Cologne, the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. Both are named for Carl Duisberg, a German chemist and industrialist who headed the Bayer Corporation during the 1920’s.

The list of elite power brokers backing CDS International ranges from the aforementioned Kissinger and Rockefeller to former President Bill Clinton and other Democratic heavyweights like former First Lady Hillary Clinton and Clinton White House adviser Ira Magaziner."

One sign of an intelligence asset is his involvement in organizations backed by the Western power elite. The fact that 911 hijacker Mohamed Atta was being paid to "tutor" others in the program means that he was probably an Illuminati Trainer as well. That is, he was involved as a "handler"  of other Illuminati-Intelligence assets as well. In other words, Attah was a programmed multiple that managed other program multiples for the CIA-Illuminati.

This would explain the erratic behavior he exhibited to others, including his one-time American girlfriend in Florida:

Now what is interesting in the video is the massive amounts of cocaine and other narcotics available to Attah. This is more evidence that he was an "MK-Ultra" multiple mind slave. The process of traumatic mind programming is  so emotionally damaging to the victim that narcotics are used to dull the   impact and create some psychic stability.  It is also used as a reward for following directions and obeying your Illuminati masters.

Narcotics are also something that no fervent follower of Islam would be involved with. It is anathema and carries the death penalty under Sharia Law. Tied in with Attahs former involvement with an organization named after the guy that commercialized Heroin production, Carl Duisberg, makes even less sense:

"Metzger also provides an account of the discovery of heroin by British chemist C.R.A. Wright in 1874, and the subsequent shepherding of this astounding substance into worldwide usage, a process initially overseen by Carl Duisberg of Germany's Bayer Company, and later by the I.G. Farben chemical cartel." (Source)

So, Muhamed Attah held a scholarship named after the guy who commercialized the use of Heroin, through Bayer, and that same organization can be linked to Americans identified as MK-Ultra handlers and proponents. Looks like a German Illuminati meets American Illuminati kind of thing.

So, how many Muhamed Attahs were running around inside the 911 ringleaders head? Drastic mood changes, hatred of the Christian crucifix, killing small animals, violent outbursts etc., seem to indicate that their were multiple ones. Satanists kill small animals hate the crucifix. Those that are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse are often forced to kill small animals, even family pets, as part of the trauma that causes multiple personality disorder. Some other symptoms include:

    * Multiple mannerisms, attitudes and beliefs that are not similar to each other
    * unexplainable headaches and other body pains
    * distortion or loss of subjective time
    * comorbidity (other illnesses as well)
    * depersonalization (disassociation from self)
    * derealization (separation from what is "real")
    * severe memory loss
    * depression
    * flashbacks of abuse/trauma (controlled through narcotics)
    * unexplainable phobias
    * sudden anger without a justified cause
    * lack of intimacy and personal connections (sex without love)
    * frequent panic/anxiety attacks (Paranoia)
    * auditory hallucinations of the personalities inside their mind

It would not be a far stretch to link Bayer's development of heroin with advancements in trauma-based mind control in Nazi Germany. The attempt to create the perfect soldier, for example, would benefit greatly from a chemically modified version of Morphine, which is derived from Opium:

"Rather than being a different drug, heroin is a method of preparing morphine so that it is absorbed more efficiently by the human body, when injected. If heroin is injected into a human, more morphine will reach the brain than it would if the same amount of morphine were injected.

Injecting about 5mg of heroin will produce the same results as injecting 10mg of morphine. Heroin can also be snorted, smoked, or taken orally." (source)

This would also explain the CIA's involvement in the narcotics industry and current operations in Afghanistan. Most importantly, it explains why an individual with no real devotion to Islam, would act against his own personal self-interest, and fly a plane into the World Trade Center.

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