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2010 Election Fraud
Electronic Voting didn't invent fraud, it just made it easier. As reports of election theft come in across the fruited plain, remember this: They decided who they wanted long before you cast your vote. Just ask Debra Medina what its like to be an unwanted outsider. Clear Channel (owned by Romney's Bain Capital) and Glenn Beck made sure she alienated her base by forcing her to take a position on 911 during a National Radio broadcast.

It was "no-win" for Medina, who chose the path of least resistance, and ended up alienating her loyal base. I ran for Mayor of a big city (around 100,000) as the political outsider. They tried to buy me. Then they started harassing me. Then came the threats and even attempts on my life. Why you ask? Because I uncovered and reported some of their shadier dealings. I was the real reform candidate. They wanted me permanently out of the way.

Back then we used paper ballots. It was a lot harder to steal an election. Dead people voted for my opponent. People in nursing homes voted for my opponent. Heck, even cats and dogs voted for my opponent. On election night, stuffed ballot boxes "disappeared" for a considerable period of time, then reappeared slightly lighter, or heavier, depending on the needs of my opponent.

Today, they don't have to go through all that trouble. Now, favorable results are just a keystroke away. I believe that the PTB decide whether they want Fascism or Communism. The result is either a Republican or a Democrat victory. Fascism is useful when you want to steal money the old fashioned way, corporate and economic fraud. It also comes in handy when you want lower wages and desire to get rid of those pesky tariffs that stop you from importing products made by foreign wage slaves.

Or, lets say you want to invade another country and steal their natural resources. A vote for Fascism is a vote for death, destrustion, loss of Freedoms and Civil Liberties, and the Police State. Bread and circuses for the masses, while Caesar puts on his laurel crown for vanquishing the enemies of the empire.

Or, you can go the other way and vote for the Communists and their Socialized Eugenics, Abortion, sterilization, health rationing for the old and infirm, family planning and low birth rates. You also get the full range of sexual deviancies made legal by Communist judges and legislatures. The social programs, however, are better than the bread and circuses because they never shut down.

The real winners, of course, are the Satanic Psychopaths. They make money on war by letting us borrow their worthless script to pay for it. They also make money with Socialism by lending us the same worthless script. The end result is that they own us, our armies, media, churches, employment, homes, and politicians.

Which brings me back to the vote fraud in this election. Vote fraud is not surprising to me. What is surprising, is that it is actually being reported by the Satanic Psychopathic media. This, in my experienced opinion, means that they want us looking in one direction and not in another. Is it possible, my friends, that they are trying to distract us from the fact that real unemployment is broaching 20%, foreclosures are escalating again, the dollar is dead, the stock market will collapse, and they are about to start World War III?

OK. Here is my prediction (not prophecy). The Democrats retain the Senate and the Republicans take the House. This will guarantee hours of quibbling over various minutia while the Satanic Psychopaths make their final preparations and decide whether they want Coke or Pepsi in their underground bunkers.

Now, back to your regular scheduled programming....

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